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Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 12 mins

Lacey Von Erich (RF 2009)


1) Shoot interview with Lacey Von Erich. The beautiful Lacey tells us some incredibly touching stories between her and her father Kerry. What was Kerry like away from the ring? What was Kerry like as a father? How much did Kerry live his gimmick? What was it like having a father who was a heartthrob? One of the most revealing stories is told by Lacey as she talks about rubbing her father's foot with medications after his tragic accident. Lacey talks candidly about how her father's suicide impacted her and her entire family.

Discs: 1                 Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs

Lance Storm (RF 1999)


1) Shoot Interview with Lance Storm. The Canadian Superstar from Calgary, Alberta, Canada finally shoots. Lance has been all over the world from Canada, Japan, Europe and the United States and has incredible stories about all. From his early days in the Hart's dojo where he trained with Chris Jericho and Justin Credible to his early days in Europe, Smoky Mountain and ECW. Hear his opinion on the comparisons between Paul E and Jim Cornette and just exactly what jobs Chris Jericho has gotten him. Lance also talks about WAR in Japan and the Skydiving J tournament.

Discs: 2                  Quality: 10             Duration: 3 hrs 52 mins

Lance Storm part 2 (RF 2009)


1) Shoot Interview with Lance Storm.Lance talks about the week Mike Awesome left for WCW as champion. How did it affect Lance's future jump to WCW? How did Paul Heyman react and what did he tell the talent? What was it like the night a WWE wrestler wrestled a WCW wrestler for the ECW title? Lance relives the crazy week with some great stories to boot.


Lance goes in depth about his jump to WCW. Who contacted him? What were contract negotiations like? What perks did or didn't Lance get? Lance also talks about Paul Heyman's reaction and how something Paul did made the jump possible. Lance also has a tremendous story about his first creative meeting with Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo.


Lance has been known lately for his criticism of Vince Russo on his website commentaries. Lance talks extensively about why he can't stand Vince Russo. Lance has some classic Russo stories from WCW. Find out what Russo originally wanted to call Team Canada. Did Vince Russo screw Booker T when he went over for the WCW world title? Lance has a very revealing story that has never been told before about the night Russo went over for the title.


Lance also reflects back on the many personalities he worked with in WCW. Lance recalls a story about Lex Luger going to the top rope which is hilarious. Lance also talks about the first time he met Scott Steiner and the rib Steiner pulled on him. Lance talks more about one WCW star and how ironic it was that this star didn't say two words to him in WCW, yet was overly friendly in the WWE. Lance also has great stories on Kevin Nash, Ric Flair, DDP, Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan, and Goldberg

Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 3 hrs 53 mins

The Genius Lanny Poffo (RF 2-10-2004)

1) Shoot Interview Lanny Poffo. Lanny went over every aspect of his career in great detail and he did not leave any rock unturned. You will hear everything about his brother the "Macho Man" Randy Savage as well. The stories are amazing from beginning to end. Lanny talks about working with all of the greats early on and how they all helped him when he got into the WWF. He goes through promotions from Memphis to Portland to Texas and others before landing his job in WWF.
His tenure in the WWF was a long one and he had so many amazing stories today. His heat with Ole Anderson is worth the shoot alone and how he took Ric Flair's back early on was talked about. It was also emotional as Lanny talks about the death of Elizabeth and how Randy treated her.
Discs: 1                  Quality: 10            Duration: 1 hr 32 mins

Lanny Poffo (Kayfabe 2013)

1) Join Lanny Poffo as he welcomes you inside the Poffo family through all the ups and downs, twists and turns, triumph and torment.Sean Oliver sits down for another no holds barred discussion with his guest, and as usual no topics are shied away from. Lanny addresses his divorce, road life, interests, and all the chips on his shoulder. Lanny also dissects Randy Savage's difficult life, his sagely advice, and reclusive nature. Sean and Lanny cover Liz, Angelo, Stephanie, Kiyosaki, showtunes, bidets, and everything you can imagine.This edition of Breaking Kayfabe will once again draw you inside the fascinating life of another one of wrestling's most compelling explore a life, and a bond with a tormented brother. This is a can't miss!

Discs: 2                  Quality: 10             Duration: 3 hrs 39 mins

Larry Zbyzsko (RF 2005)


1) Shoot Interview with “Living Legend: Larry Zbyszko. A tremendous and candid interview about his time in the WWF, AWA, NWA, WCW. Larry talks about his epic feud with Bruno Sammartino in detail, how his relationship with Verne Gagne's daughter effected his relationship with Verne, how Sam Houston stopped a great angle with Baby Doll, Dusty Rhodes and Larry and the end of WCW.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs

Leatherface (RF 2004)


1) Shoot Interview withIf your a fan of FMW/Wing or the Japanese death matches your going to want to hear this one.  He talked about his entire WWF career and of course working with all the top talent there like Sheik, Rude, Race, Andre, Savage and more.  From drugs to the real reason behind the suicide of Mike Awesome it is all here.  You will find out why he was thrown into jail in Japan for 4 months.  He talks open about his past use of drugs and about the road schedule that took a toll on his  body.  Want all the scoops on FMW and IWA Japan. You will hear an exclusive as to why Mike Awesome commited suicide.  It is all here in this amazing shoot.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 43 mins

Lex Luger (Highspots 2004)


1) Shoot Interview with the Total Package Lex Luger.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 50 mins

Lex Luger (RF 2004)


1) Shoot Interview with the 'Total Package' Lex Luger. Known throughout the world as "The Narcissist", "The Man Made In The USA", "The Total Package". Luger takes us down memory lane from his start in Florida Championship Wrestling to his arrival in NWA/WCW. Becoming a Horseman and all his great angles and famous matches he had there. Lex talks about his great rivals and his relationship with Sting plus everything from leaving WCW and how he wound up in the WWF. He talks about everyone he worked with in the WWF and uncovers all the stories about himself in the WWF locker room. There is not one stone left unturned when it comes to the WWF and his relationship with Vince. He talks about everything that he had done in the WWE and why he left to make a triumphant return to WCW Nitro.
Lex talks about his feelings on WCW and Eric Bischoff. He then talks politics and everyone he has feuded with in WCW. He covers classic stories about backstage fights, problems outside the ring including thoughts on Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. What Goldberg was like and his views on Vince Russo. Plus many other WCW stories that you won't want to miss hearing.
The interview takes a turn when the topic of Elizabeth gets brought up. We took a long time to look back on the tragic night and for the first time you will hear from Lex Lugers mouth what really happened that night


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 48 mins

Little Guido (RF 2008)


1) Shoot Interview with How does someone who was told all of his life he was too small go from Japan to WrestleMania? Maritato tells his story about what it was like to wrestle in one of the biggest shoot promotions in Japan. Maritato also talks in great detail about his lengthy run in ECW. Maritato recounts all of the classic matches and moments throughout his time in ECW.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 40 mins

Lollipop (Highspots 2005)

1) Shoot Interview with Lollipop. You think this girl is just a pretty face with a kick ass body? Lollipop takes you beyond the blonde and into the real life world of a girl just trying to make it in the wrestling business. Starting out as a wrestling fan living in Nashville, Lollipop barely had time to work on the independent scene before being discovered and put in a roll as a cage dancer for TNA. Because of her gorgeous looks and incredible sex appeal, she stood out from all the rest of the dancers. She appeared on a national PPV practically and before she was even really trained to be in a wrestling ring, she appears on a national PPV. She was cut by TNA, but her dream of making it big in wrestling hasn't died

Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 51 mins

Magnum TA (RF 2009)


1) Shoot Interview with Magnum talks in great detail about his rise throughout the territories. Magnum talks about working his way up from Florida to Bill Watts Mid South to Jim Crockett Promotions. Who helped him along the way? What promoters did he like working for more than others? What was Bill Watts’ reaction Magnum when he jumped to Jim Crockett Promotions? Magnum has a ton of great stories about his journey to the top.

Magnum talks in great length about his short but legendary run in the Carolinas. What was truly the plan for him and the NWA title? Did he like working with Ric Flair? Did he see Dusty Rhodes as a mentor or competition? Magnum also goes into his many great feuds including the legendary Best of Seven series with Nikita Koloff and the I-Quit Match with Tully Blanchard. Magnum has a ton of war stories in this interview.

Magnum talks about the aftermath of his car accident. Does he think he would have ended up in the WWE if it didn’t happen? How hard was it mentally on him to never wrestle again? Magnum talks about the emotional walk at the Crockett Cup and the reaction from the boys. Magnum also talks about his days as a commentator and working with Jim Ross. Did Magnum ever think of attempting a comeback? Magnum is candid here in talking about the frustrations of calling wrestling and not being able to wrestle.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 50 mins

Marty Jannetty part 2 (RF 2009)

1) Shoot interview with Marty Jannetty. You'll get first hand information on a ton of controversial moments in Marty's career, such as being fired after his much talked about match with Shawn Michaels at Royal Rumble '93. Jannetty angrily countered the stories about him in Bret Hart's book, while also going into detail about the demons he battled constantly battled overseas and how they hurt his career. In a story that has never been told before on camera, Marty talks about his harrowingly near suicide attempt and the phone call from Shawn Michaels that saved his life.

Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs

Masked Superstar (RF2000)


1) The Masked Superstar (Bill Eadie) is a legend in this business and he sat down with RF Video for this exclusive Shoot Interview. The Masked Superstar takes you through his entire career including all the legends he has worked with and great territories of yesterday. The Masked Superstar covers it all including his run in WWF in Demolition.

Discs: 2                  Quality: 10             Duration: 3 hrs 25 mins

Matt Hardy (RF 2005)

1) Shoot Interview with Matt Hardy. Matt Hardy, the talk of the wrestling world for the past several months, covered his entire career including the entire situation with Edge and Lita! From tales of the past: OMEGA, indys, RVD & Sabu, Scott Hall, doing jobs, Michael Hayes, and Gangrel, to tales of becoming a then-WWF superstar: Ladder matches, Edge & Christian, Dudleys, Bradshaw, Lita, the feud with Triple H & Stone Cold Steve Austin, Invasion, Version 1, and A-Train. The Sensei of Mattitude talked about the WCW Invasion and its destructive effects on so many of WWEs talent. Matt doesn't hold back when discussing Triple Hs influence on Raw while also giving his thoughts on the ECW One Night Stand PPV and his brother Jeff in TNA. Matt Hardy shoots about the romantic triangle, straight out of the dirt sheets onto TV. Below is the list of Questions that Matt was asked, and RF VIDEO brought up the following:

The firing: Life after WWE, Johnny Ace, Jim Ross, Vince, The business: WrestleMania, dream matches, Hunter, steroids, writers, favorite and least favorite guys to work with, ribs, road stories, the internet

Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 40 mins

Maven (RF 2005)


1) Shoot Interview with Maven. Wrestling's first "reality star" Maven's covers his entire history, from his days as a heavily scouted baseball player, through Tough Enough, his entire WWE run and his current career on the American indy scene.

There are several eye-opening stories throughout this shoot as Maven explains how fast naivety can be erased in a cynical and backstabbing business. For fans of Tough Enough, and remember this was back before WWE ruined the concept, we have the inside dirt on everything associated with the show. Maven talks about how he got through the casting process, the roommates he lived with (including the unforgettable "Darryl"), and the effects on his life after winning the contest.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 23 mins

Mean Gene Okerlund (RF 2006)


1) Shoot Interview with Mean Gene Okerlund. Well let me tell you something, Mean Gene! 2006 WWE Hall of Famer Mean Gene Okerlund! Everybody knows Mean Gene and his distinctive voice as Okerlund has been a staple of pro wrestling for the last three decades. From the Minnesota based AWA, through WWF's national expansion, onto WCW during the peak of their history, and back to the WWE, Mean Gene has seen everything there is to see in this business and he sat down with us to talk about it all.
Okerlund talked about his experiences with all the big names, including Verne Gagne, Hulk Hogan, Harley Race, Ric Flair, Vince McMahon, Andre the Giant, Eric Bischoff, and scores more. There's not a single personality in the industry Mean Gene hasn't spent time with! Mean Gene went through his legendary career that went all over the wrestling landscape. This exclusive shoot interview will provide Gene's uncensored thoughts on all the behind-the-scenes stories from the AWA, WWE, and WCW! Okerlund takes us through the ribs, the road stories, the best (and worst) at ring psychology and work rate, watching WWF explode, and working with Bobby Heenan among many other subjects. Gene is in siteful and a blast to listen to, making this shoot one DVD that all wrestling fans are going to want to add to their collection!


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 43 mins

Midnight Express (RF 2005)


1) Shoot Interview with Bobby Eaton and “Sweet” Stan Lane will go down as one of the greatest tag teams in history as The Midnight Express


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 43 mins

Mike Awesome (RF 2003)


1) Shoot Interview with Bobby Eaton and “Sweet” Stan Lane will go down as one of the greatest tag teams in history as The Midnight Express


Discs: 1                  Quality: 9               Duration: 2 hrs 40 mins

Missy Hyatt - Rated R Interview
(DOI 2005)


1) Shoot Interview with Missy Hyatt.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 7 mins

Missy Hyatt - You Shoot (RF 2009)


1) Shoot Interview with Missy Hyatt. Look out! NOTHING is out of bounds as the "original diva" logs on and answers EVERYTHING you ask.  Spend more than two hours with the lady who's not afraid to name names...and boy does she!!!


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 20 mins

Missy Hyatt & Tammy Sytch (RF 2004)


1) Shoot Interview with Missy Hyatt & Tammy Sytch. Missy and Tammy tell all. You are actually getting three shoot interviews in one on this tape. First, Missy talks and holds nothing back especially when it comes to her sexual experiences. Then, Tammy Sytch does her first ever shoot and honestly answers the questions you always wanted to ask her. Finally, Missy and Tammy sit together on a sofa and shoot. You wont believe the things these two vixxxens have to say!!! Here is what Missy talked about:
-The website where she and Tammy pose nude.
-Missy reveals all the details on her relationships with various wrestlers.
-Who is good in bed? Who is not? Missy isn't afraid to tell.
-Who was the first person she was with in the business?
-Hear her honest words about Eric Bischoff.
-Talks about all her ex like John Tatum, Eddie Gilbert and Jason Hervey.
-What are her thoughts on Jim Ross? -The details of her 2001 ECW PPV appearance.
-Too much controversial sex talk to type here!!!


Discs: 2                  Quality: 10             Duration: 5 hrs

Mick Foley (ROH 2004)


1) Shoot Interview with former WWF Champion Mick Foley. The hardcore legend discusses his career in ECW, WCW, Japan, Hardcore Matches and Mick�s career in the WWF.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 40 mins

Molly Holly (Wrestling Universe 2005)


1) Shoot Interview with former WWE diva Molly Holly.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 40 mins

Mr. Fuji (RF 22-10-2004)

1) Shoot Interview with Mr. Fuji. WWE Hall of Famer the legendary Mr. Fuji talks about - :
-How did you wind up in Portland
-Memories of Pat Patterson from this period
-What was life like on the road during this time period 66-70
-Did you work with Jimmy Snuka at all back then
-Memories of Jim Barnett
-How did you wind up in the WWWF for your first run in 72
-Memories of Pedro Morales matches
-Memories of Moolah back during this time period and her husband
-Memories of Bruno Sammartino
-How close was the locker room back then?
-How big was kayfabe in New York
-Memories of being managed by Grand Wizard
-What was the heat like in the building when you wrestled Pedro and Bruno in MSG  
-memories of Andre The Giant
-Was there a noticeable increase in crowds and payoffs when Bruno got the belt.
-Memories of matches with Tony Garea and Dean Ho
-Was Bruno a locker room leader
-Memories of Ricky Steamboat
-Memories of Roddy Piper
-Why do you think you were used primiarly as a tag team wrestler
-Memories of Ric Flair
-Did Vince Jr have more power at this time
-Memories of Lou Albano
-How did you wind up paired with Masa Saito
-Compare Saito and tanaka as workers and partners
-Do you remember Lou Albano getting fired often
-Memories of your series with Garea and Martel
-What do you think happened with Snuka and the girl that was found dead at the hotel
-How did the locker room react to Snuka jumping off of the top of the cage on Backlund  
-It seemed that when Vince Jr took over he started to use you as more of a high level enhancement wrestler, thoughts?
-Thoughts when Hogan came in
-Whos idea was it to move you as a manager
-Memories of your match with George Steele against Mean Gene and Hogan
-Memories of working with Muraco
-Memories of TNT and Fuji Vice
-How did you get along with Vince Jr
-Thoughts on Dynamite Kid
-Memories of working with Ricky Steamboat
-Memories of the Junkyard Dog
-Memories of your tuxedo matches with Hillbilly Jim
-Were you surprised at the success of the first Mania
-Why were you and Muraco left off of Mania 1
-Thoughts on the rivalry between Hogan and Piper
-Did success go to Vince Jrs head
-Memories of working Barry Windham on some house shows in 85
-What did you think of all the new stuff like cartoons and the singing and all
-How did all of the managers get along? any competition
-Memories of the Wrestlemania 3 experience
-Memories of Demolition/Powers Of Pain series
-Why was Kendo Nagasaki basically in and out of the WWF
-Memories of Pat Tanaka and Paul Diamond
-early memories of Shawn Michaels
-Was it ironic that at Wrestlemania you were managing against Tenryu after 10 or so years
-Memories of John Nord
-What do you remember about the ring boy scandal
-What was it like when Ric Flair came in, did you think the NWA was done
-Memories of Yokozona
-What do you credit your lengthy run in the WWF too?
-What do you remember about Vince's steroid trial
-memories of co-managing with Jim Cornette
-Memories of managing Yoko vs. Lex Luger
-What was it that finally ended your tenure in the WWF
-You made a special appearance at WM12, was that just a one time deal
-When did you first start to rib the guys
-Talk about some of your ribs
-Do you regret any
-Was there a limit to what you would do
-Were you ever ribbed
-Did any of your ribs ever cause permanent injury or damage
-Did you ever get into a fight over it
-What was the drug and groupie scene like in the 70s and then the 80s with the success of the WWF
-What do you think about the lack of kayfabe today
-Good road stories
-Did you ever refuse to do a job
-How hard was it to adjust to life after wrestling
-Do you still watch it and if so, thoughts
-Would you like to be inducted into the WWE hall of fame


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 30 mins

Nasty Boys (RF 2007)


1) Shoot Interview with the legendary Nasty Boys Brian Kobbs and Jerry Saggs! Brian Knobbs together with partner Jerry Saggs, the Nasty Boys tell one amazing story after another about their stoic career including runs in WCW, WWF, AWA, XWF and Japan.
Absolutely everything you could possibly want to know about the Nasty Boys is discussed in complete detail, such as the time they fought UFC's Ken Shamrock and left him lying. Have you ever heard the inside dirt on the time Brian Knobbs fought Ric Flair in the China Club? You'll hear it here and nowhere else! The Nastys have been in involved in some of the most memorable WWF and WCW tag team programs and this shoot covers them all. The street fights with Kevin Sulllivan, Cactus Jack, and Maxx Payne in WCW. The memorable feud with the Steiners that ended up getting them a job in New York. The Legion of Doom. The Hart Foundation. Power & Glory. The NWO. All the major tag teams are covered!
Crazy rib stories from wrestling's true king of ribs? Did they really take a dump in Jerry Lawler's crown? What happened with their matches with the Road Warriors? What's the true story about the infamous match with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash that put Jerry Saggs on the sideline? Saggs and Knobbs dish it out on everyone they came across from their early days in the AWA to the ill-fated XWF. Everything under the sun is covered including the Midnight Rockers, DDP, Jim Herd, Ric Flair, Sting, Vince McMahon, Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Eric Bischoff, War Games, the Sid vs. Arn fight, kayfabe, the indys, MMA, John Laurenitis, wrestling newsletters, the Internet, and much, MUCH more.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 36 mins

Nasty Boys part 2 (RF 2009)

1) Stories about everyone from Molly Hatchet, to Hulk Hogan, the Road Warriors, the Steiners, and the Ultimate Warrior are recounted about both Brian Knobbs and Jerry Saggs. The Nasty Boys recount a great story about the night Jerry Saggs was set up by the office for a beating in the AWA. There are a lot of classic Curt Hennig ribs retold in this classic shoot interview.


The Nasty Boys also discuss more aspects of their career which weren't touched on in the first interview. The Nasty Boys give side of their story as to what went wrong with their now infamous last WWE appearance. The Nasty Boys also talk about incidents with Jim Herd, Jerry Lawler, Nick Bockwinkel, the Steiners, Mick Foley, and more.


In a magical moment, one of the Nasty Boys' greatest rivals makes an unscheduled appearance. Bret "Hitman" Hart makes a cameo later in the shoot interview when he comes to visit the Nasty Boys. All three men reunite for the first time in years and you will catch it all here on RF Video. The three have some fun and take some jabs at one another in an absolutely classic RF Video shoot interview moment.

Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 19 mins

New Jack – You Shoot (KC 2009)


1) Shoot Interview with New Jack.  We hand the interview over to you in the YouShoot and the show is yours! Also, there's an awesome bonus feature where New Jack, Mustafa and Jim Cornette meet and talk out their Smokey Mountain issues.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 36 mins

Nick Patrick (RF 2009)

1) Nick gives us a great behind the scenes look at the chaotic years of WCW. Nick has been through several bookers, different owners, and worked with all of the legendary greats. Nick has some great stories about his run with the N.W.O. What was it like being a part of pro wrestling's most powerful faction at the time? Nick tells all about life in and out of the ring with the New World Orde

Nick also talks about refereeing some of the biggest shows and matches in wrestling history. What is the real story behind the screwed up finish at Starrcade 97 and what were the ramifications? What was it like to work with Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Ric Flair, Goldberg, and more? What are the differences between Eric Bischoff and Vince McMahon?

Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 36 mins

Nikita Koloff (RF 2005)


1) Shoot Interview with Nikita Koloff. Find out how much training Nikita had before he hit big time wrestling with Jim Crockett and the NWA. Find out how this football player with unbelievable physical ability skyrocketed to the top of the wrestling business in record setting time. His rise to main event status didn’t happen without some major roadblocks and you’ll hear all about them. Also, you’ll learn the unique way he was promoted so his lack of experience wasn’t exposed. Live his stories as he portrayed a Russian in and out of the ring, and actually how far he took the believability of his hated foreign character in public places and even the wrestling locker room. Hear all of the tremendous stories about the rise of the NWA with all of the top stars including Flair, Dusty, Magnum and all the legendary wrestlers that were on that incredible roster.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 54 mins

Nikolai Volkoff (2009)


1) Shoot Interview with WWE Hall of famer Nikolai Volkoff. One of the greatest villains of all time a villain we all loved to hate but over the last few decades have grown to admire and respect, Nikolai discusses in detail his memorable one-hour broadways with Bruno Sammartino for the World Title in the 1970s at MSG that is still talked about 35 years later!

Also, we cover the national expansion of the WWE in the 1980s and its transition into the mainstream.  Furthermore, Nikolai being a major factor in the first WrestleMania winning the tag team titles along with the Iron Sheik also WrestleMania II, III, IV, VI, and XVII are included as well!

Nikolai talks about the TNT segments including the infamous, “Nikolai, this is your life!”

Volkoff also talks about his matches with Hulk Hogan, including the famous ‘flag’ match from Saturday Night’s Main Event in 1985. 

Hear stories from Nikolai himself of the multiple times he feared for his life for his renditions of singing the Russian National Anthem before every one of his matches. Which time did he fear for his life the most? 

Nikolai discusses his great friend and long time tag partner, The Iron Sheik.

What was Nikolai’s take on the Scott Hall incident at Sheik’s roast?  Also, which two main event superstars did Nikolai compare each other as a Cadillac and a Bicycle? The angle with Ted Dibiase and the Million Dollar Corporation.

Nikolai speaks freely on great road stories and ribs he’s seen throughout the years, including Mr. Fuji, Slick, Fred Blassie, Iron Sheik, and others.

Finally, The Hall of Famer tells a memorable story of the late, “Classy” Freddie Blassie and his estranged daughter before his death.

Nikolai Volkoff speaks from the heart from everything from the evils of Communism, living through personal tragedies, escaping to the United States for a better life, and of course an unforgettable career.  You will come away feeling like you know the Hall of Famer more than ever.

And as a bonus, the legendary superstar gives just one more rendition of the Russian National Anthem for all his fans around the world!


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs

Norman Smiley (RF 2004)

1) Smiley discusses it all from his comedy gimmick in WCW, what things were like behind the scenes there and being a top star in Mexico. This one is especially good for you lucha libre fans.
Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 26 mins

NWA Q &A - Bret Hart (RF August 2005)


1) Q&A session with Bret "The Hitman" Hart held at the NWA Legends Fanfest in August 2005.
He is the best there is the best there was and the best there ever will be, he is Bret
"Hitman" Hart. In recent years, Hart has been a recluse to the wrestling world, but he
has popped up in Charlotte, North Carolina to attend a NWA Legends Fanfest weekend.
During that weekend Hart participated in Q & A session for is loyal fans. Hart discusses his plans for his upcoming best of DVD release. The Hitman pulls no punches when it comes to such superstars as Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, and Ric Flair.
You will be shocked to hear his comments about his 60 minute ironman match and the original plan for this DVD. This Q & A session also sheds even more light on the Montreal screw job.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs

NWA Q &A - Jim Cornette (RF August 2005)


1) Q&A session with Q&A session with Jim Cornette held at the NWA Legends Fanfest in August 2005.
Jim Cornette is quite possible the most entertaining individuals in the wrestling business. Cornette travels to Charlotte North Carolina to field questions from an audience that "enjoyably" remembers him from his days managing the Midnight Express.
Cornette shares stories, cracks jokes, and explains his views and attitudes on the state of wrestling today. Former NWA referee, Tommy Young joins in on fun and helps moderate the Q & A session. Being the unique individual that he is Cornette refuses to follow the rules and the structure of this video recorded event. So, he handles the situation the best way he knows how and the cameras where rolling the whole time to capture very hilarious moment for bonus footage


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 20 mins

NWA Q &A - JJ Dillion (RF August 2005)


1) Q&A session with JJ Dillion.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 45 mins

NWA Q &A - Terry Funk (RF August 2005)


1) Q&A session with Q&A session with Terry Funk held at the NWA Legends Fanfest in August 2005.
This Q & A session is a comic roller coaster that never slows down. In fact, Terry Funk was so proud of the connection he and the crowd shared that night, he wanted to sell these at his own merchandise table next to his official shirts and his biography. Terry Funk is a wildman in the ring and this DVD proves that he truly is "middle aged and crazy".
Terry shows the audience that he is no lightweight when it comes to drinking beer and cracking jokes. With former NWA referee Tommy Young serving them up, the Funker really lets his hair down.

From "The Fat Man" Dusty Rhodes to "Old Banana" Ric Flair, Terry shares stories and impressions with his captive audience. Funk had everyone rolling in the aisle that night. Funk also gave a very clear vision of where he thinks wrestling is headed that will truly make you think hard about its future.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 15 mins

On The Road w/ Talia April Hunter (RF 2006)

1) On the Road with April Hunter and recent Maxim magazine Hometown Hottie Talia! The 2 girls began to tell us exactly they how they broke into the business over breakfast. We go in-depth on what schools they trained at, how they were trained, and how hard it was breaking into a male dominated field as a female. The girls discussed what it is like working for all the local shows in the tri-state area while also going over their time in the WWE while having WWE dark matches. There are some incredible stories here by both girls and they continue by discussing working in Japan and some horror stories from Mexico as well. Talia gives exclusive confirmation dating WWE Star Shane Helms. While April Hunter also talked about her new boyfriend, JD Michaels. Thats not all, as these girls dish out all the dirt and for the first time ever, April also talks about her breakup with Slyk Wagner Brown. Needless to say, this part of the interview is very emotional as April went into explicit detail of what happened between the famous indy couple.

The girls also discuss their upcoming match as well as filming the match itself. We were even lucky enough to film both girls as they went back to the locker room and discussed the match they just had. Not to be outdone, the girls headed over to a local McDonald's after the show and we were right there with him. This segment alone makes the famous Jim Cornette footage from Dairy Queen seem like a joke. Absolutely hysterical.

Discs: 2                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 28 mins

One Man Gang (RF 2004)


1) One Man Gang talked about his start in ICW, Memphis, Mid South, UWF, Florida, World Class, WWF, NWA, WCW, ECW and so much more.

You will hear what Randy Savage was like back in the early days of ICW. What it was like breaking into the Mid South era, How was Bill Watts as a boss. Going to the WWF and working the huge shows with Hulk Hogan, Loosing the OMG gimmick and becoming Akeem, working with Kevin Sullivan in Florida, Dusty Rhodes as a booker, Feuds with Jim Duggan, Drugs in the World Class promotion, Bruiser Brody in Japan, Paul Heyman, Teaming with Big Bossman, Eric Bischoff and why he did not like him, ECW and problems with some of the guys, and a whole lot more


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 51 mins

The Outlaws (RF 2006)

1) Shoot Interview with The New Age Outlaws. During the Attitude Era, there was one tag team that stood above the rest. One team that had more charisma than all the other teams put together. One tag team that could get 15,000 fans a night to loudly yell "S*CK IT!" The New Age Outlaws went on to become a hot drawing act and one of the key soldiers in the war between WWE and WCW. Now, for the first time ever, both members of the New Age Outlaws Bad Ass Billy Gunn and the Road Dogg sat down for a remarkable shoot interview that covers one of the most exciting periods in wrestling history. Both Billy Gunn and "D-O- double G" let loose on everything and everyone you can imagine, including the leader of Degeneration X himself, Triple H. You won't believe what the boys have to say about the Game, but he isn't the only one caught in the crossfire during this interview as both Bret Hart and Jim Ross also feel the stinging wrath of the Outlaws! For fans who loved watching the Monday Night Wars, this is a DVD for you as all the insider topics of the time are discussed at length. The Outlaws go over their memories of working with legends such as Mick Foley, Terry Funk and the Road Warriors along with all the other feuds we all loved to watch. Who could forget the first match between the Radicalz and the Outlaws when Eddie Guerrero broke his arm in a horrific accident? All of that, and much more, is discussed as the NAO talk about their career from the heyday of WWE to today in TNA! Hilariously entertaining, both Gunn and Road Dogg go above and beyond when it comes to being a great interview as this shoot has one great story after another! You'll hear about Owen Hart, Shawn Michaels, Sean Waltman, Steve Austin, the Rock, Stephanie McMahon, Vince McMahon, Jeff Jarrett, Vince Russo and all the big shows that the Outlaws were a part of.

Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 40 mins

The Outsiders (RF 2007)


1) Shoot Interview with the legendary tag team Scott Hall and Kevin Nash 'The Outsiders'. The team that jump started the Monday Night Wars and the heart and soul of the NWO. Two of the biggest stars in wrestling history that covered all of their days in the Kliq along with the rise and fall of WCW from a first-person perspective. All the Kliq road stories along with other exclusive backstage stories from their tenure in the WWF. The Outsiders talk about the business they are so passionate about. The locker room ribs. The heat between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart. Vince McMahon. Sean Waltman. All the big stories are covered.
Over the years we have heard differing stories on how the deal with WCW went down, but now is the first time both Hall and Nash were together to answer this question on what really happened behind closed doors and in the booking office. We also get the inside scoops on what Hall and Nash really thought about the following: Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan, Bill Goldberg, the MTV Spring Break incident, who should and shouldn't have been in the NWO, Larry Zbysko, Vince Russo, and so much more. All the controversies. All the backstage politics. Scott Hall and Kevin Nash give their thoughts on Jim Cornette's rants, Fake Diesel and Razor Ramon, their return to WWE, and even working through Scott Hall's personal-life battles. From meeting up in the early 1990's WCW as Vinnie Vegas and the Diamond Studd, to holding a lot of gold in the WWE during the New Generation in a very intriguing time of that company's history, to the historic jump that helped changed wrestling forever.


Discs: 2                  Quality: 10             Duration: 3 hrs


'Paul Bearer' Percy Pringle (RF 2006)


1) Shoot Interview with the Paul Bearer. known as Paul Bearer in the WWE! We spent hours with Percy and he went over every facet of his marvelous 15 year career, starting with Florida then World Class Championship Wrestling. Every viewer will love the detail that Percy goes into when discussing the entire Von Erich family. Percy booked World Class and knows all the ins and outs along with backstage stories you haven't heard anywhere else. Percy goes over every big name that appeared in Texas including the Freebirds, "Handsome" Gino Hernandez, "Gentleman" Chris Adams, Eric Embry, and Steve Austin. Did you know that the Undertaker's very first match was against Bruiser Brody in World Class? That fact and many others are revealed in this shoot.

Percy's time up in New York with WWE is covered in all its glory, including the priceless story of the first meeting with Vince McMahon. Pringle talks about how he was put with the Undertaker and discussed every major feud the two were a part of. Everything you want to hear about is talked about including the influence of the Kliq, Owen Hart's death, Mick Foley, Vince Russo, the first Hell in the Cell, backstage politics and much, much more. It's the closest you'll get to Paul Bearer without being in an urn! \

Really, for fans of 1990's WWE, no name has been a longer star then the Undertaker and now hear from his manager talk about all those times that we all remember. Pringle talks about other managers in wrestling and what their place is in wrestling today.

Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs


Paul Ellering - Straight Shooting (ROH 2004)

1) Shoot Interview with the Paul Ellering.

Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 20 mins


Paul Ellering (RF 2009)

1) Shoot Interview with the Paul Ellering.

Discs: 2                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 47 mins


Paul 'Mr. Wonderful' Orndorff (RF 2002)

1) Shoot Interview with 'Mr. Wonderful' Paul Orndorff has seen and done it all in the wrestling business. He was in the first Wrestlemania main event, he has worked everywhere from the old-school territories to WWF during its first big boom period to WCW during its demise. Here is what Orndorff talked about:

-His start in the business

-Going to WWF.

-First impressions of Vince McMahon.

-How did he end up in a group with Roddy Piper and David Schultz.

-Traveling in WWF.

-Did he and Piper ever fight about who would be the top heel?

-His WWF program with Hulk Hogan.

-How was Hogan different than earlier in his career?

-How did Jimmy Snuka change from before?

-Orndorff talks about when WWF exploded in popularity.

-How did things change during this period?

-Who did he like and not like to work in WWF?

-Memories of Terry Funk, Lou Albano, Big John Studd, JYD, Tonga Kid, Rocky Johnson, Jay Strongbow, Adrian Adonis and Jesse Ventura.

-Thoughts on the TNT show.

-The involvement of MTV.

-All the details on wrestling Mr. T and working in the main event of the first Wrestlemania.

-His babyface turn.

-Traveling with Bob Orton and Roddy Piper.

-Working on Saturday Night Live.

-The insane schedule.

-His matches teaming with Hogan vs. Piper and Orton.

-What was Andre The Giant like in WWF?

-What were politics like in WWF?

-The drug scene at the time.

-Working Don Muraco at the second Wrestlemania.

-Turning heel and feuding with Hogan again.

-Wrestling Hogan in front of one of the largest crowds ever in Toronto.

-Teaming with Harley Race.

-What was it like when Iron Sheik and Jim Duggan were busted together when they were feuding?

-Turning babyface again.

-Why wasnt he on Wrestlemania III?

-Angle where he fired Heenan and took Oliver Humperdink as his manager.

-His feud with Rick Rude.

-How did things change during the WWF boom?

-Orndorff tells why he left WWF.

-Why was an obituary printed for him?

-Was he financially set after WWF?

-Leaving the wrestling business.

-Coming back and wrestling Kerry Von Erich.

-Did he try to go back to WWF?

-Going to WCW.

-Orndorff compares WCW to WWF.

-Paul talks about Sting, Lex Luger, Steiners, Arn Anderson, El Gigante and Sid Vicious.

-Why did he fade out of WCW.

-Going to UWF and Smoky Mountain Wrestling.

-Thoughts on Jim Cornette.

-Working Ronnie Garvin and Brian Lee in SMW.

-Going back to WCW.

-What was Bill Watts like in WCW?

-Teaming with Shockmaster.

-Thoughts on Eric Bischoff as boss.

-Teaming with Steve Austin.

-Did he think Austin would be as successful as he became?

-What were the plans for him and Paul Roma as a team?

-Thoughts on when Hogan came into WCW.

-How was their relationship?

-Orndorff gives him opinion on Renegade and Randy Savage.

-The locker room fight with Vader.

-What did he think of ECW?

-How was the business changing?

-Paul discusses WCWs attempt at shoot angles.

-How did Bischoff change with success?

-The success of Bill Goldberg.

-Did the new generation of talent respect him?

-Paul goes into detail about working at the Power Plant?

-He talks about using rough techniques during training.

-Who were his favorite and least favorite students at the Power Plant?

-Thoughts on when Vince Russo replaced Bischoff.

-Orndorff compares Russo and Bischoff.

-Working with Terry Funk again.

-Did he resent the top guys who were making lots of money?

-Lots more on all the inside happenings of WCW.

-Did he think he would be back to WWF?

-Paul discusses ribs and rats.

-Does he miss teaching?
Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 11 mins


Petey Williams (RF 2009)


1) Shoot interview with the Canadian destroyer about his career in the indy scene and in TNA Wrestling.
Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 40 mins

Powers of Pain (RF 30-10-2004)


1) Shoot Interview with The Warlord and The Barbarian. The Powers of Pain discussed their entire life from beginning to current day going through all their feuds and territories they worked for. They talked about:
-Barbarian discusses working in sumo wrestling

-How the transition was from sumo to pro wrestling

-Memories of Barbarian's very first match

-Who came up with his face paint gimmick

-How Warlord got started in the business

-If he watched wrestling before he got in

-Who Warlord trained with

-Most influential guy to him at the time

-Warlord and Barbarian's thoughts of Dusty Rhodes

-Who's idea it was to put them together as a tag team

-Who they believe is the best team in the business

-Memories of the Road Warriors

-Thoughts on their barbed-wire matches

-Thoughts of scaffold matches

-What they think of Ric Flair

-Opinion of Lex Luger

-Story of them being ribbed by Mr. Fuji

-Who made the business decisions for the Powers of Pain

-Feuding with Demolition

-Early memories of Mr. Fuji

-What the travel schedule was like in the WWF

-Thoughts of the drug scene in wrestling

-Thoughts of steroids in the business

-Memories of matches with Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart

-What Hulk Hogan was like in and out of the ring

-If there were any locker room leaders or cliques in the WWF

-Matches with the Bushwhackers

-Memories of The Rockers, Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty

-When did Vince try to split them up

-Memories of working with Hulk Hogan

-What the Ultimate Warrior was like outside the ring

-Thoughts of Jake Roberts

-Memories of Randy Savage

-If Randy was over protective of Elizabeth

-Story about the Nasty Boys

-Memories of Andre the Giant

-Story of Andre and Warrior

-Thoughts of Zeus

-Memories of Dusty coming into the WWF

-How he was treated by the boys

-Ric Flair coming into the WWF

-Working with Davey Boy Smith

-Working with Kerry Von Erich

-Warlords singles matches with Jimmy Snuka

-Matches with Bret Hart

-Barbarian's thoughts of teaming with Fatu

-Working with Ricky Steamboat

-Any politics involved in WWF

-Why they left the WWF

-If WCW ever tried to put them back together 

-Like working the US or Japan better

-Thoughts on Haku as a person

-Warlord tells the story of Haku biting a guy's nose off in a bar

-Story of Haku in St. Louis laying out 4 guys at a club

-Barbarian's memories of Tower of Doom, triple cage match

-Do they prefer working tag matches or singles

-Did Hogan change at all from WWF to WCW

-Celebrities he works for

-Cities they liked to work in

-What Barbarian does outside of the ring for a job

-Any regrets in the business

-Warlords reaction to his gimmick outfit

-Good rib stories in WWF

-Great rib stories that Mr. Fuji did
Discs: 2                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 52 mins

Raven vol. 1 (RF 16-2-2003)


1) Shoot Interview with Raven. Raven's career covers so much and he gives such complete answers. Raven discusses his start in the wrestling business. He covers his early days in Memphis, Florida and Portland and is completely open about his drug and womanizing lifestyle. Raven then talks about his first runs in WCW and WWF including partying with Shane McMahon and his true feelings about Bill Watts. Find out what working behind the scenes in WWF was like and why he didn't like it. From there, Raven goes into great detail about his first ECW run. He discusses his relationship with Paul Heyman, the development of the Raven character and his legendary feuds vs. Tommy Dreamer and Sandman. Raven is open and honest about it all from drugs to his most famous angles to his true feelings about everyone he worked with. This is a must for any ECW or Raven fan!!!


Discs: 2                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 46 mins

Raven vol. 2 (RF 21-5-2003)


1) Shoot Interview with Raven. Raven talks after his first stay in ECW as he heads into WCW to lead his flock. Learn all about his WCW stay and his return to ECW. You will be shocked at some of the stories of drug use during his second ECW stay. Finally Raven talks about why his WWE stay was so disappointing before going into life on the indies and NWA TNA. Raven discusses -

-Why he went to WCW 1997
-His introduction in WCW as an outsider
-The Raven's Rules gimmick
-Bringing Steve Richards into WCW
-The concept of the "flock" and how the members were picked
-How the locker room changed over the time he was in WCW
-The deal pool with Vampiro & ICP
-The party scene in WCW
-Stories from the Gold Club in Atlanta (stripclub) where it was reported Eric Bischoff & pro athletes were paying for sex
-His feud with Diamond Dallas Page
-Winning the U.S. title and then dropping it the next night on Nitro to Bill Goldberg
-How bad were his drug problems while in WCW
-Teaming with Perry Saturn
-Working against Benoit & Malenko
-Raven explains what he always called "The Top 10" in WCW and why he never was in that group
-The 24 hours leading into the meeting with all the WCW wrestlers where Raven quit WCW
-Eric Bischoff's reaction & how he originally wanted to prevent Raven from leaving
-His phone conversation with Paul Heyman about returning to ECW
-His return to ECW in Queens NY where he teamed with Dreamer to win the tag titles from The Dudley Boyz
-Why his relationship with Paul Heyman was strained
-What led to him going into rehab again and finally beating his drug problems
-Differences in ECW in compared to the first time he was there
-Thoughts on ECW being on TNN
-Working behind the scenes with Heyman, Lance Storm, & Tommy Dreamer
-Opinion on Paul Heyman saying he treated his second run in ECW like a paid vacation
-Getting the reputation of being lazy
-Why he never had another singles match with Tommy Dreamer in ECW
-What Vince McMahon said when he found out Raven was hired into WWE
-Memories of attacking Jerry Lawler
-Working with Tazz
-What happened with the mystery woman angle that involved Tori
-Opinion on the hardcore division in WWE
-Memories of his match at Wrestlemania against Big Show & Kane
-Thoughts on ECW being reformed in WWE
-Why the WWE vs. WCW feud never worked
-Why he was put exclusively on Sunday Night Heat
-Why he think WWE didn't do more with him
-His opinion on the WWE writers
-How he was fired from WWE
-His surprise debut for TNA

starts off on a wild shopping spree as he buys a lot of cool new gimmicks for his house and even ring gear. You will be able to see a side of Raven that you have never seen before while experiencing something in wrestling that very few fans will ever get a chance to be a part of. Raven had a lot to say about various subjects, including Philadelphians infamous Uncle Eddie. We followed Raven straight into the locker room as he arrived to the venue and greeted wrestlers. You will even get to watch Raven get checked out by the Maryland State Athletic Commission. This is the type of exclusive backstage access that you cant get anywhere else! On past Raven DVDs, he talked about what it takes to put a successful wrestling match together. For example, what a heel and babyface should do when they get out in front of the crowd. On this DVD, Raven puts his money where his mouth is, and you will see everything unfold first hand for over two and a half hours! You will see everything, that went on that night, including Raven going over his match with Nick Berk (who had just been on Monday Night Raw in a skit with Cryme Time. The amazing thing about watching this DVD is that you will see Raven on top of his game as he was put in charge of a angle that started before his match with five other workers that included Christian York and MCW owner Dan Mcdevitt. You will see the genius booking skills, as Raven plotted out everything from the start to the finish. Not only did Raven put the angle together, but he tied everything into his match; from the pre match promos to everything after his match as well. Never before has Raven allowed anyone to watch what goes on behind the curtain. This is a once in a lifetime offer that all true wrestling fans will not want to miss!
Raven taught everyone who was in the locker room some of the most valuable lessons of what it means to be a heel and a babyface. Raven goes into the locker room after his match with Nick Berk and told him everything that the youngster did right and wrong in the ring. This DVD was right up there with some of the classic Raven moments backstage. See what it is really like to on the Road with Raven and you will get the best (almost three hours long) wrestling lesson of your life!


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 3 hrs

Raven - On The Road (RF 2007)


1) The DVD starts off as Raven is on a wild shopping spree. You will shop with Raven as he buys a lot of cool new gimmicks for his house and even ring gear. You will be able to see a side of Raven that you have never seen before while experiencing something in wrestling that very few fans will ever get a chance to be a part of. the car ride was very entertaining as Raven had a lot to say about various subjects, including Philadelphias infamous Uncle Eddie. We followed Raven straight into the locker room as he arrived to the venue and greeted wrestlers. You will even get to watch Raven get checked out by the Maryland State Athletic Commission.
Raven goes over his match with Nick Berk (who had just been on Monday Night Raw in a skit with Cryme Time. The amazing thing about watching this DVD is that you will see Raven on top of his game as he was put in charge of a angle that started before his match with five other workers that included Christian York and MCW owner Dan Mcdevitt. You will see the genius booking skills, as Raven plotted out everything from the start to the finish. Not only did Raven put the angle together, but he tied everything into his match; from the pre match promos to everything after his match as well. Never before has Raven allowed anyone to watch what goes on behind the curtain.
After Raven went through the curtain for his match, but after the match your once again into the locker room as Raven went over the match with Nick Berk and told him everything that the youngster did right and wrong in the ring. This is really on the Road with Raven and you will get the best (almost three hours long) wrestling lesson of your life.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 6 mins

Raven - Secrets of the Ring 1 (ROH 28-1-2005)


1) Raven goes into great detail on working as a babyface. Raven covers every aspect of this complex art from selling to body language to transitions to all the little things that should be done in every match. You'll learn how to structure a match and what every babyface always needs to do. While this interview focuses on working as a babyface, Raven talks about many different aspects of working inside the squared circle.
Raven is completely unselfish in sharing all his experiences and knowledge right here. Normally you would have to drive from town to town with a veteran like Raven to get this information. You can't learn this stuff by reading the internet or the sheets. This is a must for every aspiring wrestler or anyone who thinks they know what really goes on in the ring.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 31 mins

Raven - Secrets of the Ring 2 (ROH 8-6-2005)


1) Raven talks about star power. In the old school days, veterans would teach up and comers these lessons on endless car rides from town to town. Secrets Of The Ring With Raven Vol. 2 focuses on Raven teaching "starpower." You'll learn the importance of having starpower, how to get it, what the greats do and all the subtle things that you'll never learn by just reading the internet or the sheets. Raven discusses the importance of presence and how to get presence, your ring outfit and how to carry yourself like a star. These are only a few of the invaluable lessons Raven teaches. Raven discusses too many topics to list here!!!


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs

Raven - Secrets of the Ring 3 (ROH 8-6-2005)


1) Raven talks about a number of subjects including locker room etiquette, respect for veterans, the kangaroo court in WWE, taking too many bumps and lots, lots more. Raven brings up never told before stories to illustrate all his points. Raven thoughts on the controversy between Lance Storm, JBL and Bob Holly and who Raven thinks was right and why. There is also a story every young wrestler must hear about Mike Sanders and Triple H. Raven uses stories about some of wrestling's biggest names like The Rock and Jerry Lawler to teach you valuable lessons about the wrestling business. Raven also gives a first hand account of a shoot incident between Cordell Walker and Rick Steiner and why Steiner reacted the way that he did.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 45 mins

Raven - Secrets of the Ring 4 (ROH 11-6-2005)


1) Raven goes into great detail on all aspects of working as a heel. Raven has taught upcoming wrestlers in locker rooms throughout the wrestling world. This isn't the kind of knowledge you can learn by reading the internet or the sheets. This is the stuff that you can only learn from a true veteran like Raven.
Raven covers all the bases from body language to ring psychology to calling a match to everything in between. Working as a heel is an art form and Raven goes in depth on all aspects of this art right here.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 2 mins

Raven - Secrets of the Ring 5 (ROH 24-3-2006)


1) Raven starts out as a Straight Shooting' With Raven, but soon the former ECW, WWE and WCW star goes off on a tangent and starts teaching some lessons that all upcoming wrestlers need to know. The first part of the DVD is a shoot interview that sees Raven talk about his feud vs. CM Punk in ROH. Raven uses the famous angle he did at "Death Before Dishonor" with CM Punk and Tommy Dreamer as an example of how to execute angles. Raven dissects this angle and tells the importance of every movement and ring positioning. Raven then discusses some of his favorite angles and why they worked. He includes his favorite angles from Bill Watts UWF as well as a surprising WWE angle from the early 90s. Raven really gives insight on why these storylines worked and how to execute an angle

Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs

Raven - Guest Booker (Kayfabe 2008)


1) It is June 1996.  Scott Hall and Kevin Nash leave the WWE and prepare to head to the competition.  But in our world here, they land NOT in WCW... but rather ECW.  And what if total creative control of their angles were given to the ECW champion of the moment?


In this very special "Booker-at-Heart" edition of the show, Raven steps in and takes the book in June 1996 and books Hall's and Nash's angles right up to and including the first ECW pay-per-view "Barely Legal," in April 1997.


Raven steps in and proceeds to take over the show.  He moves to the booking board for total control, and doesn't come up for air until the end of the show.  Raven books all of Hall's and Nash's angles in astounding detail.

Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 19 mins

Rene Goulet - Inside the Office (Kayfabe 2009)


1) You are tonight, as you join your assigned Road Agent for a journey inside the massive WWE operation.

Join us as one of Vince McMahon's most trusted Road Agents takes us inside the locker rooms, offices, hotel rooms, and just about anywhere he was assigned in his career as an agent.

Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 27 mins

Rey Mysterio (RF 2000)


1) Shoot Interview with Rey Mysterio. Rey Misterio with the most innovative high flyer in the history of professional wrestling. Hear how Rey got his start in the professional wrestling business in Tijuana and you wont believe how young he really was. He talks about being trained by his uncle Rey Misterio Sr. and great stories about classic Tijuana wrestling. Rey talks about how he got hooked up with Konnan and the beginnings of AAA Mexico with Antonio Pena. Find out how Rey developed his unique lucha libre high-flying style, and the other wrestlers he learned from and grew up with in AAA including Psicosis, Juventud Guerrera and others. Hear about Rey venturing to ECW and Japan and the great stories he experienced that opened his thinking�s towards the wrestling business. Rey then talks about going to WCW and how hard it was to be there with his small stature, unique wrestling style, plus being a foreigner. Was he accepted by the others and did he enjoy being in WCW? Find out all from this underdog in the business who became a superstar in Mexico, Japan, and the United States


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 31 mins

Rey Mysterio (Misc, 2001)


1) Hand held footage of Rey Mysterio & other Mexican wrestlers on life on the road.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 12 mins

Rhino (2005)


1) Shoot Interview with Rhino. A man who worked his way up from a squash match with Tax in June of 99 to the top of the ECW mountain as both TV and World champion in 2001 only to have the company shut down. Rhino, two time ECW TV champion, involved in several high profile angles with Sandman (who could forget Lori Fullington taking several piledrivers from the ring apron onto a table on the floor courtesy of Rhino) and winner of the ECW Heavyweight championship at the companies final Pay Per View, Guilty as Charged. There is no stone left untouched as we ask Rhino what happened at WrestleMania 21 that cause him to have so much heat with the WWE. Rhino's entire career and we ask about the wild days of ECW and what happened when the ECW wrestlers were brought into the WWE fold. Rhino brings new insight into the final year of ECW, plus all the changes in the WWE after ECW folded. From headlining one of the biggest PPV events of all time, to the handling of the WCW/ECW Invasion storyline, to the death of hardcore in the WWE. From 2001-2005 Rhino saw many changes in the WWE, he then faced injury only to come back to working a new style and have Vince McMahon come out and stop one of his matches and publicly humiliate him. Rhino has had a very interesting career and in this shoot he goes into the heart of the WWE, from its writers, to the front office, not even Vince McMahon himself escapes the man-beast's wrath on this shoot

Discs: 4                  Quality: 10             Duration: 14 hrs


Ric Flair (Highspots 2008) *****

1) This is THE SHOOT INTERVIEW OF A LIFETIME with Ric Flair.  Three discs with over 14 hours of in-depth interviews, stories, and so much more from the legendary "Nature Boy."  Get this shoot interview is the most in depth interview of Ric Flair career from AWA, NWA, WCW, WWF, WWE and talks about every big name in Wrestling over the last 35 years.

Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 50 mins

Ric Flair
(RF 2013)

1) Shoot interview with the is a former 16 time World Heavyweight Champion, 2 time WWE HOF legendary superstar known as "Nature Boy" Ric Flair. This covers everything you would want to know about this legend from 2009 until 2013. Ric Flair talks about wrestling Hulk Hogan and becoming friends with Eric Bischoff as they to go overseas and work on their over see tour in Australia. This leads into his entire run over at TNA and we asked him all of the questions that you would want to know surrounding his status when he was in TNA.

What does he say to his critics that have said over the years that it's time for him to step aside and what did he think of the younger workers saying he was on top for to long? What were his thoughts on guys who made millions in the business and don't leave when they should have. Thoughts on the Benoit tragedy, his relationship with HHH outside of the ring, working with HBK and his retirement on Raw and how did he decide to step back into the ring and how did Vince react to it, meetings with Vince and why Vince told Flair that the 80's heel character was dead, his heat with Bret Hart, Owen Harts passing, bar room fights with Road Warrior Hawk and Haku involving a blade in Japan, and so much more.

NOTE: This interview was taped just weeks before the death of Ric’s son Red Flair.

Topics include -

-What was it like working with Hulk Hogan on the Australian shows
-Did you trust Hulk and Eric Bischoff
-At what point did you sit down with Eric and work out your differences
-Can you tell us what was said
-A lot of fans were surprised to see you do business with him, were you surprised to do business with him
-You signed a multi-year contract with Hulk and Eric back then, what were the plans for more shows
-How did you wind up in TNA
-Initial impressions of Dixie Carter
-Did you give the WWE an opportunity to match whatever offer TNA had for you
-Do you think he embraced the role as much as he could
-What was it like working with Vince Russo again
-Were you there to try and make a difference for TNA or was it just a pay day for you
-Do you think it was a bit of a step down for you to start wrestling there
-Did you think TNA had a chance with the whole Monday night war
-Were you surprised when Bret Hart went back to the WWE
-Why do you think you and Bret have such a problem with each other
-Was there ever a point during the TNA Monday night run where you felt Hulk and Dixie were misleading Dixie
-Do you think their intentions have always been sincere with TNA
-How has Eric changed as a leader since his WCW days
-Do you find it odd that a lot of WCW guys are employed there when afterall, WCW went out of business
-Did you push to wrestle more in TNA
-Do you think you could have been used better by TNA
-Why did they move your match with Sting off of pay per view to Impact
-Did you feel disrespected
-How has Hulk changed over the years
-How did you find out about the Horseman’s WWE HOF induction
-Was there any issues with you and TNA over going
-What ended your run in TNA
-There was a report about you being pulled from shows over some kind of tab at the Hard Rock Café in Orlando, is that true?
-What happened to the proposed reality TV show with you and your son
-How did Jerry Lawler’s heart attack impact you
-About a month or so ago you said you’d never be in the ring again, yet you signed to wrestle in All Japan.
-What’s missing from the WWE today
-Do you think Sting will ever wrestle a WWE match
-Any chance of you teaming with Ashley in the WWE or Reid in Japan?
-How has Vince McMahon changed
-How has Hunter changed since he got more corporate?
-Do you think wrestling still needs blood
Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 53 mins

Rick Martel (RF 2005)


1) Shoot Interview with Rick Martel. Rick Martel, former member of the Can-Am Connection and Strike Force, Martel shared his thoughts on. A former AWA World Heavyweight champion, multiple time WWF Tag Team champion and WCW television champion pedigree shows that "the Model" has been around the block and been a major player at each stop along the way.

Let Rick take you all over the wrestling map in the '70s, '80s and '90s. From beating Jumbo Tsuruta for the AWA title and beating Mr. Fuji for the Commonwealth championship in New Zealand, to losing a loser leaves town match to Playboy Buddy
Rose. Rick Martel has been everywhere, and just when you thought he was finished, made a sensational comeback out of nowhere for WCW in 1998. Martel brings a fresh perspective when asked about his heyday in the World Wrestling Federation. You'll hear all the stories about Rick's feuds with Tatanka, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Hart Foundation and Nick Bockwinkle along with Martel talking about the infamous "Arrogance" perfume and the "Yes, I am a model" pin. All the classics are covered, including WrestleRock! On a more serious note, Martel laid all the cards on the table when talking about Bruiser Brody, Dino Bravo, Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels and everything else from the insane wrestling scene of the '80s. A true French Canadian talking about the state of wrestling from the '70s to today. Road stories, WrestleMania 3, the infamous blindfold match at WrestleMania 7, WWE hall of fame, and a look back at Martel's entire career


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 10 mins

Rick Steiner (RF 2004)


1) Rick Steiner talks about his entire career. Steiner has been through it all from early territories like UWF to the big two with NWA/WCW and WWE to being a major star in Japan and he holds nothing back talking about it all here. From his brother to his true feelings on Ric Flair, Steiner isnt afraid to speak his mind

Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 26 mins

Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat (RF 22-4-2001)


1) Shoot Interview with Ricky Steamboat. Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat covers his entire career from the 1970s until his injury. Hear the inside stories about some of the best bouts to ever grace the squared circle!!! From early territories to WrestleMania to WCW, Steamboat reveals it all right here!!!

- Start in the business.
- Early Mid-Atlantic what Ric Flair was like there.
- Flairs plane crash.
- Thoughts on Roddy Piper, Greg Valentine, Harley Race and other stars and feuds from the 1970s.
- Flairs run with the U.S. Title in the late 70s.
- Talks about various territories.
- His tag team with Jay Youngblood.
- What it was like in early 80s All Japan.
- Feud against Tully Blanchard.
- Why did he leave Mid-Atlantic when Dusty Rhodes arrived?
- His first stay in WWF.
- His legendary feud against Don Muraco & Mr. Fuji.
- The infamous hanging angle.
- How tough was the schedule in WWF?
- Who helped him develop his style?
- Feud against Randy Savage.
- The details of the famous bell angle.
- Hear about the classic Wrestlemania 3 match vs. Savage.
- Was Honky Tonk Man tough to work with?
- Steamboat tells why he left and went back to WWF.
- Were there problems with Vince McMahon?
- Return to the NWA in 1989.
- Details of his classic matches vs. Flair in 89.
- Feud with Lex Luger.
- Why did he abruptly leave NWA in 89?
- Steamboat takes you back to WWF.
- Did he like the fire-blowing gimmick?
- Why was he never a heel?
- Why did he never have a match against Hulk Hogan?
- Steamboat talks about his injuries.
- Will he ever return to the ring?


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 36 mins

Road Warriors (RF 17-5-2000)


1) Shoot Interview with legendary 'Legion of Doom' The Road Warriors. The Road Warriors were by far the most influential tag team in the history of professional wrestling. Hear stories about how they started training in Minneapolis and the elite crew of wrestlers who also started their careers at the same time with them. Hear how they broke into the Georgia territory and stories about the people who helped them including Paul Ellering. Find out all of the stories about their days in the AWA and the tours of Japan where they were considered as foreign monsters. The Legion of Doom then shift to talk about their days in the NWA where they gained unbelievable popularity with their dominating wrestling style. Hear all the info about Flair and the 4 Horsemen, The Russians, The Powers of Pain and more. Then the interview gets really hot as the Warriors talk about Vince McMahon & their tenure in the WWF. Hear about the broken promises that Vince made that he didnt fulfill. Hear their take about the whole Shawn-Bret deal, and they also talk about the death of Owen. Hawk in particular gets even more fired up as he vents a lot of his feelings towards Vince. Also the situation between Hawk & his wife towards Randy Savage & Gorgeous George comes up, and you can hear his side of the story.

Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs

Road Warrior Animal (RF 2008)


1) The first interview since the passing of his best friend and long time partner Hawk, Animal holds absolutely nothing back and you'll realize that within the first five minutes as he clearly didn't care who he was going to piss off or what bridges he may possibly be burning. This is the real "Animal Unleashed" and we covered all the hot topics you want to hear about, including why Animal was upset that he was not asked to be a part of Ric Flair's farewell ceremony on Monday Night Raw! You will get a first hand account of the heat both Animal and Hawk received from the WWE because of Hawk's behavior, along with some of the actions that brought that heat upon them.


You want road stories? This amazing new shoot has them in spades, including some incredible tales of overseas tours. Animal tells us who had Hawk's ear during their prime years, and which of those men were a bad influence on him. No stranger to drugs in wrestling, Animal frankly discussed Hawk's demons (including a time when Hawk's resting heart beat was over 170) along with the Benoit tragedy and the heat Animal took for comments made about that incident.


Many of you have seen or heard about the infamous YouTube stuff between Animal and Jon Heidenreich, but for the first time ever we got Animal to talk about that along with the really story about the $5000 that Heidenreich feels he is owed by Animal. You'll get the inside dirt on all the problems Animal had in WWE at that time in this shocking new interview, including what is what to be informed of his release by his own brother, John Laurinatis.
Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 40 mins

Rob Van Dam (RF 1997)


1) Shoot Interview with Rob Van Dam. Mr. Monday Night Rob Van Dam. Rob Van Dam has competed in ECW,WWF, All Japan, WCW & more. Rob Van Dam is very opinionated & is the most open he has ever been about stories & comments on other wrestlers. Some of the topics discussed are his Monday night Raw appearances, his meeting with Vince McMahon, working in All Japan, his stay early in his career in WCW & what led to his departure, his opinions on current ECW wrestlers & more. The highlight may be when Rob takes phone calls. Rob is hilarious with the callers & extremely entertaining.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 39 mins

Ronnie Garvin (RF 2005)


1) Shoot interview with Ronnie Garvin. He has been to every territory and worked all the biggest names and he's open in talking about it all here. Find out who he respected, who he liked to work with and Garvin isn't afraid to give his true feelings on those he didn't respect including Dusty Rhodes. You'll learn something about life in the territories and NWA as Garvin discusses his entire career.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 2 mins

Ron Simmons (Highspots 2005)


1) Shoot Interview with Ron Simmons. Ron talks about -

Were you a fan growing up?
What were the politics like at WCW
Were the Road Warriors hard to work with
Is it true that one of the Steiners punched the other in the eye legit to give him a black eye to sell your angle?
Could you sense the tension between Flair and Herd
You guys were jobbed out by all of the teams at Starrcade 89 at a time when you guys were red hot. Is there a story behind that or was it just bad booking?
During this time, in the early 90s did Vince ever try and contact you?
Memories of your series with Luger for the title
What were your initial thoughts on Bill Watts
Bill was fired for making racist comments in a Torch interview, do you think he was racist?
Memories of Scott Hall and Kevin Nash from back then
How did things change when Dusty came back into the company?
How did the decision come for you to beat Vader?
Was it something that happened last minute, since it seemed that it happened out of the blue from a fan's perspective?
How did Vader react to doing the job
Are you disappointed that you weren't booked with stronger challengers as champion?
Was the decision to drop the belt back to Vader a quick one or something that had been planned for awhile?
At what point did you know you wanted to leave WCW
You were there for the beginning of Eric Bischoff's tenure, what were your initial thoughts on him?
Were you there for the Arn-Sid fight and if so, thoughts?
How did you wind up leaving WCW
Did you have any contact with Vince around this time, 1994?
How did you wind up in the WWF in 1986
What did you think of the Farooq character when you first heard about it
Initial thoughts on the Clique when you arrived?
Memories of the tension and fights between Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels
Memories working the Undertaker the first few times?
Who did you ride with and room with during this time?
Memories of Montreal and the survivor series 97 incident with Bret and Shawn?
How did the whole Nation of Domination come about?
Whos idea was it to put the Rock with you?
What are your memories of the rise of the Rock to your soldier so to speak in the Nation to becoming the most dominant player in the WWE
Were you jealous at all towards his rise?
How did you and Bradshaw begin to develop a friendship
Memories working Bradshaw
Some people call Bradshaw a bully, do you think he is a bully?
Where was the angle originally supposed to go with the Acolytes and the Undertaker
Whos idea was it to break you and Bradshaw off and make you guys a regular tag team
Memories of your series with the Hardyz?
What happened with Public Enemy? You guys destroyed them, was that a directive from the office or your own doing and if so, why?
Thoughts on your series with the Dudleys?
Was there a stigma against ECW and WCW talent when they would come over?
What happened the night Buff Bagwell made his debut and he was stiffed by Bradshaw and others?
How did the politics change when HHH came into power?
Explain the rise of HHH, do you think he is good for business?
Who's idea was it to split you and Bradshaw up into the different brands?
Thoughts on teaming with Mark Henry
When you were told about the angle where you would be fired, where were you told it was going?
How did you find out you were being fired?
What were your thoughts?
Did Bradshaw support you at all, now that he had some more clout?
Some people have reported that you were fired due to a drinking problem, is that true?
Thoughts on JBL's singles success
What do you miss most and least about being a full time wrestler
Best road story


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 52 mins

Roundtable w/ Roddy Piper & Ric Flair (Highspots 2009)


1) The camaraderie between these two lifelong friends is the true star of this DVD as they give their honest thoughts on a variety of topics. We specifically asked for brand new, never before told or published stories and both men delivered making this perhaps the most informative shoot interview of 2009 so far!


We talked extensively about WrestleMania 25 and the WWE Hall of Fame. Pros and cons of the selection process, should there be a specific criteria for being inducted? Are there people in the hall of fame who don't belong? Both men also talk about the honor of their own inductions with never before told insight. Both legends also discuss their involvement at the 25th anniversary of WrestleMania. Were they happy with the finish to the Legends vs. Jericho match? What was the atmosphere like backstage at one of the biggest shows in company history? What did they think of Mickey Rourke's involvement and was he respectful of the legends or not? This segued into both men weighing in on the Academy Award nominated film The Wrestler. What was missing in the film and what both men did and DIDN'T like about the movie. Piper and Flair also give their take on celebrity involvement in wrestling, from Mr. T through Mickey Rourke and even Snoop Dogg!


The state of the wrestling industry in 2009 is talked about at great length by two of wrestling's biggest drawing stars. Is it possible for a new, upstart promotion to compete with Vince? What about TNA or ROH? Hear Flair's thoughts on the ROH product as well as why Piper briefly went to TNA in between WWE stints. Does MMA stand a chance at overtaking wrestling completely? What does each man see as the main differences between the two products? What makes a money interview and what's missing from most TV interviews today? Both men talk about today's scripted, micromanaged form of TV interviews versus the more ad-lipped, spontaneous interviews of their day. Hear their honest compliments and criticisms of Vince McMahon.  They also go in depth talking about today's superstars versus the superstars of yesterday, WWE as a television show and a brand name versus the territory system and "old school" mentality of promoting shows-- and their opinions might surprise you! They talk extensively about the in-ring style of WWE today also and how to learn ring psychology and confidence in the ring.


Discs: 2                  Quality: 10             Duration: 4 hrs 34 mins

Rowdy Roddy Piper (RF 24-2-2003)


1) Shoot Interview with WWE Hall of Famer Roddy Piper. "Rowdy" Roddy Piper is an open book in talking about it all from the beginning of his career to the first Wrestlemania to WCW all the way up to his current run in WWE. Get ready to take a trip into the mind of "The Rowdy One" with this insane shoot! Topics include:

-Getting into the business
-Early matches
-Coming up with the name Roddy Piper
-Going to WWF?
-Memories of debuting as the manager for David Schultz
-Thoughts on the fact Vince wanted Roddy to be a manager
-Initial impressions of Vince McMahon
-Working against Andre
-Memories of starting Piper's Pit
-The famous Pit segment with Jimmy Snuka and their feud
-Working with Cyndi Lauper
-The "War to Settle the Score" on MTV
-Refusing to do jobs to Hogan
-Memories of the first Wrestlemania
-Thoughts on Vince putting everything on the line with Wrestlemania
-Working with Mr. T
-Crossing party lines to work for Don Owen right after the first Wrestlemania
-Thoughts on Saturday Night's Main Event
-Working with and against Paul Orndorrff
-Opinion on the fact that people always credit Vince & Hogan as the guys who made wrestling
-Drug problems in the WWF
-Talks about the secret workout prior to his boxing match with Mr. T and that everybody was nervous when the realized he had no boxing ability
-Refusing to lose to Mr. T at Wrestlemania 2
-Walking out in the middle of a hot run to renegotiate his contract
-Memories of wrestling Bruno
-The Piper's Pit vs. The Flower Shop and his feud with Adrian Adonis
-Feuding with Don Muraco & Bob Orton
-His decision to retire after Wrestlemania 3
-The Piper's Pit with Morton Downy Jr. at Wresltemania
-His match with Badness Brown where he painted himself half black
-Working as a commentator
-Ric Flair coming to WWF and their feud
-Memories of teaming with Hogan against Flair & Sid
-Putting Bret Hart over for the I-C Title
-His Wresltemania match with Goldust and getting injured
-Why he left WWF
-Going to WCW
-Beating Hogan at Starrcade 96 in a non title match
-Behind the scenes politics in WCW
-The NWO
-Eric Bischoff
-Discussions of working a program with Raven
-Getting injured in WCW and wrestling hurt
-Being fired without finishing the remaining dates on your contract
-His lawsuit against them for age discrimination
-Working for NWA TNA
-Returning to WWE at Wrestlemania 20
-Opinion on Dave Meltzer
-The tragic deaths of several of his friends in wrestling
-Leaving wrestling for the movies
-Changes in the business over the years
-All this and much, much more!!!


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 40 mins

Sabu (RF 2004)


1) Shoot Interview with Sabu.. He is the most homicidal, genocidal, suicidal death-defying maniac, Sabu. RF Video proudly presents one of the biggest shoot interviews of all time with Sabu. From growing up as the Shieks nephew, how he broke into the business through the Sheik, working different territories throughout the US and Canada. His early tours in Japan and FMW with the Sheik. His ECW debut, to all his major feuds and angles. Internal disputes with the office, problems with Taz, what happened when he quit ECW and how he ended up in WCW. Getting back into ECW, reason for quitting FMW going to New Japan. Going from New Japan to All Japan. Talks about WWF, WCW, XPW and TNA.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 53 mins

Sam Houston (RF 2009)


1) Shoot Interview with Sam Houston. Sam also talks all about his brother Jake. Are they close? Was there ever an attempt to use their relationship together in the WWF? Sam talks about Jake's psychology and where it comes from. Did his brother ever get him a break? What does he think of his brother today? What did he think of his brothers portrayal in Beyond the Mat?


Sam also addresses his demons and is very outspoken about his problems with alcohol. Does he think it is hereditary? How does his problems compare to his brother Jake's? Did it ever cost him a job? What happened when he received a 10-year jail sentence a few years back and how is he not in jail?.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 50 mins

Sandman (RF 19-11-2004)


1) Shoot Interview with The Sandman. Sandman talks about the independent scene, TNA and all the happenings in the wrestling business.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 40 mins

Sandman 2007 (RF 2007)


1) Shoot Interview with The Sandman. Sandman shoots on his time in WWE and the "new" ECW. He covered his entire WWE experience; from being contacted about appearing on the legendary One Night Stand PPV and it's follow up, being offered a full time contract to work in the ECW revamp, and everything up to and including his recent release. 
Sandman talks about when he was offered a full time job within the WWE circus and he gave us a first hand account of everything that went on behind the scenes. How was Paul Heyman dealing with the ECW that Vince McMahon wanted? What were the strengths and weaknesses of the new ECW? What does Sandman think of CM Punk, Mike Knox, Kelly Kelly, and the other new talents on the ECW roster? Why didn't Sandman want to work with Test? What was the experience like working the major PPVs and the top guys in WWE?


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 40 mins

Scott Hall (RF 2007)


1) Shoot Interview with HEY YO! the legendary WWF & WCW Superstar, known as Razor Ramon, the founding member of the NWO Scott Hall.


Scott Hall very candid thoughts on Ric Flair leaving WCW while he was holding the strap, and how The Nature Boy took that resentment to him to the WWF and how it almost came out in a booking meeting with Vince McMahon; the process of how Hall got into the WWF and how long it took; the initial meeting with Vince McMahon and how he sold Vince on his character while coming up with the name Razor Ramon (this includes a surreal moment when Hall went into character and it became immediately apparent as to how truly talented and charismatic this legend truly is); putting Sean Waltman over on Monday Night Raw, why the angle worked, and a match early in his career that inspired the angle; and the legendary WrestleMania X match with Shawn Michaels and some of his peers reactions.


We also were able to get Scott's side of a story told by Shane Douglas, in a previous shoot interview, about the heat between the two of them and what it stemmed from. Hall also gave his view of the infamous weekend the Clique allegedly went on strike and Vince McMahon came to a house show to calm down the locker room. You will hear the evolution of the Kliq and their issues with Chris Candido. Scott talked about what it was like to wrestle Bret Hart and gives his opinion on whether Bret is overrated or not. We found out Hall's side of the story on to why he did not want to work a program with Goldust and all the behind the scenes notes on how the negotiations went down with WCW and how Vince reacted to it. This led to the controversy behind Hall's suspension for failing a drug test towards the end of his WWF run and how he found about it. Hall's last house show matches before leaving to go to WCW and the most famous Nitro in wrestling history where he debuted, how it almost turned out different, and who's idea it was that would make or break the angle. The infamous Bash at the Beach and the politics behind Hogan going black and white. You will hear a first person account of the heat between the NWO and the Horsemen after the infamous Arn Anderson skit and the hypocrisy behind it.


Hall discussed his matches with Goldberg and gave some interesting comments rebutting claims Goldberg has made about Scott and Kevin Nash over the last few years while also giving a very interesting take to the age old question as to whether WCW used Bret Hart right or not. We got Hall's version of what happened between Jerry Saggs and himself that resulted in a lawsuit. Why was Hall originally fired by WCW and what were the politics behind it? Scott talks that and about leaving WCW for good and what he had planned at the time. The DVD covers the NWO return to the WWE, how it came about, and why he and Nash had reservations going into it. How WrestleMania changed around the day of the show and why he thinks that happened. The differences in how Vince used the NWO as compared to how they were used in WCW. Hall's matches with Steve Austin are covered along with some interesting insight. Hall describes the chemistry between he, Nash, and Hogan and Hogan's part in the NWO in the WWE. Why things didn't work out in the WWE and the final conversation he had with Jim Ross about his tenure in the company. Scott talked about his brief run with NWA TNA. Holding back nothing, Scott talked about his personal issues and how he feels about the fact they are so public. Scott got very emotional when speaking about the recent tragedy involving Chris, Daniel, and Nancy Benoit. Scott talked about the rumors behind the DX vs. NWO feud last year. His future and his current return in Puerto Rico. His future intentions and where he may pop up next. Throughout the interview Scott gets very detailed about match psychology, the theory behind doing jobs, good business and bad business, and the change in philosophy in wrestling today


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 55 mins

Scott Hall 'Controversy' (RF 2008)

1) Shoot Interview with Scott Hall. Scott hall is back and he lets loose on every subject we threw his way. Deftly going through his personal life and professional career, this exclusive shoot is a must see for every Scott Hall fan or for anyone who loves entertaining interviews. We threw out the format sheet and settled down for a long talk as Hall weaved us through his career and talked about his life like an open book. You'll get NWO stories, Kliq stories, the battles with personal demons, WWF, WCW, TNA, and more than you can imagine! You'll hear about Scott's high profile no-shows and how much money he has thrown away by not keeping his act together.

Bret Hart. Bill Goldberg. HBK. Triple H. Vince McMahon. Ric Flair. Verne Gagne. Steve Austin. The Rock. One name after another and Scott gives us his thoughts on each.  You'll hear about the personal highs and lows from one of wrestling's true straight shooters who has no problem holding up the intensive light to himself, letting the world see inside the damaged soul inside. This is one interview that will stay with you long after you watch it. There is only one Scott Hall; enigmatic, personable, troubled. This shoot will show you all the sides of one of the most complex people in the wrestling industry.
Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 53 mins


Scott Steiner (RF 2005)

1) Shoot Interview with 'Big Poppa Pump' Scott Steiner. The former WCW world heavyweight champion Scott Steiner, well known for controversial promos during Nitro's heyday, continued his tradition of "telling it like it is" A superstar in WCW, WWE, ECW, and even New Japan during the 1990s and 2000. Steiner been everywhere and has held every championship title in tag-team wrestling (multiple time WCW, WWE, IWGP winner) with his brother the dog faced gremlin Rick Steiner. The former all American has dealt with a lot of the politics in the wrestling business, including butting heads with the management of WCW while going into business for himself in two infamous shoot promos on Ric Flair and DDP Not too mention Scott's WWE run and matches with Triple H and his partnership and feud with Test. Now, for the first time, we sat big poppa pump down and got the low down on his entire glorious career. Who knew that the Pretty College boy from Michigan with the awesome mullet and slow brother would later become this generation's version of Superstar Billy Graham? Who could guess that the innovator of the Frankensteiner would become such a jacked up powerhouse? The whole career of Scott Steiner is gone over here, in depth, with the man with the largest arms in the world. While WCW was crumbling like Rome, Scott Steiner was their World champion� their very own FREAKZILLA! As all his hocohes say, theres nothing finer then Scott Steiner, but in this case, theres nothing finer then to hear Steiner shoot all over WCW, WWE and all the men who have influced and held him back in professional wrestling . During his career, he spent time and had main event programs in both the WWE and WCW. From working stiff, his injuries, his thoughts on the business today, ribs, road stories, TNA, Sting, Steiner lets it all hang out here. From the armchairs, to Missy Hyatts dog, to Antonio Inoki, Hulk Hogan, and Vince McMahon. Steiner shoots on them all.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 3 hrs 5 mins


Sean 'Syxxpac' Waltman (RF 20-10-2002)


1) Shoot Interview with Sean Waltman. Known as The 123 Kid, Syxx and Xpac, Sean Waltman during his original run in the WWE as the 1-2-3 Kid he became known as a member of the very political behind the scenes group called the "Kliq" with Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, & Shawn Michaels. While he was not in WCW when Hulk Hogan, Hall, & Nash formed the NWO, Syxx was always considered an original member. He returned to the WWE as X-Pac in Degeneration X and joined the group that changed the censorship rules in sports entertainment forever. Here is a list of some of the topics we discussed:

Discs: 2                  Quality: 10             Duration: 3 hrs 48 mins

Sgt Slaughter (2009)


1) Shoot interview with WWE Hall of Famer Sgt Slaughter. Sarge has left his blueprint on some of the greatest and infamous matches in history, which are all discussed including the Alley Fight vs Pat Patterson, the Boot Camp match vs The Iron Sheik, his feud with Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood in the Mid-Atlantic, his bloody and intense matchups with Wahoo McDaniel and of course the Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan in the WWE!

Slaughter shares his personal memories of the Iraqi sympathizer character he portrayed during his tenure as WWE World champion and the top heel of the promotion from 1990-1991--including death threats, memories of wrestling Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania VII and thereafter, and his personal memories of Jim Hellwig (aka Ultimate Warrior).


Listen to Sarge recount the entire ordeal of what happened backstage at MSG and how Warrior held up Vince McMahon for more money to work the SummerSlam "match made in hell!"  How much did Warrior demand?  And what was the reactions of Hulk Hogan and Vince McMahon!  This story is worth the price of the DVD alone!

And, if you're a fan of road stories and ribs this is the shoot interview for you!  Sarge opens up throughout this incredible interview memorable road stories that will have you glued to the tube.  Great road stories and ribs that were pulled are finally told, including Hacksaw Jim Duggan, The Iron Sheik and of course Andre The Giant.  And it does not stop there!


The Hall of Famer shares his encounters with U.S. Presidents, including Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon--as well as being a special guest of the White House.  Slaughter illustrates his memories so well you come away feeling as if you were there.

Get Sarge's take of the whole Montreal Screwjob in 1997 and what he witnessed first-hand afterwards in the lockeroom.  What did Sarge think of Bret punching Vince?  Did Bret have a valid point in striking him? Furthermore, Sarge's thoughts on the current crop of talent--including Randy Orton, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, John Cena, Chris Jericho, and The Undertaker.


Being the 'Commissioner', feud with Triple H & D Generation X, the Attitude Era, his WWE release in 2009 (as well as the early 1980s).

And, of course, G.I. Joe is discussed!  Why hasn't Sarge been included in the 25th anniversary of the G.I. Joe line? What does Sarge think of Roddy Piper having a figure made in the G.I. Joe series?  Also how did he get the deal originally over two decades ago?


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 46 mins

Shannon Moore (Highspots 2005)


1) Shoot Interview with Shannon Moore.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 50 mins


Shawn Michaels (RF 2000)


1) Shoot Interview with "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels. Shawn talks about how he started in the business, Texas All Star Wrestling, the AWA, Midnight Rockers, why he was fired from the WWF his first time there after only a few days, what led to The Rockers split, the "clique" and what "power" they had, Shane Douglas, Chris Candido, his first impressions of Vince McMahon, Sid Vicious, Cactus Jack,& more. He talks about how the business changed and how he helped move the WWF into their current direction. Shawn talks about his career ending injury and his final match at Wrestlemania with Steve Austin. Shawn Michaels gives his side to the whole Bret Hart story. Shawn takes you on a timeline of everything that went down between both of them. When the dissention started, how it was heated up, the "fight" in the locker room and why Shawn "quit" the WWF, what happened after Shawn defeated Bret for the title at Wrestlemania 12 and how the business changed while Bret was gone, and finally Montreal. Shawn gives his side of what happened leading up to the most controversial PPV ever, Survivors Series. Shawn also talks about the birth of D Generation X, his final match at WrestleMania 14 and his return to WWF TV.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 15 mins


Sherri Martel (RF 15/8/2004)


1) Shoot Interview with Sensational Sherri. She talks about before, during and after working in WWF then going to WCW. She emotionally discusses drugs in the business and how bad they affected her life and career. Listen to Sherri go in depth detail of everything she's seen and done over the years.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 20 mins

Sid Vicious (RF 2007)


1) Shoot Interview with Sid Vicious. Former WWF & WCW World Heavyweight Champion The Millennium Man, The Psycho One, The Man Who Rules The World Sid Vicious. Sid finally breaks his silence on what happened when he broke his leg in one of the most hideous looking accidents in WCW.  Sid's talks about his arrival into the heart of extreme ECW.  Sid went in-depth concerning his thoughts on everything ECW including, Paul Heyman, working with Bubba and the backstage environment.  We get the full answer on how Sid wound up back in WCW and whether or not there were any further issues with WCW agent Arn Anderson. All the dirt on the backstage drama in WCW and WWE including the alleged failed steroid test in 1992.
Sid talked about being teamed with Randy Savage and what it was like to work with Kevin Nash, Sting, Scott Hall, Chris Benoit, Terry Funk, Jeff Jarrett, Lex Luger and many, many more. Sid gives his thoughts on Vince Russo, the problems he had with working with guys such as Scott Steiner and Ultimate Warrior, putting over Chris Benoit the night before the Crippler quit WCW, why WCW went out of business, and why Sid never signed with TNA along with many other topics, Sid talks about the new Four Horseman DVD and you won't believe what he has to say on the comments made by Ric Flair


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hrs 36 mins

Slick (RF 2005)


1) Shoot Interview with Slick. The former WWF manager Slick manager of many of the 80s WWE's best tag teams (including the Twin Towers and Power and Glory), not to mention the 1987 Slammy Award winner for best personal hygiene, The self proclaimed "Doctor of Style" made a lasting impression on WWE fans with his jheri curl hair and slick (pun intended) dance moves, and we all remember when Slick helped Kamala the Ugandan Giant "become a man!" but now we will hear ALL the stories from one of the craziest eras in wrestling history. Listen to the man who helped the One Man Gang find his African Heritage and was "Classy" Freddie Blassie's handpicked protege. Slick went on and brought God into his life (before that was the in-thing to do in wrestling) and WWE made it part of his gimmick, remaking Reverend Slick during the early 90s. Have you ever seen a manager teach his wrestler bowling? Slick taught Kamala the finer points of hitting a 7-10 split back in 1991. Have you ever seen a man fall asleep during a shoot interview? You will here as Slick, dog tired after a full day of doing Lord knows what, actually fell asleep not once, but TWICE, during this shoot.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 45 mins

Snitsky (RF 2009)


1) Snitsky talks about getting that call to appear on RAW for the first-time. Who did he tell? Snitsky takes us through his entire first day at RAW. What were his initial impressions of Kane? Who worked with Snitsky early on? Who did he spend the most time with doing promos? What did he learn working every night with Kane and how did it impact him later on?


Snitsky talks about working with all of the WWE's top stars. Snitsky has opinions and thoughts on everyone from Triple H to Randy Orton. Snitsky has a great story about the first time he worked with John Cena on RAW. What wrestler consoled an upset Snitsky after Snitsky thought he was going to get fired? Why did he think he'd get fired? Who did he ride with? Along with the stories in the ring, come the fun travel stories outside of the ring.


Snitsky also answers some tough questions. What does he think of Internet writers that criticize his work? Does he read news sites? Snitsky addresses some recent rumors. Snitsky also gives some candid and controversial thoughts on the Chris Benoit tragedy. Snitsky was close to Chris, and gives an opinion that is bound to get you talking after you hear it. Like him or not, he is brutally honest when talking about this horrific traged


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 54 mins

Spike Dudley (RF 2005)


1) Shoot Interview with Spike. Spike Dudley is open and honest about both of his runs. Hear a true wrestling fan speak on the business as Spike holds nothing back. From ECW on TNN, to Smackdown on UPN, Spike has had a career which has seen him go all over the wrestling landscape of America. From coming into the WWE when ECW folded, 'til being released earlier this year during Black Wednesday. Little Spike Dudley has had quite the career and now shares his stories with everyone on this anticipated release. Experience the rise and fall of ECW firsthand with spike as he rode the roller coaster all the way to the end, then get trapped in the amusement of the WWE funhouse!


Discs: 2                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 28 mins

Stan Hansen (RF 2005)


1) Shoot interview with Stan Hansen. From breaking Bruno Sammartino’s neck to the shocking jump to All Japan, Hansen has been the focal point of some of the most historic moments in wrestling history. This interview is unique in that the articulate Hansens career covered many different eras and Hansen holds nothing back in telling all the stories and discussing everything. From WWWF to reaching God-like status in Japan to WCW, this shoot covers it all


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 3 mins

Steve Blackman (RF 2005)


1) Steve talks about lying his way into New Japan and a tour that would change his career. Who did he meet that changed his career on that tour and why? Who did he meet on that tour that tormented him and made his life miserable? What two wrestlers almost pushed him to the brink? Steve also talks about some great ribs played in Japan  and a hotel prank that almost got him thrown him in jail.


Steve talks about his days in Stampede with one of the most famous crews in wrestling. Steve tells some great Brian Pillman stories that have never been told before. Steve also talks about touring with Owen Hart, the Bulldogs, Pillman, and more. Steve recounts some great Owen Hart ribbing and how they all found out who the stooge of the company was? Steve also has some great Stu Hart stories.


Steve made a deal to start with the WWE in the late 1980s, early 1990s but never did start until 1997. What happened? Steve talks about almost dying and the longest plane trip of his life. Steve also talks about the pitfalls of trying to come back and the suicidal thoughts he had on the road to recovery.


Steve returned to the WWE locker room in 1997, but not to wrestle. Steve came looking for years of retribution. Remember the two guys who tormented Steve years ago in New Japan? Steve walked into a locker room in Hershey, PA and told his friends he was here for payback. Who was it? What happened when Steve finally confronted him? Why didn’t Steve take retribution in Japan? The story is a great one!


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 25 mins

Steve Williams (RF 2005)


1) No other interview goes into more detail on what the Japanese wrestling scene is like, particularly All Japan, than this shoot with Steve “Dr. Death” Williams. First, Williams goes into his famed wrestling and football career at the University of Oklahoma. How and why did Bill Watts get him into the business and why did Watts push him so quickly? Who taught Doc the tricks of the trade? Hear all about the rise of the legendary UWF with stories on The Freebirds and Ted Dibiase. What is the truth behind the elbow that caused him to get 100 stitches? You wont believe the details of the car accident he had with Rick Steiner and how they saved someones life. Williams covers the downfall of UWF and what it was like to go to the NWA as UWF champion and not have that used in a storyline. Next, Williams takes us to Japan to reveal how he started in New Japan and how he became the only man to ever work in New Japan and All Japan at the same time. What was Terry Gordys influence in all this? If you are a fan of All Japan this is the first interview to really talk about all their top stars like Jumbo Tsuruta, Kawada, Kobashi and Misawa. Williams matches against Kobashi in 1993 set new standards and youll hear all about it. What was All Japan like during its heyday? What is it like working the different American and Japanese styles? The interview then gets very controversial as Doc talks about the two times Gordy actually died in great detail. Williams recounts what it was like to return to NWA in 1989 just as the promotion was getting hot and how it was to work with The Steiner, The Firebirds, Kevin Sullivan and Mike Rotundo. You wont believe what he has to say about drug and alcohol use and about being sued in a maternity case as well as the outcome. This is unbelievable material. How crazy was UWF promoter Herb Abrams? What happened when All Japan recently broke up and Misawa left the company? What is it like now in Japan and what behind the scenes role does Williams play? Can a New Japan vs. All Japan feud work? You cant get a more in depth look at the Japanese wrestling scene than this informative shoot.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs

Stevie Ray (Highspots 2005)


1) Shoot Interview with Harlem Heat superstar Stevie Ray. Stevie Ray and his brother Booker T formed one of the most successful tag teams of the 1990's, Harlem Heat.

Stevie Ray discusses a variety of topics. Some of which include: his life before wrestling, sports, how and where he and his brother got started, his time in Global, getting picked up by WCW, working with many of the teams of the 90's, breaking up Harlem Heat, Big T& quot;, becoming a commentator, WWE, His brother as King Booker, and much more.

Stevie Ray is very honest in his personal and professional opinions on many of today and yesterdays superstars like, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Steve Austin, Ricky Steamboat and more.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 57 mins

'Sunny' Tammy Sytch (RF 2006)


1) Shoot Interview with Tammy Sytch. Tammy "Sunny" Sytch full disclosure on her 9 months relationship with Shawn Michaels. Tammy talks about how the relationship started, how the two traveled on the road - even rooming together - while keeping it a secret from EVERYONE but Vince McMahon. Tammy reveals every secret including a Jamaican vacation and how the two almost lived together. You will be amazed at this entire story and we can't even announce one of the more shocking elements of the entire story that is completely mind blowing. Of all the divas in wrestling, one star always shined brighter than all the rest. Tammy "Sunny" Sytch made national headlines when she was reported to be the most downloaded person of the year in 1996. The first true WWE Diva of the modern times, in 1996 thru 1999 there was not a more beautiful woman in the world of professional wrestling. From her Sunny Undercover segments on Shotgun Saturday Night, to managing LOD, the Bodydonnas, the Godwins, the Smoking Guns, and Farqooq, Sunny was the woman of the WWE. Later, she landed in both ECW and WCW, with her long term companion (and husband) the late, great Chris Candido. Then, the dark times. The stories, the rumors, the dirt sheets, the risque videos, the passing out.

Tammy finally talks about her past, present, and future in an enlightening and emotionally charged shoot interview. We cover every subject in Tammy's wrestling career and personal life. WrestlingVixxxens, the incident with Low Ki at USA Pro, the weight gain, Hardcore Homecoming and everything in between. Tammy discussed Chris Candido's passing and the plans the two had for the future in heartbreaking detail.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 52 mins

Tatanka (RF 2005)


1) Shoot Interview with Tatanka. Chris Chavis' Tatanka, an Indian warrior, was one character that stayed in fans' minds for a long time, all the way to a recent appearance on Monday Night Raw!
Who could forget Tatanka's fallaway slam finisher, bizarrely named "Papoose To Go" or his treacherous heel turn on Lex Luger to join the Million Dollar Corporation? Tatanka talks about his entire career, from the early indie days, to his World Wrestling Federation stay through today


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 25 mins

Taz (RF 1999)


1) Taz has been a mainstay of ECW since virtually the beginning of the promotion. Taz has been there through the ups & downs & has seen a lot of people come & go. Taz has always been very opinionated & is very much the same during this interview. Taz invited us into his very private Dojo. Some of the topics of discussion are the following: His in & out of the ring rivalry with Sabu, Erin OGrady, personal conflicts with Bam Bam Bigelow before Living Dangerously, his shooting background, his meeting with Eric Bischoff, Perry Saturn’s leaving & the similarities between his & Perry gimmicks, his fight with Green Day, conflicts with 911,working for SMW & Jim Cornette, Kevin Sullivan, his brief USWA stay, Stevie Richards “imitation” of Taz on Nitro, Sandman calling him a cancer & a ton more.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 40 mins

'Million Dollar Man' Ted Dibiase (RF 2000)


1) Shoot Interview with Ted DiBiase. The legendary Ted DiBiase is a true legend of professional wrestling. He has seen and done it all, and he will share his stories with you on this shoot interview. He talks about his early days in the Mid-South and Georgia territories. From the infamous piledriver angle with the Freebirds to his quest to be the NWA World Champion are just some of the items that are discussed. Find out all of the details on just what happened in the finals days of the demise of Georgia Championship Wrestling, to the reasons why he never beat Flair or Race for the NWA Title. He then talks about his days in the UWF and relationship with Bill Watts, Jim Ross and the other UWF superstars.

Find out about his switching companies to go to the WWF, and his relationship with Vince McMahon. Tons of stories about Hulk Hogan and just what it is like to be "The Million Dollar Man" are included. Ted also goes back to the days of the infamous WWF title change with Hogan and Andre, and the Hebner Brothers. What was it like to wrestle Hulk Hogan in Hulk's Madison Square Garden debut in 1979, and what was it like to be on top of the WWF for so many years? Well, here is your chance to find out! Also discussed is his final days in the WWF, his short managerial career in the WCW as a part of the N.W.O., and his days in All Japan when he teamed up with the legendary Stan Hansen. From the Junkyard Dog to Randy Savage, from Eric Bischoff to Jim Barnett, from Dusty Rhodes to Giant Baba, these stories are a who's who in professional wrestling


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 11 mins

'Million Dollar Man' Ted Dibiase part 2 (RF 2009)


1) Shoot Interview with Ted DiBiase. Ted also reflects on his career, his opponents, his greatest matches, his past territories, and traveling experiences. You will hear fresh stories from the Million Dollar Man and the man who almost became NWA and WWF champion. Ted holds nothing back when offering opinions on his peers including; Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, and more. Ted offers his opinions on why his great rival Randy Savage is not in the WWE Hall of Fame. Teds comments on Savage and Hart are comments that shouldn�t be missed by fans of their great era of wrestling.

Ted also takes us backstage at a SmackDown taping and brings us into the life of a creator and agent in the WWE. What is it like to work with wrestling's biggest stars at an office level? Is there a disconnect between Ted's generation and the new generation of WWE stars? How hard is it to see an idea come to fruition? What is it like to give direction to Randy Orton, the Rock, Steve Austin, Triple H, and Chris Jericho? Ted walks us through the process with some great anecdotes to boot.


This was truly one of the most informative interviews that RF Video has ever conducted. Our journey into the mind of one of wrestling's smartest men is both entertaining and enriching. From second generation to wrestler, to WrestleMania, to the office, to Christ, and to his son's corner, Ted tells it all in front of the RF Video cameras. In these dire economic times, there is one stock that can never count out in sports entertainment. That is the stock of Ted Dibiase, as RF Video is proud to present the second in our shoot interview series with the Million Dollar Man, Ted Dibiase.


Discs: 2                  Quality: 10             Duration: 3 hrs 20 mins

Terry Funk (RF 1998)


1) Shoot interview with WWE Hall of famer Terry Funk. He has been called the Texas Bronco, The King of the Death Matches, and a Hardcore Legend. He was Extreme before that term was even invented. He's tougher than shoe leather and he's middle aged and crazy. He's Terry Funk. Now it is your turn to know the complete life story of The Funker, firsthand. RF Video Inc. is proud to present the Terry Funk Shoot Interview, our jewel of the shoot interview series. Find out about Terry's days before wrestling in Amarillo. Also, find out about Terry's early days as a professional wrestler and what it was like growing up in the business with a legendary father and brother. Terry also talks about wrestling in Japan where he was a superstar. He talks about his days in All Japan during the late 70's and 80's, when wrestling was on fire. Hear his views, opinions and unique stories about Giant Baba, Jumbo Tsuruta, Bruiser Brody, Stan Hansen and Abdullah the Butcher that will leave you thoroughly entertained. He then talks about life in the WWF, NWA and in Hollywood during the 80's. How does he feel about Hogan? How does he feel about Flair? How Does he feel about Vince? It is all in here! Terry then talks about the dangerous and bizarre world of FMW and IWA, where you sometimes put your life in danger every time you step into the ring. He talks about wrestling Onita in an explosion match. He talks about the infamous IWA King of the Death Match Tournament. He then talks about Cactus Jack. Wrestling with and against Cactus in barbed wire,and about Cactus and the Hell in the Cell. All is discussed!


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 46 mins

Terry Funk 2002 (RF 2002)


1) Once again Funk proved that he is one of the greatest wrestling minds ever!!! Funk had a lot to talk about and in typical Terry Funk fashion he held nothing back. Funk is not only one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, but he is one of the greatest wrestling minds. Funk talks about many topics and gives some thoughtful insight to the business today. Hey, this is Terry Funk talking so you better pay attention!!!


-His health

-Why his tag team with Bradshaw didnt work out.

-Is he happy with how he left WWE for the final time?

-How did he leave things with Vince McMahon and Jim Ross?

-Funk discusses making contact with Paul Heyman and returning to ECW.

-Did Heyman make good on previous promises?

-Was ECW different when he returned?

-Funk goes into the angle he was doing with Tommy Dreamer.

-The changes ECW underwent when it went on TNN.

-Contacting hepatitis when in ECW.

-Was it serious?

-How did Heyman react?

-Where the any plans to work with Dusty Rhodes in ECW?

-Funk explains why the angle with Dreamer was never finished.

-Funk talks about his retirement match vs. Sabu in Canada in 1999.

-Why he returned.

-Teaming with his brother in FMW.

-The details on going to WCW.

-How did the younger WCW guys treat him?

-His impressions on Vince Russo.

-Funk compares the WCW and WWE locker rooms.

-Funk goes into the politics in WCW.

-He talks about the heat he had with Hulk Hogan. -Wrestling Bret Hart in his last WCW match.

-How did the concussion affect Bret in the ring?

-When did he realize things were out of control in WCW?

-Funk gives his thoughts on Bill Goldberg.

-What were Kevin Nash and Scott Hall like in and out of the ring?

-Funk talks about the promos Nash & Hall did about his age.

-Working Ric Flair again.

-Teaming with Paul Orndorff.

-Funk talks about the past heat with Flair.

-Did Funk lose his motivation in WCW?

-Does he regret working for WCW?

-He talks about Jim Ross comments about being under WWE contract when he went to WCW.

-Working Norman Smiley and Lance Storm.

-Why he left WCW and then returned.

-Thoughts on Eric Bischoff.

-The close of ECW.

-Returning to All Japan.

-Bringing back blood to All Japan in a match with Abdullah The Butcher.

-Funk talks about Misawa, Kobashi and others leaving All Japan to form NOAH.

-Thoughts on Howard Brodys attempt to bring back the NWA.

-Funk talks about the XFL.

-His thoughts on Beyond The Mat.

-The end of his run in WCW.

-Funk talks about WWE buying WCW.

-The differences in Japan between now and a decade ago.

-Can there be another national promotion?

-Thoughts on the return of Hogan, Hall & Nash to WWE.

-Where does Funk see the business in five years?

-Was Funk surprised Mick Foley walked away from his WWE contract?

-Going to New Japan and Big Japan.

-Funk talks about the XWF shows he wrestled Greg Valentine.

-Who does Funk see as the future stars in the business?

-Funk looks at the current WWE product.

-How would Funk run a promotion?

-His most memorable matches.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 28 mins

Terry Funk 2003 (RF 2003)


1) Terry Funk is open and honest as always in getting us up-to-date with his views and his career. You'll hear all about Funk's recent matches and the inside scoop on recent promotions he's worked in. Funk has a lot of interesting views to give on the current day wrestling industry. Funk is not just revered as one of the greatest wrestlers ever, but he is respected for having one of the best wrestling minds ever. When Funk gives his thoughts and opinions, there is always something to be learned. Here are just some of the subjects Funk talked about:

-Talks about why he hasn't retired

-How he physically feels

-Thoughts on the 4 way match last year against Abby, Dusty, & Sullivan

-Were there egos involved in the match with guys not wanting to put somebody else over

-How those guys have changed throughout the years

-Talks about the rumor that WWE was trying to get him to appear on Raw a few months back when the honored Mick Foley

-Would he ever go back to WWE

-Would he want to wrestle Foley again

-Thoughts on the current WWE product

-Talks about the McMahons being all over the TV

-Does he think Vince has lost touch with what the fans want to see


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 7 mins

Terry Gordy
(RF 2007)


1) Shoot interview with Terry Gordy.

Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 16 mins

Terry Taylor (RF 2-2-2001)


1) Shoot Interview with Terry Taylor. Taylor has been through it all not only as on air talent, but behind closed doors inside the WWF and WCW offices. Taylor takes you into the WWF and WCW offices and reveals inside information and stories. Hear about how he went from being touted as a future superstar to the Red Rooster gimmick. From Vince McMahon to the Von Erichs, you�ll hear all about it in this shoot.
Discs: 1                  Quality: 10            Duration: 2 hrs 15 mins

Timeline The History of WCW 1996 w/ Kevin Sullivan
(Kayfabe 2013)

1) Was he evil incarnate? The twisted leader of the Dungeon of Doom stable was busy on both sides of the camera in 1996 as some very familiar faces to WWE fans began popping up on WCW TV and were preparing a takeover of the company. This formation of the nWo would launch WCW over the top, as it would soon overtake WWE in the ratings.

Kevin Sullivan was booking the WCW, but it was getting really crowded in those decision making meetings. It seemed everyone had an opinion, and Hulk Hogan's creative control clause would lead to some of the oddest decisions in pro wrestling, as many in power could only sit back and watch.

Here comes Nash, Hall, Waltman and YOU! Join the Bookerman in 1996!

- Pillman's genius
- Dungeon of Doom
- Benoit and Woman
- Randy and Liz
- Going Hog Wild
- Building the nWo
- Courting Shawn
- Dealing with Hogan
Discs: 1                  Quality: 10            Duration: 2 hrs 11 mins

Timeline The History of WWF 1989 w/ Brutus Beefcake
(Kayfabe 2013)

1) We're still in the 80s and we're flying high! Hogan is still drawing his legion of fans and the WWE is running 2,3, and even 6 (yes SIX) shows in a day. Things are good and Hogan's best friend in the business would get his highest profile run, albeit in the form of a very odd gimmick.

Brutus Beefcake had become "The Barber" and was struttin' and cuttin' his way to headlining Summerslam with Hogan against Savage and Zeus. Yeah, remember him?!
Go back in time and relive yet another chapter in the ongoing history of the world's biggest federation, and fill in another year in the 80s on your Timeline shelf!

Rise of Ultimate Warrior...teaching Zeus...birth of 'The Barber'...the Pat Patterson flag...Tully and Arn...Scary Sherri...cutting hair...Dr Zahorian...Dusty Rhodes, Common MORE!!!
Discs: 1                  Quality: 10            Duration: 2 hrs 17 mins

Timeline The History of WWF 1994 w/ Sean ‘XPac’ Waltman
(Kayfabe 2013)

1) This Kid was ready to impress everyone on the biggest wrestling stage in the world, and also make some very powerful friends as well. It's 1994, the business is preparing to rebound in a couple of years, and the guys are jockeying for position for that ride.

Sean Waltman will take you back to that year in another edition of the Timeline series. Bret and Lex are vying for footing at the top, while Nash, Shawn, and Razor are ready to get the world's attention. This was such a critical time in the formation of the Kliq, and Waltman will show us how it happened.

Nash's breakout...Shawn and Scott's ladder match...Owen turns on Bret...Taker vs Taker...Make-a-Wish kids...Boris Malenko's passing...Injuries...Backlund does the job...Diesel becomes WWF Champion... Plus much MORE
Discs: 2                  Quality: 10            Duration: 3 hrs 16 mins

Timeline The History of WWF 1995 w/ Kevin Nash
(Kayfabe 2012)

1) The WWE would soon feel the explosion of what has come to be known as the second boom period. But in 1995, those benefits could not yet be reaped. Business was down, the B shows were cancelled. What could turn this around?

Vince hoped it would be a group of guys working at the top of his card… a group that became known as the clique. Kevin Nash will take us back to '95 when the kliq was formed, and he was given the strap. But was he REALLY Vince's "guy"? Join Kevin for a journey into this pivotal year as the clique solidified their stranglehold on the WWE.

Shawn Michaels' mouth… Bret… Diesel's run… formation of the kliq… Hunter arrives.. Nitro airs… Lex at the mall… ECW gets big… influencing Austin… Shane Douglas makes Dean… the clique calls a meeting with Vince… more and more!!

Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 16 mins

Tonga Kid (RF 2004)


1) the youngest guy to ever headline Madison Square and was involved in one of wrestling's all time greatest storylines with Rowdy Roddy Piper. Of course we are talking about Jimmy Snuka's nephew, the Tonga Kid!  Besides the connection with Superfly, the Tonga Kid is the legit real life brother of the Samoan Bulldozer Umaga and Rikishi. Talk about a world class pedigree!


Kid was one half of the tag team the Islanders with wresting powerhouse Haku and paid his dues by working all the greats in the southeastern territory, WWF, AWA, Mexico, World Class and WCW. We were able to get the definitive story on how and why Kid came into the WWF to take over for Jimmy Snuka during Superfly's red hot feud with Roddy Piper. Tonga also talked openly about the jealousy between Snuka and Hulk Hogan and told us exactly why he made his decision to leave the WWF for AWA. After a stint working up in Canada with the Road Warriors Tonga Kid found himself back in the WWF fold to team up with Haku. We got Kid to open up on why he went back to New York along with his thoughts on feelings on every big name at the time including the British Bulldogs, Strike Force, the Killer Bees, Bret Hart, Paul Orndorff, Ken Patera, Bob Orton and many, many more! Kid had some hilarious stories in particular concerning the Bulldogs as well and what they did to Matilda. And of course we weren't going to cover the WWF without getting Kid to open up about Vince McMahon himself.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 23 mins

Too Cold Scorpio (RF 17/10/2004)


1) Shoot interview with Too Cold Scorpio.                                                                              

Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 50 mins

Torrie Wilson (RF 2009)

Torrie was around all the big names and controversial events and was more than willing to share her thoughts on all of them. Vince Russo. Eric Bischoff. Hulk Hogan. Randy Savage. Scott Steiner. Kevin Nash. Ric Flair. David Flair. Eddie Guerrero. Shane Douglas. The names and stories come fast and furious. We asked Torrie about the rumors of Kimberley Page being jealous of other girls' success. Who helped her the most? What were the politics like? How hard was it being a women in such a testosterone filled workplace? How did her romance with Billy Kidman start? We also got Torrie's reactions to some of the crazy gimmick matches she was a part of, including being in a cage and on top of a scaffold.


Torrie talked about her transition to the WWE and what type of impressions all the Superstars made upon her. Trish Stratus. Vince McMahon. Stacy Kiebler. Tajiri. Dawn Marie. Al Snow. Kurt Angle. Nidia. The Undertaker. Jamie Noble. Sable. Billy Gunn. Triple H. Stephanie McMahon. Carlito. Every major angle and storyline is covered. We asked Torrie point blank about how her family felt about her being in Playboy as well as how it changed her life. Torrie was there to see the fight between Booker T and Batista and gave us her reaction. The shoot also became very emotional when the subject of Chris Benoit came up. This is one DVD where you'll get an interesting comparison between the workings of WCW and WWE from someone who was in both companies during some truly remarkable times.


As an exciting bonus, we've also included a mini edition of FACE OFF with Torrie Wilson and Dawn Marie! That's right, you'll also getting a bunch of behind the scene stories by two of wrestling's most well remembered females as they sat together and answered questions about their shared time in WWE. Their favorite angles. Their favorite matches. Their favorite Vince McMahon stories and much, much more


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 50 mins

Tito Santana (RF 2007)


1) Shoot Interview with Tito Santana. Tito discussed he went to New York and wrestled for the McMahons. Tito talked about his first match in Madison Square Garden against WWE Hall of Famer Baron Mike Scicluna as well as future matches teaming with Andre the Giant against the Valiants! All of us longtime WWE fans couldn't get enough as Tito told one great story after another involving all of WWE's biggest stars. Bruno Sammartino. Lou Albano. Jesse Ventura. Adrian Adonis. The Iron Sheik. Jimmy Snuka, Roddy Piper. Randy Savage. Kerry Von Erich. Junkyard Dog. Demolition. Jake Roberts. Ric Flair. Hulk Hogan. The list goes on and on and there is no stone unturned as Tito talked about everything from Dr. D David Schultz slapping 20/20's John Stossel to Mr. T's involvement at the first WrestleMania.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 58 mins

Tugboat (RF 2009)


1) US Steel. Tugboat. Typhoon. Shockmaster. The man has been known by many names, and all of them have made an impact one way or the other. A down to Earth, humble guy, Ottman talks about his entire career; from his buzz-worthy stint in Florida, to his top-of-the-card run in WWE, all the way to his epically disastrous appearance in WCW. No stone was left unturned as we asked every question possible to a man who has been in some of the biggest locker rooms in wrestling history.

Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 10 mins

Tully Blanchard (RF 2-11-1999)


1) Shoot Interview with Tully Blanchard. The original member of the 4 Horsemen Tully goes back to yesterday about the days when he was the man in charge of Southwest Wrestling, to stories about the Von Erichs in Texas, Bill Watts in the Mid-South and others. Hear about the true demise of his tag team partner Gino Hernandez and what he believes was the real cause of his death. Tully also goes back to his early days in the NWA, to the creation of the 4 Horsemen. Hear tons more stories about Flair, Dusty and the rest of the legends from the World-Wide era. Hear about the reasons why he left the NWA for the WWF and the reasons Vince let him go as well. Tully also dives into the darkside of the business with stories of his drug use, which led into his eventual change to the person he is today. Tully has a message for all, and whether you agree or not, you must respect his message because he has seen, done, and overcome all in the ring and out


Discs: 3                  Quality: 10             Duration: 9 hrs

Ultimate Insiders vol. 1 & 2 - Vince Russo & Ed Fuerrera
(PW Torch 2005)


1) Shoot Interview with Vince Russo & Ed Fuerrera.


Discs: 3                  Quality: 10             Duration: 9 hrs

Ultimate Insiders vol. 3 & 4 - The Hardys (PW Torch 2005)


1) Shoot Interview with The Hardys.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 10 mins

Ultimate Warrior (Ringside Collectables 2005)


1) Shoot Interview with The Ultimate Warrior.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 7 mins

Val Venis (RF 2009)


1) One of the best parts of the interview is Val talking about the creation of the character Val Venis. What were his initial reactions? How and who came up with, "Hello ladies?" Who called him with the idea? What kind of research did he do to prepare for the new gimmick? Did he think it would work?


Val also tells a great story about his first television appearance against Scorpio in the WWE. Val talks about the psychology behind the match. Val talks about why he thought it was different than most matches. Val is a student of the game and talks psychology quite a bit during the entire video. Val also talks about Jim Ross' reaction on commentary to the different psychology he used in his debut. How did the office react?


Val has some great stories about being in the ring with some of wrestling's biggest stars. Val talks about his matches with Steve Austin and the differences in wrestling Steve on television and at a house show. Val also talks about wrestling the Rock, including a great story about the night he ribbed the Rock in the ring and popped Pat Patterson.


Val talks about the many changes in his character in the WWE. Why did the WWE drop the porn star gimmick? Did he like it or did he favor the character? Val talks about the RTC and his thoughts on fellow RTC members. Val also has some great stories about his run as Eric Bischoff's Chief of Staff.


Val is very candid with his opinions throughout the interview. Which McMahon does he feel doesn't have the same passion for wrestling as the others? His thoughts on the Stephanie McMahon-Triple H romance including the love triangle involving Chyna. Does he think the Edge-Matt Hardy-Lita situation was a work? Val is most opinionated about the Chris Benoit tragedy. Val has very strong words for everyone involved and talks about Chris Benoit in a way never talked about in past RF Video shoot interviews.


Like most RF Video shoot interviews, you will hear a lot of ribs and road stories. Val recalls a classic Owen Hart rib and how he found out about the perpetrator years later. Val talks about an absolute classic rib Al Snow played on him that has to be heard to be believed. Val also recalls some of the classic Val Venis vignettes including being in bed with Jenna Jameson and the famous castration angle.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 58 mins

Vince Russo (RF 5-11-2003)

1) Shoot Interview with Vince Russo. Now Russo finally gives his side of the story and answers his critics. Why does he book the way he does? What was it like to work in WWE during its biggest success period? How was he involved in the downfall of WCW? He talks about all this plus gives the inside scoop on life in NWA TNA. Whether you love him or hate him, you'll know what goes on inside Vinnie Ru's head after this Shoot Interview. Here is a list of topics discussed: 

-His first contact with Vince McMahon
-His first job with WWE
-How he started as a writer for WWE
-What shows & parts he was initially writing for  
-Thoughts on Vince's work ethic
-How Bill Watts helped him
-Talks about the politics involved with writing wrestling
-Who was on the writing committee for Watts
-Talks about what WWE had to do to keep up with WCW
-Talks about his discussions with Vince concerning how to handle them
-Ideas he gave Vince to improve the product
-Talks about the Stone Cold gimmick for Austin
-How he came up with gimmicks for wrestlers
-What it was like working with The Rock
-His relationship with Mick Foley -How his relationship with the McMahon's changed over time
-Talks about a typical writers meeting in WWE
-Booking PPV's compared to TV
-Thoughts on the decision to start Smackdown
-Was he writing for both
-How much editing Vince McMahon did to his writing
-What Vince McMahon did to help his writing
-Why he left WWE
-Why Ed Ferrera left with him
-How he was contacted by WCW
-How he told McMahon he was leaving
-What he thought would happen to WWE when he left
-Was it hard making the transition from WWE to WCW
-Talks about the backstage politics in WCW
-His goals when he started there
-Talks about the Hogan-Sting angle
-The angle where Ed Ferrera was mocking Jim Ross
-Did he get any heat from the wrestlers in WCW for doing it
-What Russo thinks of Jim Cornette
-Thoughts on the internet
-Russo's reaction to people saying he killed the business
-Talks about where the David Flair-Stacy Keibler pregnancy angle was going
-Reason for the Goldberg heel turn
-Talks about the hair vs. hair match with Ric Flair
-Reason for putting the belt on David Arquette & who initially suggested the idea
-What other guys on the booking committee thought
-Russo's thoughts on whether it hurt the business or not
-Thoughts on the buyrates of WCW dropping
-Why Russo left WCW the first time
-Working with Eric Bischoff
-Talks about wanting to put the WCW Title on Tank Abbott
-How tough were standards and practices when he returned
-If he had any contact with Vince McMahon once WCW folded
-How he got involved with NWA TNA
-Initial impression of TNA  
-How his relationship changed with the Jarretts
-His reaction to Piper blaming him for Owen Hart's death
-Thoughts on Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Bill Bush, Sean Waltman, Sting, Triple H, Ric Flair, Raven, & others
-Would he ever return to WWE if Vince asked


Discs: 2                  Quality: 10             Duration: 3 hrs 10 mins

Vince Russo part 2 (RF 2012)

1) Shoot Interview with Vince Russo. There might never be a man as controversial as Vince Russo in the world of pro wrestling.  Some fans hate him so much that they chant his name to be fired at live TV tapings and PPV's.  This very same person was the head writer for TNA for over 5 years.  He was responsible for most of the major story lines that appeared on TNA TV and most TNA PPV'S as well.  This all came to a screaming hault in March of 2012 as Vince Russo left the company for many various reasons that he will discuss for the very first time ever.

Did Russo even care what the fans chanted?  You will find all of this out and more…What happened when he had to work with Hogan and Eric Bischoff again? What went on behind the scenes politically with them?  What was it like to work with Dixie Carter and is she being manipulated?  What was his real life relationship with Jeff Jarrett like?  Who's side was he on when the entire Kurt Angle and Jarrett drama unfolded?

Again we ask Vince about his writing philosophy for story lines and we really pick his brain on why he does things the way he does.  Vince for the first time ever addresses the fans directly and talks all about all of his criticism and I can tell you  that this part of the interview gets intense!!!  You will hear first hand on how he writes for TV and why he is all about ratings.

Topics Include -

-You left TNA the last time we talked and returned to do some angles with Raven, what brought you back
-How do you answer critics who said you used your religion to get yourself over as a babyface
-Is it hard to be a Christian and work in wrestling full time-What was it like working with Dusty Rhodes at the time
-Do you think Kevin Nash came in for the right reasons
-Do you think it hurt when he didn’t put over any of the X Division guys
-You left and came back again in 2006, how did that come about
-How do you think Scott D’Amore did as a booker
-Was there any resentment against you when you came back from Scott’s boys
-How do you think company morale was at the time
-Thoughts on working with Dutch Mantell
-How did you get along with Jim Cornette when you came back
-Thoughts on Jim
-How hands on was Dixie Carter in booking
-Thoughts on the Fire Russo chants
-Dixie did a shoot interview where she claims she told the other bookers that if the chants continued, they’d -be fired. Is that true?
-How involved was Bob Carter
-Who was behind the electrified cage match with Team LAX and Team 3D
-Dutch denies it was his idea, do you think differently
-How did you rise to become head of creative
-Did you get any pushback for bringing in Ed Ferrera
-Why do you think he left so fast
-Do you think expanding Impact was a good or bad thing
-Thoughts on working with Mick Foley
-What was your initial reaction when you heard Hogan and Bischoff were coming in
-Memories of your initial conversations with them
-Were they hard to work with
-Hulk was critical in interviews of your booking before he came in, were you aware of this
-Hulk said after coming in that he “loved you from a distance”, what do you think he meant by that
-Were you for the idea to go head to head on Monday nights
-Thoughts when TNA signed Ric Flair
-Flair has also been critical of you, how well did you guys work together
-Why do you think the angle with he and AJ didn’t work
-Were you surprised that the WWE brought Bret Hart back at the start of the Monday wars
-Why do you think you guys didn’t do so well on Monday nights
-Do you think Vince was scared of TNA going to Mondays
-You guys started using a lot of high priced veterans, was it hard to keep everyone happy
-Impact ratings started to decline under Hogan and Bischoff, do you think they should have been held more accountable
-What was the story behind the letter in which Jim Cornette threatened you
-Why has Samoa Joe been buried since his run as TNA champion
-What happened in Europe when Ric Flair refused to get on the bus
-Many fans say that TNA house shows are better than Impact, do you agree
-What is the biggest misconception about Dixie Carter
-Do you think Hogan and Bischoff are working her
-Some people think that Hogan and Bischoff will try and steal the time slot when it is up from Spike TV, what do you think
-How do you respond when people say you killed WCW
-Vince did ECW One Night Stand, do you think WCW One Night Stand could work
-Should Ric Flair be allowed to appear on TV at the WWE Hall of Fame
-Why was Kevin Nash allowed out of his contract to appear at the Rumble last year
-Is it true that you were counting on him to return in an angle
-What are some of the biggest regrets you have as a TNA booker? Angles you regret, pushes, matches, etc?
-Should Hulk continue wrestling?
-Do you think Bischoff is too dismissive of fans in the social media
-Do you think that TNA will end with Vince buying it
-Is it true that Dixie’s mother won’t let her spend any more money?
-Why do you think TNA pay per view buyrates haven’t increased
-Why do you think WWE buyrates have decreased
-How would you book the Cena vs. Rock angle
-Is Vince McMahon out of touch
-Do you think Stephanie and Triple H will succeed when Vince is gone
-Who is one guy in the WWE that you wish you could take to start a company with
-Was Mick Foley hard to work with last year
-Is it true that he tried to change the scripts around, specifically for the Knockouts
-Did you think Sting was going to go to the WWE last year and wrestle The Undertaker
-Do you think there is a crossover between MMA and pro wrestling
-Do you think pay per view is a dying market
-Do you think you have gotten a fair shake from the wrestling fans
-Is it hard not to jump online and start responding to criticism you believe is unfounded
-It-appears that TNA writers have more of a wrestling background than WWE writers, which do you think is better?
-Is it hard to create fresh ideas without taking a break as a wrestling writer/booker
-Did it bother you when you’d read interviews with TNA Talent where they’d criticize TNA
-You have said many times that your critics don’t have a clue of how it really works behind the scenes. Can you expand on that for the fans that say you are a terrible wrestling booker?
-Why did you eventually leave TNA
-Do you think you’ll be back
-Do you want to continue working in pro wrestling
-Thoughts on Bruce Pritchard and David Lagana coming in
-How close do you think Paul Heyman was to coming to TNA
-Thoughts on doing the ECW angle in TNA
-Why didn’t Bobby Roode go over at Bound for Glory
-Why do you think TNA hasn’t been able to take away some of the WWE fans
-Where do you see the business going?
-Do you think the UFC leaving Spike was a good or bad thing for TNA
-Will TNA still be around in 2017?
-Have you seen anything in the WWE lately or the last few years that made you scratch your head?

-Could you see yourself working in the WWE again?
Discs: 1                  Quality: 10            Duration: 1 hr 46 mins

Vince Russo - Guest Booker ‘Rebooking the WCW Invasion’ (Kayfabe 2013)

1) Vince Russo re books the WCW Invasion angle of WWF back in 2001. Vince Russo was already gone when the WWE completed its purchase of WCW and planned to integrate the talent and history of the WCW and NWA. Many feel WWE dropped the ball on this opportunity. What would Russo have done?

The most controversial figure in pro wrestling in the last 15 years was not know for being in the ring or on camera. Russo was a writer and his decisions spared passionate debate, wild ratings points, and hatred. Well now, we profile the creative mind of the most polarizing off-camera wrestling figure ever. This dvd brings his philosophies and techniques to the WCW Invasion angle. For the first time, watch Vince Russo book a week to week story of WCW entering WWF television. Russo only uses 3 major players to begin the angle. Scott Hall, Kevin Nash & Hulk Hogan explode onto Monday Night RAW and see how Russo puts together a story only Vince McMahon wishes he would of thought of during this period. This is a very important edition of Guest Booker as Russo gets challenged on every decision he makes. As Vince Russo would say ‘We have 52 weeks’.
Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 35 mins

Virgil (RF 2009)


1) Shoot Interview with Virgil. Virgil takes us through the entire process of signing his WWE contract.

Virgil then goes into great detail about how he got his gimmick. Who came up with his character? Was it really a rib on Dusty Rhodes? What were his first impressions of Ted DiBiase? How involved was Vince with the gimmick? How involved was Hulk Hogan with his gimmick? Virgil also recounts some great stories filming the Million Dollar Man vignettes.


Virgil goes to great length recounting his days with the Million Dollar Man. Virgil talks about working with all of the legends including Hogan, Randy Savage, Jake Roberts, and the Ultimate Warrior. How crazy did the fans get during these angles? What was it like traveling with Andre the Giant? Were the boys jealous of all of the Million Dollar Man perks?


Virgil is a rare wrestler who as a part of two of wrestling's most famous angles. Virgil recounts his days in the NWO. Who gave him the names Vincent and Shane? Were they ribs on the McMahons? How did the McMahons react? Did he like Hall and Nash? How different was Hogan in WCW? How was Eric Bischoff different from Vince McMahon? How frustrating was it to see the NWO continue to add members?


Virgil is also quite candid about the downslide of his career. How did WCW politics impact his career there? What was it like going from the top angle to jobbing on WCW Saturday Night? Was WCW mismanaged? What led to his leaving WCW? Virgil gives you both sides of WCW from the top of the cards to the bottom.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 7 mins

Wendi Richter (Wrestle Reunion 2005)


1) Shoot Interview with former WWF Womens Champion Wendi Richter.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 20 mins

William Regal (2009)


1) Shoot interview with Lord Steven Regal aka William Regal.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr

Zach Gowen (RF 2005)


1) Shoot Interview with Zach Gowen.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 39 mins

Zeus (2009)


1) Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister, who fans remember him best as Zeus in the WWE and Z-Gangster in WCW, also filmed with PWD an unpredictable, spontaneous, and honest shoot interview that leaves nothing out!  Wrestling, Movies, Sports, Death and Religion are all discussed.  No boundaries in this shoot, as Zeus says himself. It's Truly a NO HOLDS BARRED SHOOT!