The Edge DVD List


Shoots A - K



Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 58 mins

A Few Tales w/ Terry Funk & Harley Race (RF 2005)


1) Q&A session with Terry Funk & Harley Race.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs

Ahmed Johnson (RF 2006)


1) Shoot Interview with former WWF Superstar Ahmed Johnson.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 3 hrs 38 mins

Al Snow (RF 21-3-1998)


1) Shoot Interview with Al Snow. Discussed is his NWA tryout with The Andersons, his memorable Michigan matches vs. Sabu, his early ECW stay & why it ended, SMW, his WCW tryout, Al's early dealings with Vince & WWF, his Avatar gimmick, his days as a Rocker with Marty Jannetty, trying to get a meeting with Vince, his conflicts with the bookers including a great story about Jake Roberts, also how he came up with the Head gimmick.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 26 mins

Arn Anderson (RF 2000)


1) Arn is one of the most respected wrestlers in and out of the ring. He has wrestled everywhere and almost everyone and now he tells all about his entire career in NWA, WWF & WCW and his days as a 4 Horsemen.

Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 40 mins

Bad News Brown (RF 2005) *****


1) Shoot Interview with Bad News Allen. Bad News has some of the best road stories of all time and we never even heard them from anyone before. If your a fan of New Japan, you will love this as Bad News was there with all the top dogs and the behind the scene stories of Abby, Brody, Hansen, and Tiger Jet Singh are all amazing. Find out how he almost got into a fist fight with Andre the Giant on a bus and why Hulk Hogan ducked thinking a gun was involved. Why Bob Orton left Japan after the Yakuza legit wanted to kill him.... You will hear so many classic stories from Calgary Stampede with Dynamite Kid, Davey Boy and Bret Hart. Finally after three shoot interviews with Bret Hart talking bad about Bad News, we now have the response from Bad News about Bret Hart. Bad News talks about why they never got along and it is a great story. Why did Andre the Giant take a crap on him in Mexico?

The WWF stories are a must see as Bad News has seen it all in the locker room and held nothing back.. Why him and Roddy Piper had legit heat and why his program was so short....What happened with his meeting with Vince and how Bad News did not back down. His first hand account of the fight with Dynamite and Jacques. What happened when Randy Savage stiffed him in a match....What happened in Florida when Bad News confronted a green Lex Luger.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 35 mins


Balls Mahoney (RF 2009)


1) Shoot interview with Balls Mahoney. How did one of the least political wrestlers in ECW make it to the WWE? Balls talks about he and Axl Rotten's tryout, including the night Axl cracked. Balls also talks about the rocky transition from ECW's locker room to the WWE's locker room. Who tested him in the WWE locker room? What had changed since his last run in the WWE?  Did his past relationship with Paul Heyman help or hurt him in the WWE? Balls also compares politics in the WWE and ECW.


Balls is not shy about his experiences in the WWE. Balls tells a great story about the night he threatened to knock out John Cena. Did he act differently in the locker room? What was it like initially working with the WWE crew during the One Night Stand build? Balls also has great stories about being in the ring and working with the Undertaker, Kevin Thorn, and Bob Holly. Was there really anything going on between Balls and Kelly Kelly?


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 18 mins


Bam Bam Bigelow (RF 14-4-1998)


1) Bam Bam has competed in main events in virtually every major promotion all over the world. Some of the promotions are ECW, WWF, WCW, NJPW, FMW, All-Japan, USWA, CWF, UWF, WAR, UWA & a ton more. This was done a few weeks after the confrontation with Scott Hall in Florida & he is very open about it & his opinions on Hall. Topics discussed are - his famous match with LT, his shoot with Andre The Giant, tagging with Hogan, working for Dusty ,problems with the Clique & the night they wanted to jump him, ECW, Taz, Larry Sharpe, Lawler, Luna, problems with Vader,& a ton more.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs


Barry Darsow (RF 2007)


1) Barry Darsow who was formally Repo Man and Demolition Smash.  How did he end up going to the WWF and becoming one of the greatest tag teams of all time Demolition.  What were his initial thought on Vince and teaming up with Axe?  He talks about all of his infamous tag matches with Hart Foundation, Bulldogs, Powers of Pain, Tully and Arn, Rockers and of course the Road Warriors. Tully Blanchard gets some heat and you will find out why he had a problem with Tully.  Find out about the problems they might have had with LOD. He talks in great detail why the team broke up and how he became the Repo Man in the WWF. Why did he leave the WWF and go back to WCW and how did Arn Anderson help him land a job as Blacktop Bully.  He talked about why he got fired after his truck blood bath match with Dustin and why he was brought back.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 35 mins


Barry Windham (RF 2009)


1) Shoot interview with Barry Windham. Barry has joined the WWE as a producer/road agent in recent times. Barry brings us backstage into the inner workings of today's WWE. Barry compares the psychology and intangibles of today's wrestlers to his peers. Barry openly comments on several of the WWE's current superstars. How has Barry's relationship with Vince McMahon changed over the years? All of this and more is answered by the former NWA world champion.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 3 hrs 52 mins

Behind Closed Doors - Terry Funk & Shane Douglas (RF 2005)

1) Shoot Interview with Terry Funk & Shane Douglas the night before the Hardcore Homecoming show at the ECW arena.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs

Bill Apter  (Highspots, 2004)

1) Shoot Interview with wrestling journalist Bill Apter  Talks about his time in the wrestling industry from the 1970s till present.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 46 mins


Superstar Billy Graham (RF 2007)


1) Shoot Interview with Billy Graham let it all out in a gripping interview that will have old school wrestling fans fondly remembering how good a talker "The Superstar" was during his heyday as he still has the magic in his story telling ability.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 26 mins


Billy Gunn (RF 15-4-2005)


1) Shoot interview with Billy Gunn. He was the one man who played a huge part in turning around the WWE ratings in the Monday night wars. He was a huge part in one of the most successful WWE gimmicks of all time Degeneration X. He was also a huge WWE player as one of the top dogs. He rolled with the top players and you will not believe what he has to say about Shawn Michaels and HHH

Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 3 hrs 10 mins


Billy Jack Haynes (RF 3-6-2006) *****

1) Shoot Interview with Billy Jack Haynes. Billy Jack Haynes shoot is possibly the most brutal and jaw-dropping shoot in our illustrious shoot interview history. Billy talks about every facet of his WWF career, including his infamous WrestleMania III match with Hercules Hernandez and why it was so stiff.

Billy Jack talked about steroids, the grind on the road, and Hulk Hogan without holding anything back! WWF 80s fans, relive the night when Billy Jack went to his car at a WWF house show with the intention of shooting Vince McMahon.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 37 mins


Billy Jack Haynes - Conspiracy Theory (RF 2009)

1) Shoot Interview with Billy Jack Haynes. Billy addresses controversies, urban legends, and rumors without provocation.

Billy offers his opinions about many of the deaths in wrestling over the last two decades. Billy has some interesting theories behind all of them due to his personal relationship with these late greats and the people around them. Billy has thoughts on the passing of Rick Rude, Hercules Hernandez, Bossman, Eddy Guerrero, Curt Henning, JYD, Sherri Martel, Crash Holly, Sherri Martel, Adrian Adonis, Big John Stuff, Elizabeth, Dino Bravo, Owen Hart, Chris Benoit, Nancy Sullivan, Davey Boy Smith, Hawk, Brian Pillman, Test and a few other legends. He also RIPS into Vince McMahon and WWE.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs


Bob Holly (RF 2009)

1) Shoot Interview with Bob Holly. Holly discusses his career in the WWF from Spark Plug to the Attitude Era. Also learn how he became one of the enforcers in the WWE locker room.  A good solid interview reliving career highlights including Tough Enough, Hardcore matches, Crash Holly, Chris Benoit tragedy and his heat with Rene Dupree and Mr Kennedy.

Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs


Bob Orton (RF 2004)


1) Cowboy Bob Orton opened up about his entire career. From growing up the son of a wrestler to being one of WWF top stars during the wrestling boom to working everywhere from AWA to Alabama to NWA to Japan to WCW to watching his own son become a wrestler, Orton has been through it all. He discusses everything right here in this open and honest shoot.
Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 10 min

Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan (RF 29-9-2001) ***

1) Bobby "The Brain" Heenan is one of the funniest shoots you'll ever see, but it is extremely honest and informative. We all know Heenan's accomplishments from his early days in the AWA to being the top manager during the 80s in WWF to being a WCW announcer. Heenan gives all the dirt and his honest opinions of everything in the wrestling business.
Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 20 mins


Bret 'Hitman' Hart vol. 1 (RF 2000) *****


1) Shoot Interview with WWE Hall Of Famer Bret Hart. The Hart Family house is where this amazing shoot interview took place. Bret talks about his entire career starting with growing up in the Hart Family, his early days in Stampede Wrestling, and his actual first break as he worked for the Funks in Texas. What was it like growing up in a wrestling family with his brothers and his father? Bret has great stories about all of this, including all of The Dungeon stories with his father, and who he actually stretched down there. Bret then shifted to more Stampede stories with Dynamite Kid and Davey Boy Smith and his brothers. During that time, Bret also traveled to New Japan where Satoru Sayama (Tiger Mask), Dynamite, and himself revolutionized the junior heavyweight style as we know it.

Find out then how Vince McMahon bought the Stampede territory and how it led to its demise. This led to Bret and The Bulldogs going to the WWF. Incredible stories about the WWF are told including the early days of Wrestlemania, The Hart Foundation vs. British Bulldogs legendary feud, and Hulkamania. Find out the reasons why Bret went solo to having a singles career and what it was like to be pushed as a world champ.

This shoot interview gets real interesting as the topics get switched to Shawn Michaels and the Clique. Find out all of the differences between Bret and Shawn and all the incidents that led to the big confrontation in Hartford. If things weren't hot enough, it got more intense as things that led to the final match in Montreal were just amazing. Was it a shoot? What exactly happened in the Montreal match? And how did it feel confronting Vince after that infamous night? It is all in there. Bret actually responds to the Shawn Michaels Shoot Interview that he watched, as he disagrees with much of the commentary. From Jim Neidhart to Stu Hart, from the "Sunny Days" comment to life in WCW it is all answered. Also learn about all of the happenings with his contract negotiations with Vince and the WWF, drugs in the business, and the tragic death of his brother Owen. Please note the interview contains 10 min. of audio and video problems


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 33 mins


Bret 'Hitman' Hart vol. 2 (RF 29-4-2001)


1) Bret Hart was the most personal and poignant shoot interview ever. He picks up where he left off and talks about his experience in WCW. What does Bret think of the career ending injury he suffered at the hands of Bill Goldberg? What is his opinion of Goldberg now? The Hitman explains why he wasn't given a fair shake to be a main event star in WCW. He tells what Eric Bischoff wanted to do with his character and why he wouldn't do it. He then reveals everything about how Hulk Hogan and Bischoff worked together to maintain power in WCW. What did he think of the legendary Owen Hart tribute match he had against Chris Benoit in Kansas City? You will hear everything about Brets WCW career right through the final stuff he did with Lance Storm. You will be shocked when he recounts his meeting with Vince McMahon at Owens funeral and what security measures McMahon took. Bret tells all the circumstances that broke up the Hart family. There is no way you wont be saddened by how Bret envisioned his future with Owen. This is as moving and dramatic as any interview you will ever witness. Bret goes into great detail on all these topics.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 2 mins


Behind Closed Doors - Bret 'Hitman' Hart (RF 2005)

1) The best there is, the best there was and the best that there ever will be. A true Canadian icon. A man who helped usher in the age of Attitude and made Steve Austin truly Stone Cold. A beloved face, a hated heel, multi time world champion in WWE, WCW, US Champion, IC Champion, Tag Team Champion in both leagues, simply one of the most decorated champions in the history of the business.

We all know what happened in 1997, but no matter what happened in Montreal, this man will always be known as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of the century. A wrestling machine, and a genius of psychology with a masters degree inside the squared circle Brets two hour no-holds-barred discourse on wrestling. Yes, you will hear Bret unleash his true thoughts on such WWE superstars as HBK, Triple H, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, and even WWE owner Vince McMahon. Certainly you will be glued to your seats when Bret talks about the Hulksters comment of Hart 'not being one of the boys' after refusing to put over Shawn Michaels, as this is a side of the Hitman most wrestling fans have never seen. But the focus of this DVD is Brets insights on what it takes to succeed in the wrestling business today.

Discs: 2                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 56 mins


Bret Hart - 1PW Fanslam Q&A NO Turning Back (RF 2005)


1) No Turning Back FanSlam featuring Up Close with Bret Hart. Awesome 2 disc set featuring the entire No Turning back Fan Slam Interactive Event, plus the Up Close with Bret Hart Q & A event.
Fan Slam includes two hours of Q & A panels with all the top stars from 1PW including Samoa Joe, Al Snow, Blue Meanie, AJ Styles, Charlie Haas, Low Ki , Homicide, Chris Daniels and more ... plus two exciting FanSlam matches ... Also features the entire 1 hr 8 min Q & A session with BRET HART featuring:


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 52 mins

Brian Blair (RF 2009)

1) Brian also goes in depth about this rivalry he has with the Sheik. Brian does not like the Sheik one bit and never has. Brian will tell you why he absolutely hates the Iron Sheik.

Brian also has some great stories about some road and backstage incidents from his many years in the wrestling business. Brian has an amazing story about what happened when a fight broke out between Tony Atlas and Paul Orndorff in the car. What did he do as the driver? What happened when one wrestler almost shot another with a gun? Brian gives his take on a story Dan Spivey told us about a Spivey fight with Adrian Adonis in the locker room.

Brian also talks about life on the road as a WWF superstar in the Hogan-era. What was Hogan like in the locker room? What is the real story on the partying and drug lifestyle on the road during that time period? How did Brian get caught up in having heat with the office? What promises made to Brian were broke by Vince McMahon? Brian also some great stories about the teams the Killer Bees wrestled and more.

Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 2 mins


Brian Christopher (RF 2005)


1) He grew up in the shadow of his father, Jerry Lawler, before moving on to become Grandmaster Sexay in the WWF. Christopher speaks openly about everything from Memphis to his father to being half of Too Cool to being fired from WWF. Christopher delivers an entertaining and enlightening shoot

Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs

Bruno Sammartino (RF 2007)


1) Bruno Sammartino the former WWWF World Champion talked about topics today that he never talked about before and really opened up.  Bruno pulls no punches when he talks about Vince, Hogan and Ric Flair.  In fact he goes off on all of them for various reasons thru out our interview.  Wait until you hear how he reacted to Ric Flairs statements about himself and what he says about the Nature Boy.  He talks about how Hogan was scared to work him and no showed their match one night.  He has alot more to say about the Hogan but you need to see it for yourself.  Bruno talks about his relationship with the McMahons over the years and how he had a falling out with Vince Jr.  He talked about his secret meetings about getting into the Hall of Fame and why it never happened.  ******************************************************************************

Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 18 mins


Brutus 'The Barber' Beefcake (RF 2000)


1) Brutus Beefcake Brutus talks about how he got started in the wrestling business in the Tampa area along with his childhood friend Hulk Hogan. Find out how Brutus then got his job with the WWF and how the Brutus Beefcake character developed. Relive stories about the unbelievable road schedule that the WWF wrestlers had to endure plus Brutus tagging up with Greg Valentine to form the Dream Team. Hear all the stories about their WWF tag team victories and their legendary feud with the British Bulldogs. Find out also about the transformation of the Beefcake character to Brutus the Barber. Did he like the new character and how was his relationship with Vince McMahon? Also find out exactly what happened with his departure from the WWF and his new role as Hulk Hogans ally in WCW. Hear great stories about life in WCW and exactly how different it was compared to the WWF. Find out about his relationship with Eric Bischoff and did he enjoy his new role in the NWO.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 30 mins


Bryan Clark (RF 2009)


1) Bryan Clark known as Adam Bomb, Wrath or a member of Kronik during his wrestling career. Discusses his career in Smokey Mountain Wrestling, WWF and WCW. He talks about his feelings for Vince McMahon, The Kliq, Bam Bam Bigelow, Kevin Sullivan and his dear friend Bryan Adams.

Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 40 mins


Buff Bagwell (RF 2001)


1) Buff Bagwell who was a big part of WCW in the Monday Night war as apart of New World Order. Buff discusses his entire career.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 40 mins


Bushwackers (RF 2001)


1) Luke and Butch the Bushwackers discuss their career in New Zealand, Europe, NWA and WWF.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration:


Capt. Lou Albano (RF)


1) WWE Hall of Famer Lou Albano discusses his historic career. From the days in the WWWF to WrestleMania 1.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 33 mins


Charlie Hass (RF 26-7-2005)


1) Shoot Interview with Charlie Hass. Charlie Haas, one half of the self proclaimed Worlds Greatest Tag Team talked all about his start in JAPW, ECWA, CZW, OVW, HWA and Memphis before he and his brother got hired into the WWE. We talked about his brothers death and how it touched his life. You will hear about his personal struggles to make it to the top and become a WWE superstar and tag champion. We talk in detail about his backstage fight with Eddy Guerrero. You will hear all about why Charlie thinks the WWE is not doing good now. This is a great interview for a lot of current WWE You will hear how he got fired as well. Charlie talks about working with Kurt Angel, Chris Benoit, Edge, Rhino, Shelton Benjamin and all of the other WWE superstars.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 38 mins


Chris Benoit (Hand Held, 1/8/1995)


1) Shoot Interview with Chris Benoit. Hand Held interview during Chris Benoits day in ECW 1995.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 3 hrs 22 min


Christian Cage (ROH 2006)


1) Shoot Interview with Christian Cage. Christian talks about growing up with the man now known as Edge and their passion for wrestling at a young age. You'll hear all about his training, how he broke into the business and signing with WWE. What did the WWE office first think of Christian?

Christian goes into great detail on his entire WWE career. He talks all about first signing with WWE and his first major angles in the company. From winning the light heavyweight title on his first night to forming The Brood to his first matches against The Hardy Boyz, Christian is an open book in this shoot. Christian discusses his famous TLC matches and what the agents thought of them. What role did Michael Hayes play in them? What did the locker room think of the matches? How much of a toll did they take?

From there Christian talks about his famous catch phrases and comedy with Edge. What did he think about going into singles action? Where did his famous catch phrases come from?

Christian then goes into his painful injury and missing time before returning as "Captain Charisma." He gives all the inside scoops on his last run in WWE. Christian answers all the questions you want to know from feuding with John Cena to moving to Smackdown to a complete rundown on why he left WWE. Christian confirms and puts to rest rumors and internet reports right here. He also gives his thoughts on the reaction of the fans towards him and if WWE should have pushed him more.

Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 27 mins


Christy Hemme (Highspots 2006)


1) Shoot Interview with the 1st WWE Diva Search winner, Playboy cover model, and TNA Knockout, Christy Hemme. Christy talks about her journey in the WWE Diva Search competition and winning Season One. Hemme gives her thoughts on the WWE Locker room in and out of the ring.  Also learn how Hemme got to do Playboy, how the other diva reacted, also the party & drug scene was like in WWE during this time. Hemme also reveals any truth to the rumor that she was flirting with Triple H at a bar in Japan. Costing Hemme, her WWE job when Stephanie McMahon found out. Also Hemme talks about TNA Wrestling, Jeff Jarrett , The Carter family and her future in the business.

Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 40 mins


'Chyna' Joanie Laurer (RF 2007)


1) Shoot Interview with Chyna. Chyna finally sets the record straight on all the hot topics on her entire career that included: being trained by Killer Kowalski, her ultra popular WWE run, Playboy photo shoot, the tumultuous relationship with Sean Waltman, VH1's Surreal Life, , and much, much more! This is one interview that will tear at your heart strings as Joanie emotionally describes for us in great detail about what it is like being one of the most recognizable women in wrestling history.

What makes this shoot stand out is the incredible amount of detail Chyna went into concerning her relationship with Triple H. If you thought that Matt Hardy put all the cards on the table in his great shoot with us, then you won't believe how much information Joanie gives. Telling never-before-heard-stories, Chyna talked about how she found out HHH was cheating on her and the immediate confrontation with Vince McMahon himself.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 26 mins


Cryme Tyme (RF 2007)

1) Shoot Interview with Cryme Tyme. WWE as the tag team Cryme Tyme and were introduced through a series of notorious skits that were the talk of the wrestling world. Both Shad and JTG were completely open on what they thought about their characters, their skits, and their tumultuous time in New York that ended after a bizarre in-ring incident with Cade and Murdoch.

 Shad and JTG also gave us their thoughts on all the big names in WWE including John Cena, Triple H, Ric Flair, Batista, and even the Spirit Squad. What did the wrestlers backstage think of their gimmick? How approachable was Vince McMahon? What really went down in the match between them, Murdoch, and Cade, and what was the reaction in the back?

Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs


Dr. David Shultz (RF 2007)


1) Shoot Interview with David Shultz is one of the toughest and most feared pro wrestlers alive. Nearly 22 years ago on ABC's 20/20, Dr. D David Shultz slapped, news reporter John Stossel twice in the face. Dr. D would get fired for that incident only a few weeks later from Vince. Basically, if you have not seen the footage, John Stossel told Dr D that he thought the business was fake. Back in the 80's protecting wrestling was a huge among the wrestlers. The puff piece that Stossel was working on that night was exposing the business. You will hear everything leading up to that incident and what really happened backstage after the slap heard around the world. There are so many details of what happened to him after he got to the hotel that night. Why was he sent to Japan? What did other wrestlers say to him after he did this? Did he get sued? Dr. D was one of the first three men ever to come into the WWF when Vince started to take over all of the territories with Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff. Straight from one of the hottest feuds in the AWA with Hulk Hogan, David Shultz was one of the biggest heels in the WWF in the early 80's. He has worked all over the world for Portland, Memphis, Florida's Southeastern, Stu Hart's Calgary Stampede, and New Japan Pro wrestling.

Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 25 mins


Dawn Marie (RF 2008)


1) Shoot Interview with Dawn Marie. The sexy diva talks about her career in ECW and WWE. She talks about life on the road in WWE and the controversial angle with Torrie WIlson

Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 45 mins


Demolition (RF 2007)


1) Shoot Interview with the legendary Demolition One of wrestling's most memorable tag teams, Bill Eadie and Barry Darsow sat down to record a fascinating shoot that covered everything from their formation to their break-up. Every top WWF team in the late '80s and early '90s get their due as Bill and Barry discuss the Brain Busters, the Powers of Pain, the Hart Foundation, the Rockers and many more. Find out what really happened behind the scenes when the two faced off against the Road Warriors in what should have been one of wrestling's biggest money matches. You hear it straight from the horse's mouth on the backstage politics, power struggles, and egos that existed behind the scenes during one of wrestling's hottest eras. With a track record of not mincing words, shoot fans are going to mark out for the stories we pulled out of these men. You want stories on wrestling biggest names such as Andre the Giant, Kerry Von Erich, Ultimate Warrior, Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage? You'll get those and much, much more! Did Bill ever try to take his Masked Superstar gimmick to WCW? What did the guys really think about Crush becoming a third member of the team? And who was it that finally buried the hatchet on the duo's longstanding feud? You'll get the answers to those and many more intriguing questions, including the taboo subject of steroids, in this exclusive DVD.

Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 27 mins


Demolition - Ringside (Kayfabe 2009)


1) Ringside with Demolition. Watch Bill Eade and Barry Darsow put their face paint on and transform into Demolition whilst talking about the career of Demolition in the WWF.

Discs: 2                  Quality: 10             Duration: 3 hrs 48 mins


Diamond Dallas Page (RF 2007)

1) Shoot Interview with DDP! This exclusive interview covered everything in DDP's amazing career; from the club scene in New Jersey, all the way down to Florida, DDP discussed working with all of the great legends down in Florida and of course he talked about how he got in tight with Dusty Rhodes, a friendship which later helped Dallas get into the NWA.
 DDP talks about his creation of Scott Hall's Diamond Stud gimmick and how it got him heat. You want to know how Dallas got paired up with the Freebirds.  DDP talks about that and all the rest of his early feuds along with how he started to get his push at the Battle Bowl PPV. Wait until you hear what happened backstage that very night! We got the inside scoop on how DDP made the fast ride from the mid card to a main eventer and  eventually to a top babyface position in a backstage environment filled with political games.  DDP talked about all his big WCW matches with the big guns including Goldberg, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Chris Benoit, Eddy Guerrero, Brutus Beefcake and more!
The big playboy angle to start off a major feud with Randy Savage, teaming up with Lex Luger, and a huge match with NBA superstars Karl Malone and  Dennis Rodman, DDP covers these and many more stories in a way that will leave you begging for more. Everyone knows DDP was in tight with Eric Bischoff, but how did it affect his life outside of wrestling and even backstage? What really happened that infamous night between DDP and Scott Steiner?
DDP eventually ended up in WWE during the botched invasion angle and he walked us through that entire part of his life and why it didn't go according to plan. Dallas talked in great detail about his stalker run with Taker and his thoughts on the program and the development of his new character Positively Page. How did WCW differ from WWE? DDP knows the answer and fills us in along with what happened in TNA and why he left wrestling.  DDP talked about everything from his movie career to his life in Yoga for Regular Guys.


Discs: 2                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hrs 56 mins


Disco Inferno (RF 2007)


1) Shoot Interview with Disco Inferno. Disco opens up about his entire career including all the info on the inside happenings of WCW. This shoot is like a wrestling education. Here is what Disco talked about how he got his job in WCW. Why did he refuse to do the job to Jacquie? The complete story on getting fired from WCW. How did he get his WCW job back? All the details on the demise of WCW. He talks about his relationship with Konnan, Rey Misterio Jr. and all the luchadores. The feud his friends had with Eric Bischoff. His relationship with Vince Russo. The new WCW where he booked a lot of stuff. Disco really goes into detail about booking. How did he get along with the top stars like Sting, Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall? Disco takes you inside the WCW locker room.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 33 mins


Dixie Carter � You Shoot Live (KC 2010)


1) Shoot Interview with TNA President Dixie Carter. Dixie answers questions from wrestling fans and the wrestling media regarding TNA and the wrestling business. Subjects include Vince Russo, Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, pay-per-views, ratings, talent, creative direction of TNA, politics, dirt sheets, drug testing, Dutch Mantel & Jim Cornette, WWE, Vince McMahon and so much more.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 26 mins

Don Muraco (RF 2007)


1) Shoot Interview with Don Muraco was one of the legendary heels in professional wrestling and one of the top stars in the WWF during the 80s. Hear all the stories about Vince & Hogan, the beginnings of Wrestlemania and his legendary feud with Jimmy Snuka over the Intercontinental Title. Muraco also gives a first hand account about the infamous Cage Match with Snuka and his take on the incident between Snuka and his girlfriend. Besides all of the tremendous WWF stories, hear about Muracos career in Hawaii, The Pacific Northwest, Georgia, Mid-Atlantic and Japan. Muraco also talks about all of his mentors in the business and how he developed his unique and one of a kind interview style. Also hear about what happened when Harley Race attacked him on an airplane, and all of the ribs from the master Mr. Fuji. Muraco talks in depth about all of the old time stars in the WWF from Backlund, Steamboat, Savage, Saito, Andre, Santana, Putski, Pedro & a ton more.

Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 52 mins


'Dudley Boys' Team 3D (RF 2006)


1) Shoot Interview with Devon & Bah Bah Ray Dudley. They are the most wanted tag team in wrestling today. The innovators and riot starters in ECW, breaking tables and old women in WWE, and traveled around the world with stops in Japan and TNA. 8 time WWE World Tag Team Champions. 8 times ECW World Tag Team Champions. WCW World Tag Team Champions. WWE Tag Team Champions. 2005 All Japan Real World Tag League Winners. TEAM 3-D for one of the hottest shoots of the year! Team 3-D went in-depth on their time in ECW and talked about all the major storylines and wrestlers they were involved with. Paul Heyman, the Eliminators, Public Enemy, Joel Gertner, Rob Van Dam and Sabu are just the tip of the iceberg. We even got Brother Ray and Devon to talk on record about the infamous Mass Transit match and the Tod Gordon/mole story!

But that only sets us up to talk about Team 3-D's WWE career. Everyone remembers the hot run Team 3-D had in New York and we discussed all of their famous matches and feuds. The Hardy Boyz. Edge & Christian. The TLC matches. Triple H. Rock. Steve Austin. Chris Benoit. Kurt Angle. We get their thoughts on the WWE experience and we also asked about that explosive night they showed up in Queens for an ECW show. Both members of Team 3D were completely frank about what happened in New York, and why they were separated as a team. We even brought up working the emotional One Night Stand and their subsequent departure from the company shortly thereafter. Finally you will hear Brother Ray and Devon's unedited thoughts on John Lauranaitis!

After leaving New York, Team 3D spent some time in Japan before winding up in Orlando for NWA TNA. We grilled Brother Ray and Devon about the atmosphere in TNA's locker room as well as their thoughts on Jeff Jarrett.

Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 54 mins


Dustin Rhodes (RF 1999)


1) Shoot Interview with Dustin Rhodes. Most popular as Goldust in the WWF, Dustin talks about his run in WCW as the Natural, WWF Attitude Era, WCW, TNA and going back to WWE.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 54 mins


'American Dream' Dusty Rhodes (RF 1999)


1) Shoot Interview with the "American Dream" as he shoots about the industry he has been involved with over the last 35 years. From stories about the early days involving the Funks, Superstar Billy Graham, Vince Sr. and more to stories about Vince Jr., the Crocketts and his son Dustin, The Dream has a unique and a one of a kind take on all of these personalities. Hear all about when he became the booker in Florida and his feud with Kevin Sullivan to tons of behind the scenes stories when he took over in the NWA. What really happened when the NWA took over Bill Watts' UWF, and was Dusty satisfied with his "Common Man" character in the WWF? From Flair and Tully, to Hogan, Bischoff and the N.W.O., it is all in here. Find out about Dusty's future, and what the prospects are with his future with ECW.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs


Dusty Rhodes - Straight Shooting (ROH 2004)


1) Shoot Interview with the Dusty Rhodes. Dusty takes his personal journal and lets you experience life as Jim Crockett's National Wrestling Alliance booker in 1987


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 49 mins


Eddie Guerrero (RF 2002)


1) Shoot Interview with WWE Hall OF Famer Eddie Guerrero just before his return to WWE. Eddie Guerrero discussed his entire career in the ring and troubles outside the ring. Latino Heat shot straight from the heart in this moving and honest shoot interview. He is a man that has been through it all in and out of the ring and he shoots on everything here.


-Lots of talk about the Guerrero family and how he got started in the business with them.

-Did anyone resent the break he got because of his family?

-Going to college and training.

-His EMLL debut in 1987.

-Winning the trios talent with Chavo and Mando.

-The Mascara Magica gimmick.

-Why did he jump from EMLL to AAA?

-Going to New Japan.

-His first impressions of New Japan.

-Memories of being in the Super Junior Tournament and Super J Cup.

-Lots of info on the late, great Art Barr.

-Eddy gets real emotional when talking in depth about Barr.

-Thoughts on how hated his team with Barr became.

-Did he like being a babyface or heel in Mexico better?

-Details on the When Worlds Collide PPV.

-How close were he and Barr to signing with ECW?

-Who came up with the Black Tiger gimmick and what does he think about it?

-Eddy talks about Jushin Liger.

-Teaming with Great Sasuke.

-Memories of his stay in ECW including his matches with Too Cold Scorpio and Dean Malenko.

-He gives his thoughts on Paul Heyman.

-Guerrero gives the scoop on jumping from ECW to WCW.

-Memories of his matches vs. Ric Flair, DDP, X-Pac and Chris Jericho in WCW.

-His heel turn in 1997.

-How did he help Chavo Guerrero Jr. get into WCW?

-What does he think of being labeled a cruiserweight?

-What did he think of the hair vs. mask match with Rey Misterio Jr?

-The inside word on the promo he cut where he said Eric Bischoff was holding him back.

-What was the WCW locker room like with guys like Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall.

-What did he think of the LWO gimmick and why they did it.

-Eddy tells what happened when he got in a car crash on New Years Eve in 1998.

-How tough was it to comeback from the injuries that happened in the car crash?

-Thoughts on teaming with Konnan, Billy Kidman and Rey Jr. as the Filthy Animals.

-What led him, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn to leave WCW.

-All the details on how they approached management and left.

-His thoughts on Kevin Sullivan as booker.

-The first contact with WWF.

-All the details on going to WWF and their first appearance.

-All the details on being in the Radicals.

-What is it like to work Wrestlemania?

-The scoop on working with Chyna.

-Did he like the Latino Heat and Mamacita gimmick?

-Memories of matches vs. HHH, Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit.

-Thoughts on Jim Ross and Vince McMahon.

-Eddy talks about going to rehab, getting the DUI charge and being let go by WWF.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hr 35 mins


Eugene (RF 2007)


1) Shoot Interview with Eugene. Nick Dinsmore gave the ins and outs of the long road he took from being an OVW stand-out to unceremoniously walked out of the building to end his WWE stay. We covered Dinsmore's entire career, including his cup of coffee in WCW and having a match on Monday Nitro.


Getting called up to WWE is a major day in any wrestler's life, but after his long and hard battle to prove himself despite his size, what did Dinsmore think of being given the mentally handicapped gimmick of Eugene? Dinsmore's complete and unedited thoughts on this highly controversial character, including what he studied in order to get the gimmick down. Nick also talked about what it was like to work with William Regal, Coach, Christy Hemme, Triple H, Vince McMahon, Ric Flair, Edge, Tajiri, and Eric Bischoff on the main roster.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hr 28 mins


Face Off 1 w/ Raven & Honky Tonk Man (RF 2007)


1) The Honky Tonk Man & Raven discuss the wrestling business past, present and future.

Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hr 28 mins


Face Off 2 When World Collide w/ New Jack, Honky Tonk Man & Iron Sheik (RF 2007)


1) The Honky Tonk Man. New Jack. The Iron Sheik. Pound for pound the three most entertaining men to listen to in the entire world of professional wrestling  spent the entire time riling each other up and riffing on what the other guys were saying. Honky Tonk brings up the subject of Paul Heyman to New Jack. New Jack in turn bringing up B. Brian Blair to the Sheik. There was nothing off limits during this conversation and the boys won't let you down as they didn't just bury people, they buried them, dug up the bodies, spit on them, and then buried them down even farther.

When the DVD ends, you'll be absolutely certain that New Jack is the angriest wrestler in the world, Honky Tonk man the funniest, and the Iron Sheik the most insane. There is literally nothing to compare it to. You'll get wild stories and curse filled rants on all the subjects you love to hear these guys go off on, including: the ring rats, the drugs in wrestling, the promoters they hate, and what is going on in wrestling today! Plus footage of Sheik and Jim Neidhart doing a local radio show as well as exclusive footage of Sheiky baby on the road with Howard Stern's Killers of Comedy tour. The Sheik and Bettlejuice, a pair that beats any three of a kind


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 55 mins


Face Off 3  Pure Evil w/ Raven & Kevin Sullivan


1) Raven conducted the interview and came across like an old pro as he pulled stuff out of Sullivan that we had never heard before. It was if we were a fly on the wall in a wrestling locker room, watching two wrestlers talking about the business and completely ignoring the camera. Anyone who has heard Raven or Sullivan knows that this disc is chok-full of great stories as these literally have done it all and seen it all.

 Raven discussed what it was like getting his start in the business down in Florida and what it was like to meet Sullivan as a green kid just breaking in. Rave then got Sullivan to talk about his legendary feud with Dusty Rhodes along with going into all the major angles that took place at that time. Florida was red hot at the time and Sullivan talked about Purple Haze coming up from the floor, Dusty's sister getting ink thrown into her eyes, Jake Roberts dressing up as Santa, and the infamous angle involving ether. The two men talked about Gordon Solies role in the territory and how incredible he was at his job, even giving some classic Solie stories about when he worked while being, shall we say, under the "influence." Sullivan talked about being trained by Eddie Graham and how smart Eddie was to the wrestling business.

We've all heard the stories about Kevin Sullivan not breaking character while out of the ring, but now we hear the real deal, straight from the source himself. You will hear jaw dropping stories on how Sullivan and his crew wore their robes wherever they went, including getting pulled over by the cops! Kevin does give one example of having to break character, and it came during a match against Andre the Giant when a fan attacked Sullivan.

Both men talked about how the babyface makes the heel, and gave examples of how it has worked. This is a disc that should be mandatory for any students of the game as it gives some incredible depth to the booking process. They talked about the angle where Sullivan popped up from the cage, and then related it to the Mayhem in Memphis cage match with Austin Idol and Tommy Rich.  Kevin talked about why, as a booker, he had to fire Al Perez when Perez refused to do a job to Ric Flair in his hometown. Raven took this opportunity to ask Sullivan point blank if Sullivan was messing with Raven's push in WCW. They both talked about how hard it was to get Raven to do jobs in WCW and how Raven got out of so many of them. The guys talk about a ton of stuff, including smart fans, the internet, and, of course, ECW.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs


Face Off 7 'Old School 101' Bob Backlund & Terry Funk  (RF 2009)


1) The interview/reunion starts off with a bang as we cover Bob's days working the Texas territory before moving up to New York to work with Vince Sr. The boys discuss the territory system and debate whether or not it could exist in today's environment. It was exhilarating being in the middle of a conversation with two of the smartest men in wrestling as they talk about the pros and cons of the WWF and NWA formulas.

 Backlund and Funk talk about all the big names of the past including Bruiser Brody, Dusty Rhodes, Eddy Graham and Florida, Verne Gagne, Sam Mushnick, Bruno Sammartino, John Studd BlackJack Mulligan, Andre the Giant, Don Muraco, Sgt Slaughter, George Steele, and Greg Valentine. That's just a sampler of the many superstars they reminisce about. For the first time ever, Bob talks openly about his legendary title loss to the Iron Sheik and the decision to put the strap on Hogan. This led into a wild discussion by both men on Hogan, as well as the steroid and drug problem in wrestling, that is worth the price of the DVD itself.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 33 mins


Face Off 12 ‘Friends 4 Life’ - Kevin Nash & Sean Waltman (RF 11/9/2010)


1) Kevin Nash & Sean Waltman talk about the current events in the wrestling business today especially what really went down when Nash posted his latest rant against TNA on his twitter account.  Kevin and Sean talk all about the backstage politics of TNA.  What do they think needs to be done to get the company on the right track?  What do they think of the Hulkster and Bischoff connection in TNA. Kevin Nash talks about his most recent comments on RVD & Jeff Hardy.  Do they like working for Dixie Carter?  Who in TNA has the it factor? 


What happened backstage with the Rock and Kevin Nash when Kevin returned to the WWE.  This story was awesome in itself.  Kevin gave his brutal comments on ECW and what he thinks of Paul Heyman.  What do both men think of Bret Hart being back in the WWE and what did they think about his angle with HBK.  What do they think about the NXT angle and the current headliners in the WWE?  Was Vince working all the boys after Bret Hart punched him?  Was there real heat with Savio Vega and the Undertakers clique?  Should Ric Flair still be in the ring today and what happened in WCW behind the scenes with Ric Flair, Kevin Nash and Roddy Piper. There are tons of backstage stories on WWE, WCW and TNA as well.  The stories are non stop from the moment we started to film until the climax.


Topics include -

Read anything good on Twitter lately

So what inspired you twitter post

Did you technically quit on Twitter or had you and TNA already agreed to part ways

Why do you think you were accused of going into business for yourself in September

How do you guys feel about Twitter

Why do you guys think that ratings and ppv numbers have gone down since Hogan and Bischoff got involved with TNA

Which young guys in the WWE do you think can be superstars either now or down the line

Why do you think ppv is declining overall for pro wrestling

Thoughts on Vince Russo

Dixie gets criticized a lot on the Internet, do you think that some people are too hard or is it well deserved

Does she get it

Who do you think is stealing her money in TNA

You guys were both critical of Ric Flair in WCW, he is still wrestling well in his 50s. What are your thoughts on Ric now?

Could an NWO like angle work today

Thoughts on when people compared the Nexus angle to the NWO

Thoughts on the recent news of a startup company in Florida

What do you think is missing from wrestling today

The NWO were “cool” and appealed to teenagers. Do you think anything in wrestling appeals to teenagers today?

How is Scott Hall doing?

Thoughts on Bret Hart coming back to the WWE

Thoughts on Bret and Shawn patching things up in the ring

Do you think Shawn will ever come back

Kevin, what is missing from today’s big men in wrestling that doesn’t make them stand out like you did.

What do you guys think about all of the ECW revivals

Thoughts on all of the rumors about Paul Heyman coming to TNA

Do you think he could turn it around

Paul said in an interview that anyone over 40 would be in trouble if he came to TNA. Thoughts?

Is there anyone in particular you guys like to watch today?

Thoughts on Linda’s campaign and all of the bad press she is getting for wrestler deaths

Thoughts on all of the wrestler deaths

Which ones hit you guys the hardest

Do you believe the rumors about Randy Savage and Stephanie McMahon

Have either of you guys ever been in a shoot in the middle of a match

Discs: 1                  Quality: 10            Duration: 1 hr 57 mins

Face Off 16 ‘Figure 4 & Hardcore’ - Ric Flair & Terry Funk (RF 11/9/2013)

1) 16 time World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair and the God of Hardcore Wrestling Terry Funk talk all about the different promoters that they worked for when they had their run in the NWA as champions and they gave their honest and open opinion on Sam Muchnick, Fritz Von Erich, Bob Geigel, Crocketts, Verne Gagne, Vince Sr, Vince Jr, Eddie Graham plus tons on inside stories on the locker room during the 70's, 80's 90's and now. What happened the night before Starrcade 83 when Vince took Harley Race out to dinner and tried to get him not to show up for Starrcade 83?

Both men have a major history with Dusty Rhodes whether it was in the ring with him or behind the scenes. Both men talk about Dusty as a booker and as a worker and if he was easy to work with. We talk about all the names in the NWA like Jimmy Snuka, Wahoo McDaniel, Ray Stevens, Ronnie Garvin, Roddy Piper, Greg Valentine, and all the major names that both men were fortunate enough to share the locker room with. Would Bruiser Brody ever be in the WWE or WCW in the 90's if he was never murdered you will want to hear what Ric and Flair say about Bruiser Brody!!

Ric Flair and Terry Funk acted as if our cameras were never there and just shared amazing stories with each other that I can assure you were never meant to come out of the locker rooms. You will feel like a fly on the wall as you hear some of the most amazing stories of all time between the two on the biggest names in the business. Terry Funk tells Ric Flair a story on how he got the call to replace Pat Patterson in the WWE as a major part of the office and what did Terry Funk do when he got to CT off his plane. This story is shocking but hilarious.

Were both men ever bothered on how the Hulkster Hulk Hogan did not have to work their style during his heyday and got more notorious? Who came up with the idea for Terry Funk to come out of retirement and put the plastic bag over Ric Flair head and piledrive him thru the table. We talk all about their infamous feud from their I Quit Match in Troy NY to their tag team bout at Halloween Havoc in Philly when the ring caught on fire with Sting and Great Muta. Did they ever get in trouble from the office for taking it to far? Who was in charge of the story lines at that time?

Ric Flair tells current stories on some of the top WWE talent like Sheamus, CM Punk as well as Terry Funk from his recent trip to the WWE for Mania during the Hall of Fame. What do both men think about blading and the dangers that come with bleeding in the year 2013. Both men talk about Abby and the rumors about him having Hep C. What about current hot topics like chair shots to the head and their thoughts on it.

At times you will be laughing so hard and other times you will cry as the interview takes an emotional turn when Ric Flair brings up the untimely passing of his son Reid Flair and shares some stories about him during his final 24 hours back in the states from his Japan tour.

Subjects include - 

Talk about the differences in how you each got into the business
What was it like to break into the business when each of you did
When is the first time you can recall meeting each other Initial impressions upon meeting each other
Would a veteran like you Terry even talk to a rookie like Ric
At what point do you each remember being smartened up about the business
Ric, did you try to get into Dory SR.’s territory
Memories of Verne Gagne
Who did each of you ride with early on and who gave you the best advice
Memories of your first matches
What did it mean in the 1970s to have the NWA world title
Did either of you have aspirations to go to New York in the 70s or very early 80s (knowing Terry went in 1985)
Memories of Vince Sr.
Who were your favorite promoters and bookers to work for
Who had the worst payoffs
Can both of you talk about Eddie Graham, share stories
What do you think Eddie would have done by 1990 if he was alive back then
Talk awhile about Dusty Rhodes, early meetings, road stories, Dusty as a booker, a worker in the ring
Do you think he was a selfish booker
Do you think he was always straight with you guys
What made him so good
How important was it to know how to hook back in the 1970s
How did life change when you became NWA champion
Can you talk about the pressures of being NWA champion
How much of a salary increase did you see in your first year as NWA champion
As NWA champion was there any territory you dreaded going to
Did the boys treat you differently as champion
At what point did you each feel that you had the respect of your peers
At what point were you confident that you could go out there and steal the show
Can you guys talk for awhile about Bruiser Brody
Was he a bully
What do you think would have happened to Brody if he didn’t pass.
Can you both talk about Roddy Piper

Both of you have had long histories with Hulk Hogan. Can you share stories?
Did you enjoy your matches with him?
Was there a bit of envy on the NWA side when he hit it big in 1984 that he wasn’t working the same kind of style yet he had all of this fame
What do you guys think would have happened if Harley took Vince’s offer before Starrcade 83
Can you both talk about Jim Barnett
What were some of the best locker room fights you guys have seen
Can you both talk about any experiences you had with the Original Sheik
Can you remember the first time you got color
At what point did you both realize the territories were in trouble
Who were the best workers you ever saw
How did your angle come about in 1989?
Terry you were retired then, how did it come about
Memories of working each other
Ric, were you bothered at all about that promo Terry did on TBS with the fake Ric Flair
Was there any consideration given to giving Terry a run with the NWA belt
Memories of your I Quit match
Memories of the angle in which Terry put a bag over Ric’s head
Memories of your Halloween Havoc match
What did you each think when David Schultz slapped John Stossel
Can you each talk about Harley Race, memories, matches, stories
Talk about wrestling today. Is the Internet good or bad for wrestling
Thoughts, stories, memories of Vince McMahon Jr.
Both of you guys were bookers back in your day, how come neither of you book today
Does the disregard for kayfabe bother you today Who do you think was the toughest wrestler in your day
Both of your thoughts on the CM Punk
Stiffest opponents you guys ever worked with
Favorite road stories
Thoughts on controversy about Abdullah the Butcher cutting guys and allegedly giving them Hep C
Is psychology a lost art today?
Where do you guys think the business will be in 10 years
Ric, can you talk about the difference in working with Terry as opposed to Dory
The most brilliant booker you’ve ever met
Best angles you ever booked
How would you rate each other as workers
Passing of Reid Flair
Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 54 mins 

Francine (RF 4-3-2005)


1) Shoot Interview with Francine. "Queen of Extreme" Francine to discuss her entire career from start to present day in this filled shoot interview. Hear all the stories from breaking into the business, going to ECW, managing stars such as Raven, Pitbulls, Shane Douglas, Tommy Dreamer, Justin Credible. Francine tells stories of all the locker room fights she witnessed and all the inside scoops that nobody else has told before. Get her feelings on topics such as ECW's first pay per view, XPW showing up to ECW's PPV, to the final PPVs and house shows. Francine lets out her reason to why she was mad at Paul E and her feelings on other ECW superstars as well.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 45 min


Gene Snitsky (RF 2009)


1) Shoot Interview with Gene Snitsky. Snitsky talks about his tryout match to get into the WWE. Snitsky also goes into detail about his time in OVW. What did Snitsky think of Jim Cornette? Snitsky takes us through his entire first day at RAW. What were his initial impressions of Kane? Who worked with Snitsky early on? Who did he spend the most time with doing promos? What did he learn working every night with Kane and how did it impact him later on?


Snitsky talks about working with all of the WWE's top stars. Snitsky has opinions and thoughts on everyone from Triple H to Randy Orton. Snitsky has a great story about the first time he worked with John Cena on RAW. What wrestler consoled an upset Snitsky after Snitsky thought he was going to get fired? Why did he think he'd get fired? Who did he ride with? Along with the stories in the ring, come the fun travel stories outside of the ring.


Snitsky also talks about going from RAW main-events to the sidelines. How frustrated was he? Was he happy to be there or did he want more? Who did Snitsky approach with ideas? What does he think of the writers? Can someone make their own opportunities in the WWE? What conversation occurred that likely led to the end of Snitsky in the WWE? Snitsky is very revealing when recapping the ups and downs in his WWE tenure.


What does he think of Internet writers that criticize his work? Does he read news sites? Snitsky addresses some recent rumors. Snitsky also gives some candid and controversial thoughts on the Chris Benoit tragedy. Snitsky was close to Chris, and gives an opinion that is bound to get you talking after you hear it. Like him or not, he is brutally honest when talking about this horrific tragedy.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs


The Godfather - Charles Wright (RF 2007)

 1) Shoot Interview with The Godfather. Charles talks about how he broke into the sport and quickly found himself in the heart of Memphis as the Soul Taker working with a green rookie named Mean Marc, a man who later went on to become the Undertaker.
Charles goes on how he made it into the WWF and what did he think about the gimmick they gave him as the voodoo master Papa Shango.  Wight had a great relationship with Vince and his family and it really comes across in the shoot that he had a great time working for the WWF. Charles talked about his famous storylines and matches and tells us what it was like working with superstars such as Tito Santana, Bret Hart and Bob Backland. No one who saw it will ever forget the feud between Papa Shango and the Ultimate Warrior and we got Wight to spill the beans on exactly what it was like behind the scenes during that incredible time in wrestling. History shows the Wight was the scheduled opponent of Owen Hart the night that Owen passed away and Charles gave us his unique insight into what went down that horrible night. 
How and why did he become a shoot fighter doing the Kama gimmick? Wight to tell us his view points on the entire HBK and Bret Hart locker room fight.  He also talked openly about what it was like to be apart of the Nation of Domination with Ron Simmons and the Rock along with why the faction never got a fair shake. We asked about the infamous Brawl for it All and found out what happened the night Wight fought Bart Gunn and why Charles did not take the fight serious. 

Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs


Great Debate 08 NWA vs WWWF - Race vs Sammartino (KC 2008)

1) A discussion of the difference between the NWA territory and the NEW York territory. Harley Race former 7 time NWA World Champion and Bruno Sammartino former WWWF Champion discuss the wrestling business in the 1970s and early 1980s.
Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 35 mins


George 'The Animal' Steele (RF 2008)


1) Shoot Interview with George Steele. Long time WWF (and going even further back, WWWF) fans are going to be euphoric with all the stories we got from Steele. George talked about what impact the original Sheik had on him, both personally and professionally, and how he constantly worked on his act to make it in wrestling. He discussed how it was Bruno Sammartino who got him into McMahon's WWWF and gives exclusive detail on the real life heat the two men had at the time. We went into all the legendary matches with Bruno at the Garden along with the sell outs in Pittsburgh. You want the scoop on all the top faces of the time including Pedro Morales, Gorilla Monsoon, Andre the Giant, and Bob Backlund?


Coming from the old school, Steele described what it was like to work his gimmick 24/7 and what effect it had on his personal life. George talked about his constant breaks from wrestling, why they were needed, and some of the things he did on his off time. Wait until you hear how he fooled students when they asked if he was a wrestler! We also loved an incredible story on how Steele learned to play the backstage politics game after overhearing Vince Sr. and Jr. in the bathroom talking about his push. This is one story that will have you rolling! George also came from the time when great managers were littered all over the wrestling landscape, and we got stories on the best of them including Albano, the Grand Wizard, Mr. Fuji, and Freddie Blassie. Why did Capt Lou get fired every week?  How did George react after Roddy Piper told him he was killing the business with his gimmick? Did Steele like working for Vince Sr or Vince Jr?  What did George tell Vince after he filmed the Vachon wedding, and what did Vince do in return?


George talks about all his infamous matches in the WWF with Hulk Hogan and working backstage with Mean Gene Okerland.  He talked about his matches with Jimmy Snuka and Sgt. Slaughter and told everything about what happened with him when he went to Georgia to work for Ole Anderson.  How did Steele ruin his match there on purpose with Piper and Ole, and why did he do it and leave? Is your appetite whetted yet?


George talked about what it was like to finally turn babyface and work with Randy Savage and Elizabeth, including a great story concerning a locker room fight that took place in the shower between him and Savage.  What were his thoughts on the way Savage controlled Liz and the way Savage acted in general?  What ribs did he play on Savage? How did George land a part in the Tim Burton/Johnny Depp movie about Ed Woods ? Mixing the funny with the serious - such as talking about why he had a fall out with Vince and how he worked for WCW for one night and the heat that is caused .


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 35 mins


Gorgeous George (RF 2004)


1) Shoot Interview with Gorgeous George. George and talked about everything that's happened in her life and career. Such topics include being Randy Savage's girlfriend, working for WCW, going to ECW. Also the infamous naked webcam video that was put out and working on the independent circuit. We get her thoughts on some of the biggest names out there such as Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, Vince Russo and more.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hr 28 mins


Hacksaw Jim Duggan (RF 23-2-2003)

1) Shoot Interview with Jim Duggan. Hacksaw Jim Duggan has something for everyone as Duggan discusses life in and out of the ring during his travels from Mid-South to WWF to WCW and everywhere in between. Duggan holds nothing back in talking about his famous arrest to his battle with cancer to all the inside stories of working for Bill Watts in the UWF. Sometimes wacky, sometimes out of control, always informative, this is one of the more entertaining shoots. From the origins of the 2X4 gimmick to winning the first Royal Rumble. Going to WCW in 1994 and winning the US Championship plus the end of WCW.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 34 mins


Harley Race (RF 2002)


1) Shoot Interview Harley Race. The WWE Hall of Famer covers  his career as NWA Champion which took him all over the world, from 1970s to the first Starrcade in 83. Plus going to the WWF to become King of the Ring in New York to return to WCW to manage Lex Luger, Big Van Vader plus more.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 58 mins


Hart Foundation (RF 2006)


1) Shoot Interview with The Hart Foundation. The Excellence of Execution, the Hitman and the Anvil. Two time tag team champions in the WWF. A legendary unit from an oft remembered period in wrestling history. Jim Neidhart and Bret Hart down together to discuss their glorious tag team run and were amazed at the stories they were able to weave. This is one shoot you are going to want to go out of your way to watch as both Bret and Jim were in rare form. From the Hart Foundation's humble beginnings, to their first time together as a tag team, to their entire WWE run, Bret and Jim brought their A game. From their legendary feuds with Demolition, Strike Force, The Bolsheviks, The British Bulldogs, The Fabulous Rougeaus, Rhythm & Blues, and The Nasty Boys, and covering all of the backstage hinjinx, this shoot has it all! From Bret and Jim's solo runs, to reforming the Foundation to go after the tag team titles. Youll feel like Jimmy Hart while listening to these two guys talk about their historic run together.

You name the topic, and it was covered in depth. Stampede. The British Bulldogs. Jimmy Hart. The Hart Attack finisher. Get the low down on their entire WWE run, including many famous six man tags that were main events across the country. For the first time anywhere, Bret and Jim get specific when discussing their thoughts on wrestling tag team psychology. Will the '80s boom come back? What about the next generation for this legendary family


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs


Hart Foundation - Legends Fanfest Q&A (RF 2006)


1) Shoot Interview Filmed at the Capitol Legends Fan Fest, The Hart Foundation reunites for a special Q&A session.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 28 mins


Headbanger Chaz (RF 2009)


1) Shoot Interview with Headbanger Chaz. Chaz also talks openly about his many WWE matches. What wrestlers wanted to give and what wrestlers wanted to take? Who were the most frustrating guys to work with and why? How did Vince and Jim Ross change in time? Who ribbed Chaz in the ring? Did he mind dressing up in drag? What veteran tag team surprisingly agreed to help put them over? Chaz also tells a great story of meeting Mike Tyson and Pete Rose and the surprising result of the meetings.

Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 33 mins


Dave & Earl Hebner (RF 2005)


1) Shoot Interview with Dave & Earl Hebner. The most famous referee in WWE history. The man who rang the damn bell in Montreal even after swearing to Bret Hart he'd quit his job before being part of a double cross. The man, along with his 'evil twin brother' brother, cost Hulk Hogan his WWF title after the four year Hulkamania championship reign.

On the heels of their controversial release from the WWE, the Hebner brothers shoot about their careers including their legendary 17 year run in the WWE. For the first time ever, Dave and Earl Hebner sit down and talk honestly and candidly about their career, including exclusive details on the Montreal Screw Job and the reasons for their recent firing from WWE. Earl, as WWE's senior referee, was the third man in the ring for just about all of the major WWE matches during the 1990s (through the entire Attitude Era) up to 2005 and had a ton of great stories about what it was like to work with all the big names like Steve Austin, the Rock and Triple H. In another first, both brothers talk about the night Owen Hart passed away, including what was happening backstage and how Dave was the first person to find out Owen had indeed suffered a fatal accident.

Both Dave and Earl have been a part of wrestling for decades and talked openly about working for everyone from the Crockett family to Vince McMahon. The Hebners give all the dirt on guys like Ultimate Warrior and Big Show while also talking about what it was like to party with the Nature Boy Ric Flair. Plus first hand information about the '97 Survivor Series in Montreal with the most famous finish in modern wrestling history.. The Hebner's talk, going step by step, about what led up to Earl's decision to be a part of the double cross and reveal what happened backstage and all the after shocks on that fateful night. Earl described exactly what he personally went through, from his promise to Bret the night before Survivor Series to his leaving Canada the morning after at 5am, while covering everything in between.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 35 mins


Honky Tonk Man vol. 1 (RF 2001)


1) Shoot Interview with The Honky Tonk Man. The Honky Tonk Man the greatest WWF IC Champion of all time and unleashed his honest opinions about everything has been through in the wrestling business. Here is what the outspoken and brutally honest greatest intercontinental champion of all time talked about:

-On and off relationship with Jerry Lawler, who he is related to.

-Early days of Memphis when he was in the Blonde Bombers.

-Stories on Bill Dundee and Jimmy Valiant.

-Touring in Puerto Rico and the riots there.

-Going to WWF.

-How the Honky Tonk Man gimmick was born.

-The surprising decision to give him the IC title and how the locker room reacted.

-Feuds with Randy Savage and Ricky Steamboat.

-He holds nothing back when he talks about Vince McMahon.

-His open and honest views of the wrestling industry back then.

-Why he left the business.

-All the problems he had with the WWF front office.

-Going to WCW and the problems he had there.

-He talks freely about the wrestling industry and what he thinks of the talent out there.

-Thoughts on todays WWF and WCW.

-Opinion on ECW and wrestlers working without getting paid.

-How wrestlers get taken advantage of and still stay in the business.

-Many more outspoken opinions and honest stories!!!

Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 35 mins


Honky Tonk Man vol. 2 (RF 2004)


1) Shoot Interview with The Honky Tonk Man. Honky talks openly about just about everything about the the wrestling business. Here are some questions we asked the Honky Tonk Man.

-What have you been up to since the last time we spoke?

-Why do you think you have such a controversial reputation? 

-You had an issue with Mick Foley over him writing in his book that you hurt Jake Roberts' neck with your guitar- why was that?

-You wrote on your website that if Arn Anderson didn't party so much with Flair, he wouldn't have needed rehab. Was that said to get heat or were you serious?

-What are your thoughts on Arn and Flair as people and workers?

-What was your reaction when you heard about the sexual harassment lawsuit filed against Flair and the other WWE stars by the airline attendants?

-What happened with you and Roddy Piper regarding the independent show he promoted?

-Why did you post emails that he sent you on your website?

-What is your opinion on Piper as a person and worker?

-You were very outspoken when WWE released Kevin Nash - what are your thoughts on him and his work?

-What was your reaction to the death of Elizabeth and some of your memories of working with her when you feuded with Randy Savage?

-What do you think has caused the rash of deaths of personalities from the 1980s?

-When Hulk Hogan walked out on WWE, you compared it to when you left WCW - explain why you felt that way?

-What do you think of Hogan and when was the last time you spoke to him?

-Do you think he will work with WWE again?

-Why have you been outspoken against those like Ted DiBiase who mix wrestling and religion?

-What do you think of the new crop of stars like Randy Orton?

-What are your thoughts on the WWE Hall of Fame?

-What are your thoughts on TNA?

-How do you feel about Jeff Jarrett using the guitar every week? 

-What are your opinions on Internet writers?

-What is your relationship like with Jerry Lawler these days? Has it improved?

-What is the biggest misconception about the Honky Tonk Man?


Discs: 2                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 55 mins


Honky Tonk Man - On The Road (RF 2001)

1) The Honky Tonk Man went on the road two hour shoot. Hear Honkys take on the following performers: Batista, Randy Orton, HHH, Pat Patterson, Ric Flair, Big Bossman, Bily Gunn, Test, A-Train, Muhammad Hassan, Hogan, Piper, Iron Sheik, Rock, Austin, Ted DiBiase, Ricky Steamboat, Russo, CM Punk, Matt Striker, the Ultimate Warrior, Carlito Cool, Bill Watts, Edge, Lita, Matt Hardy, Shane Douglas, Eddie Graham, Jim Cornette, John Cena, Paul Heyman, Planet Jarrett, Dusty Rhodes, Kevin Nash, The Dudleyz, Dawn Marie, Maven, Kenzo Suzuki, HBK, Eric Bischoff, the Road Warriors, Brock Lesnar, Tito Santana, Gene Snitsky, Johnny Ace, Jerry Lawler, Jake the Snake, the Undertaker, Shelton Benjamin, Eddie Guerrero. The Greatest Intercontinental Champion of All Time shoots on subjects like: ECW, Hardcore Homecoming, WWE's Hall Of Fame, Hogan Knows Best, Drugs in the business, WWE in Iraq, Wrestlemania, Rock going Hollywood, Hogan vs. Austin in drawing power, the independent scene today, Ted Dibiases Oh Brother tour, Matt/Lita/Edge drama, the internet, TNA on Spike, Monday Night Raw on USA, WWE writing team, Nostalgia DVDs, dream matches, Vince losing touch, Warrior's public speaking, homosexuals in wrestling, and Russo's "Ring of Glory." Honky was filmed in the locker room going over both of his matches that night, his five minute ring entrance, the matches themselves, and the post match happenings.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 53 mins


Iron Sheik (RF 2007)


1) Shoot Interview with Iron Sheik. Former WWF World Champion Hall of Famer Iron Sheik shoots like nobody ever before him The Legendary WWE Hall of Famer the Iron Sheik shoots on everyone and everything imaginable in this two hour shoot interview. No one escapes the wrath of Sheiky. B Brian Blair, Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Bill Watts, Dusty Rhodes, Jake "the Snake" Roberts, Chris Jericho, Jimmy Snuka, Bill Watts, Junkyard Dog, Dan Mirade (Dan Malone), and the Fabulous Moolah are just a sampling of the people who get a tongue lashing like you've never heard before.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hr 37 mins


Iron Sheik - On the Road (RF 2-8-2007)


1) On the Road with the Iron Sheik! The Iron Sheik was in rare form. Sheik talks about Ultimate Warrior and the convention footage of "the slap heard around the world." Sheik also went off on Hulk Hogan for not calling him. Sheik then broke down about the Chris Benoit tragedy and gave his views on this controversial topic. Sheik opens up and talks about the incident in Canada where he got stuck in a car for 5 hours. Sheik tells wild stories on Bob Orton, Superfly Snuka, Randy Savage, Fred Blassie, Roddy Piper, Vader, Ric Flair, Bob Backland, and many more. Sheik started to cry after he heard about the passing of a true wrestling legend, Karl Gotch. The Iron Sheik stopped at Madison Square Garden so that Sheik could cut some promos then headed on over to the Sirius studios for the Howard Stern Show. Sheik went crazy as this DVD is a must for any wrestling or non wrestling fan.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration:


Iron Sheik - On the Road vol. 2 (RF 2007)


1) On the Road with the Iron Sheik! A worldwide sensation, Sheiks rants have drawn the attention of everyone who has heard them and one of those listeners was the King of All Media himself, Howard Stern. Sheik was invited to appear on Stern's hit show.


At New York City and were able to bear witness to Sheik going off on terrorism and the aftermath of 9/11 while standing at Ground Zero. This is an epic tirade that has to be seen to be believed. The Sheik was at United Nations building as well as the most famous church in NY, St. Patrick's Cathedral. At a local Iranian deli led us to learning about the Iranian culture and we were able to get a glimpse of the Sheik that very few people see Sheik and the owner got into a heated exchange that had everyone in the place scared for their lives. An unforgettable experience that is mesmerizing to watch. On The Road with the legendary Iron Sheik. You'll see the fights in the car. You'll hear all the jokes. You'll even get a chance to see Donald Trump.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 29mins


Ivan Koloff (RF 2007)


1) Ivan goes into great detail about the circumstances surrounding his one-month reign as WWWF champion. When did he find out about the title change? Who recruited him to come back to the WWWF? What were his expectations? How did Ivan react to losing the belt so quickly? How did Bruno react to the quick change? This is one of the most fascinating parts of the interview considering how closed the business was back then.


Ivan talks about his first match with Verne Gagne and how real Verne took wrestling. Ivan also talks about his first of many trips to the Carolina territory. How did he come up with the Russian Chain Match? Ivan also talks about leaving for the outlaw IWA company. Ivan talks about the reaction of the industry and how he was blackballed for it. Ivan also talks about the one wrestler that gave him a shot when he was down on his luck.


Ivan has some great stories about his territorial travels. Ivan talks about meeting a young Ric Flair and how a young Ric Flair helped Ivan later in Charlotte. Ivan talks about working for Ole Anderson. What happened when Ole wanted to fine Ivan $500? What two wrestlers had a famous amateur match in a hotel room? What wrestler fought with Ivan on a plane and wound up biting Ivan in the neck?


Ivan also talks about many of his legendary bouts. Ivan talks about working with Bob Backlund. Find out why the Road Warriors nicknamed him the Machine. Ivan talks about his relationship with Nikita and what it was like working with Nikita. Ivan also talks about the matches he and the Russians had with the Rock N' Roll Express, and more.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 20 mins


Ivan Putski (RF 3/10/2004)


1) Ivan Putski one of the WWF's top babyfaces in the late 70's and 80's was able to relive so many memories from his start in Texas for this exclusive shoot interview. He talked about learning the business from Joe Blanchard and working all of the territories that were around like the Mid South region and Fritz Von Erichs promotion. He also talked about working for Verne Gagne and then going to the WWF for the next 20 years.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs

Jackie Gayda (RF 2005)


1) Shoot Interview with Jackie Gayda. Co-winner of Season two's edition of Tough Enough, WWE Diva, TNA Knockout, wife to Charlie Haas - Jackie Gayda has accomplished several of her wrestling related dreams during her relatively short professional wrestling career. Gayda's entire run is covered here and she talks about everything in great detail, Jackie answers all the tough questions concerning MTV's Tough Enough while discussing her training with Al Snow and Bill DeMott. Jackie gave us her thoughts on Linda Miles, the other co-winner of the show, and explains why Miles' WWE career was a mercifully short one. Hawk, Pete, tons of alcohol, everything you could possibly want to know about one of Tough Enough's best casts is dissected by Jackie, even the legendary hot tub incident, before we went into her time in Ohio Valley Wrestling. Jackie was brought up to the big show early and gives tons of details on her key matches and personalities that she encountered while working on wrestling's biggest stage. Jackie's hilarious appearance on the TV show Blind Date is covered and we dig into why WWE didn't follow up on that unique opportunity. Jackie talks about meeting Charlie Hass while on SmackDown and also gives details on other superstars including Kurt Angle, Dawn Marie and the Dudleys. You'll get the low down from Gayda on the WWE locker room, and her account of being let go by the WWE, as well as thoughts on the diva search. Jackie then finishes up by going through her introduction to the indy scene as well as working in TNA. As an added bonus we get all the scoops on a pro wrestling love story is discussed as we get first hand accounts of Charlie and Jackies first date, wedding, and termination right after the wedding. What is their relationship like now that they are an interpromotional couple? How does Jackie feel about Hass going back to WWE? What is Jackie's future going to be like? Yes, all of this and SO MUCH MORE! For fans of our top selling Tammy Sytch shoot, Jackie responds to Tammy's claims of disrespect!


Discs: 2                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hr 30 min


'The Mountie' Jacque Rougeau (RF 12-11-2004)


1) Shoot Interview with Jacque Rougeau. Jacque went into such detail about his family and about what it was like growing up around the business. We talked about how we worked in Canada for Stu Hart, Alabama Memphis, Georgia WWF and WCW. What is was like to feud with Terry Taylor in Memphis and why they got into a legit fist fight. What happened with the Road Warriors in Canada and why he never got along with Hawk near the end. We discussed his famous feuds with the Killer Bees, Rockers, Beefcake and Valentine and of course the British Bulldogs. He talks about why his brother quit wrestling and how he went onto become the Mountie. There are a ton of backstage stories with Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage, and Andre the Giant. You will hear all about how Hulk Hogan put him over in his home town and what it meant to him. He talks about drugs in the locker room and also the travel schedule. We discuss his managers and why he did not like Raven. He talks about his singles matches with Roddy Piper, Bret Hart and many others You will find out why he did not like Eric Bishoff as well.

Jacques will take you on a 25 minute story breaking down exactly what went down with him and Dynamite and how it all started. You will hear about the first rib to start the fight that involved Curt Henning. How was Bret Hart, Don Muraco, Jim Neidhart, Bad News Allen, and Davey Boy involved. He talks about how he got attacked by Dynamite Kid in the locker room and how he got his ass kicked and his brother could not help him because he was on crutches. He than talks about what it was like to face his family after his beating and how he went into his revenge mode. Hear how he baited Dynamite for two weeks before he got his revenge. He tells us for the first time ever what he did in the locker room to make himself look weak for two weeks leading up to his ultimate revenge. How did he plan his attack on Dynamite Kid. What did he tell his brother. Then we get to the famous night where he attacked Dynamite Kid in the hall way and how the clique tried to get involved. Here about the famous meeting that Vince had with them afterwards where he was a bloody mess and he had to lock himself in Vinces office with his brother with table legs ready to fight even more. What did Vince say to them and why did the Bulldogs quit after that. But before they quit they had to work the Survivor Series. You will hear what went down that day with him and Dynamite as well and did they work the match together. He than talks about how he told Dino Bravo to get his "friends ready" because he was scared for his life legit. He told us that he told Dino that he wanted him to have Dynamite Kids home address and if for any reason Jacques did not get a chance to call home at night than Dino would know what to do. This was one intense interview and it has the best story ever in the history of our shoots with the inside scoop on Dynamite. You will hear what he is doing today and also what would happen if he ever were to meet Dynamite.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 35 mins


Jake 'the Snake' Roberts (RF 2000)


1) Shoot Interview with Jake Roberts. Jake talks about the horror stories about growing up and being in the business with his father. Speaking of horror, Jake also talks about the heat between Bill Watts and himself during his Mid-South days and what actually led to the downfall between the two. Topics are switched as Jake talks about his life in World Class, with more of those amazing Von Erich stories that we are accustomed to on these RF Video Shoot Interviews. The Snake then talks about life in the WWF and the whole concept of bringing a live snake to the ring. More actual snake stories are told like when the snake, not Jake, but the actual snake goes to the bathroom in the ring, and what guys were actually afraid to work with the animal. Find out the reasons why Jake never had a program with Hulk Hogan, and why he left the WWF the first time. Also find out what happened when Jake went to WCW when Bill Watts was in charge, and that disastrous match at Halloween Havoc with Sting. Jake then talks about his demons and his much publicized drug use. Does Jake use drugs? Well it is not really a secret, but he tells us exactly what he does! Also find out how he felt when he returned to the WWF, and they incorporated his drug use into his character. Jake also discussed Beyond The Mat, and how he felt he was deceived and lied to about that project. Great wrestling stories are included with one of the most personal interviews we have ever done, as there is no holding back on this one.


Discs: 2                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hr 54 mins


Jake 'the Snake' Roberts - On the Road (RF 12-11-2004)


1) Shoot Interview with Jake Roberts. Jake is at the airport and hear story after story from quite possibly the best talker in wrestling history. before going to Pro Wrestling Unplugged event to wrestle the Sandman in a true "dream match." Yes, you will get to see Jake "the Snake" interacting backstage at the PWU show! Did you ever wonder what would happen if Sandman and Jake had a conversation? Well wonder no more! Join the fun as Jake and the Sandman hold court and nothing is out of bounds! We mean it when we say you've never seen anything like this before as over 50 wrestlers are involved backstage! Watch the inner-workings of an independent wrestling show with unparalleled access!

The subjects covered over the course of this two disc DVD set are countless, but here are just some of the highlights: Jake's WWE DVD "Pick Your Poison," Eddie Gurrero's death, why Jake still hates Davey Boy Smith and insane memories of the Florida territory. Hear first hand stories of the road, Damien, Andre, Randy Savage, Art Barr, and many more superstars from the master of psychology. Watch as Jake and the Sandman discuss their match, then see the match as it happens and the post match reaction from both men! This is one DVD set that truly has it all


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hr 26 mins


Jeff Hardy (RF 2001)


1) Shoot Interview with Jeff Hardy. Jeff Hardy is best known as one of the most enigmatic and exciting wrestlers going today. His TLC matches in WWE and daredevil antics will always be remembered. Hardy gave a candid shoot interview about his in ring heroics and outside the ring problems. Hardy talks about it all from wrestling in his backyard with his brother as a kid to his most famous WWE matches to losing his passion for wrestling to drugs. This is a must for any Hardy Boyz fan or someone who wants a better understanding of life inside WWE


Discs: 2                  Quality: 10             Duration: 4 hrs 17 mins


Jerry Jarrett (RF 2008)


1) Shoot Interview with Jerry Jarrett. Jarrett was an integral part in many of the biggest, most successful, and controversial companies. WWE. WCW. Memphis. TNA. Jarrett was a key member of management in four of the most newsworthy companies in wrestling history, Jarrett talks about what it took to turn the Memphis territory into one of the most significant wrestling promotions of the 20th century that drew television numbers that dwarfed even the best Raw and Nitro ratings. Jerry Lawler. Nick Gulas. Jackie Fargo. Andy Kaufman. Bill Dundee. Eddie Graham. Lance Russell. Roy Welch. Working with the NWA. You won't believe all the wonderful stories involving Memphis. But that wasn't the only territory Jarrett worked for, so you'll also be getting a ton of stories involving Bill Watts, Junkyard Dog, the Von Erichs, Rock N Roll Express, Jim Cornette, Paul Heyman, Hulk Hogan, and every single big name you can think of.


Working high up in WWE and WCW, Jarrett has a unique perspective on the two biggest wrestling companies of all time. He saw first hand the highs and lows and has a lot to talk about. Jarrett also gives his side to the creation of TNA, one that is wildly different from the History of TNA DVD which TNA put out. Jarrett walked us through the first year of TNA and all the pitfalls, including Jay Hassman, Ultimate Warrior, Randy Savage, The Johnsons, and of course the delusional Vince Russo. TNA fans are going to be mesmerized by this section as it is truly much watch material.


Jarrett explained what happened to his family and how they have become divided. Wrestling has given Jarrett so much in life, yet it has also taken an equal amount away. Each and every viewer will come away from this incredible interview with a new understanding of the man that is Jerry Jarrett. You've heard the second hand stories. You've read all the third hand reports. Now hear it all, everything, straight from the man himself


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 29 mins


Jerry Jarrett - Guest Booker Rebooking WCW 2000 (KC 2008)


1) In the spring of 2000, having expanded their supply of bookers, World Championship Wrestling turned again to Vince Russo, but what if they had not. Jerry Jarrett, a man posed to help the falling company get his chance in this dvd to rebook WCW from this point on. Jarrett is asked to trim the roster re start angles and get WCW out of the hole its in.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 3 hrs


Jerry 'the King' Lawler (RF 2001)


1) Shoot Interview with Jerry Lawler. The King of Professional Wrestling has done it all and more in the business. Jerry talks extensively about his early days in Memphis, when he got started in the business with the help of Jackie Fargo. Learn how Lawler got his first break with his unique skill that had nothing to do with wrestling. Listen to how much actual training Jerry had before entering the ring and why he could never tell Fargo about his first bouts. Jerry then relives the days of the Memphis territory, with his push against the top wrestlers from around the world. Find out about behind the scenes dealings with Jerry Jarrett and all of the pressures of running a company and still being a performer. This is a great interview if you would like to find out about all the up and downs of the business, including all of the duties, demands and dedication to becoming a successful character and business person. Also contains interesting and entertaining stories about the Andy Kaufman feud, Jimmy Valiant, Hulk Hogan, Bill Dundee, Randy Savage, Rick Rude, Paul E., Eddie Gilbert, his real life son Brian Christopher (Grandmaster Sexay), and many, many others as Memphis was the gateway territory of the wrestling business. Jerry also talked about his role in the WWF, his working with Jim Ross, and why and how he worked with the WWF after all of the competition they had during the 80s. Lawler and his Memphis promotion survived longer than any other territory and you will learn why right here on this RF Video shoot interview.


Discs: 2                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 45 mins


Jerry Lynn (RF, 2008)


1) Shoot Interview with Jerry Lynn. Finally free to air his feelings on many subjects in his career that he has had to keep a lid on until now. You'll get his first hand thoughts on every subject imaginable including, ECW, WWE, Japan, TNA, Global, CZW, 3PW, WCW and every other Podunk wrestling company he worked in between.

But it's not just ECW as Lynn spends a lot of time in the other three circuses he was at, WWE, WCW, and TNA. You'll hear about his infamous matches with X-Pac. You'll get Lynn's true feelings on Dixie Carter. You'll discover who the three WCW workers were that sabotaged his career.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr

Jesse Ventura Q& A 1994 (Hand held, 1994)


1) Shoot Interview with Jesse Ventura. Hand Held interview with Jesse Ventura at a WCW Q&A in the spring of 1994.

Discs: 1                  Quality: 10            Duration: 2 hrs 2 mins

Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura (RF 2012)

1) Shoot Interview with Jesse Ventura. WWE Hall of Famer talks about his training with Ed Sharky and being a huge Superstar Billy Graham fan growing up.   Jesse will take us down the path that he choose to make it into the business by talking about his training and how he broke into the business.

Jesse had one amazing story after the other when discussing his early days working for Verge Gagne and the AWA.  Jesse worked with the biggest names in the AWA like Adrian Adonis, Bobby Heenan, Hulk Hogan, High Flyers and many other top stars during that era. 

Why did Jesse quit the AWA and you will hear the famous story on how he let Verge find out he was going to the WWF.  Jesse has so many thoughts on the AWA that he shares for the very first time during this shoot interview.  Did Jesse like being paired with Bobby Heenan as their manager?  What did he think of Vern Gagne as a promoter.  Should Verne Gagne have taken the million dollar deal that Vince put on the table to sell the company? 

What was it like working in the WWF around the Hogan boom?  How did Hogan change as he was now the top guy in the WWF?  Was Randy Savage really paranoid behind the scenes in the WWF

We talk about all of the top talent in the WWF during the 80's from his famous team with Adrian Adonis, to battling Roddy Piper for the top heel spot in the company.  What did he think of Mr. T coming over to the WWF and why he loved Mr T.   Everyone knows that Jesse was the first guy to try to start a wrestling union to protect the wrestlers back in the 80's and Jesse talks about his top secret locker room meeting to the wrestlers that got stooged off by Hulk Hogan to the office.  Jesse talks about the fall out and the phone call he got from Vince the next day.  Jesse talks about his history of having heat with Hulk Hogan and we address the rumors that Hogan said about Jesse for being a wife swapper.  This gets really heated at times as Jesse has some words for the Hulkster that you must hear for yourself.

How did Jesse and Vince wind up having their fall out?  What happened when Jesse went to shoot the movie the Predator and why he had a love/hate relationship with Vince after that was shot.  How did Jesse end up in the WWF as an announcer and what would have happened if Jesse never got sick and worked a program with Hulk Hogan that was scheduled.  Jesse talks about hosting the Body Shop and recounts some funny moments on the set.  

There is no arguing that Jesse was one of the best color guys of all time.  You will hear from Jesse, on how Vince McMahon gave him total control for being the first ever heel announcer and how it effected the other announcers like Bruno Sammartino.  What was it like to work with Gorilla Monsoon?  How did he like working with Vince during his SNME run and doing weekly TV with Vince.  What did Jesse think of John Stosel getting slapped by DR D David Shultz on 20/20?  Jesse has tons of behind the scene stories during the time period that he was the lead color guy for WWF TV.  His stories are some of the most entertaining stories that we have ever captured.

Jesse talks about his lawsuits against the WWF for royalties and how it effected his relationship with Vince after he won the case.  Jesse for the first time ever talks about the phone call he got from Vince when the trial was over and how the phone call went down.  What went wrong with the XFL?   What did Jesse think about steroids in pro wrestling and drugs and what exactly did Jesse do when it came to making those choices?

Jesse tells us why he was never scared of quitting the WWF and why he eventually left for WCW.  Jesse tells us for the first time why his WCW run was a major let down and blames Jim Ross for wing hard to work with.  Jesse for the first time ever lets everyone know what Jim Ross did to Jesse when they worked together and in a shocking turn of events, we read Jesse some quotes that Jim Ross said about Jesse and their time working together and we get an amazing reaction from Jesse.

What was it like to work with Bill Watts and why he was past his time when he took over in WCW.  What did Jesse think about Eric Bischoff and get ready for some answers that I think Eric will not real like.  Jesse was being very open and honest when he talked about Eric Bischoff.  You want a shoot, you got it!!

We talked about the difference in working for WCW and WWF and why Jesse sat out on his contract during his final days in WCW.  Why did Jesse go back and do SummerSlam and how was it to work with Vince again on Raw!!!  How was Jesse treated by the younger guys when he returned to the WWF.  Who does Jesse talk to in the business today?
Discs: 2                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hr 43 mins


Jim Cornette (RF 2003)


1) Shoot Interview with Jim Cornette. When Jim Cornette talks, you need to listen. Cornette is one of the greatest minds in wrestling history and he shares his knowledge, views and inside stories on this new Shoot. Cornette takes you inside WWE developmental territory OVW and gives you the scoop on all the top names that came through there like Brock Lesner. After watching this one you'll know what day-to-day life is like when you are working for WWE, but still on an independent level. Plus, Cornette gives a lesson on what it's like to book. This is like a textbook on booking from one of the industry's greatest all time bookers. Of course it wouldn't be a Cornette shoot unless he was giving his uncensored thoughts on everyone he doesn't respect from Ian Rotten and IWA Mid-South to Vince Russo.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hr 47 mins


Jim 'The Anvil' Neidhart (RF 8-10-2004)


1) Shoot Interview with Jim Neidhart. Jim discusses his entire wrestling career. Jim takes us down memory lane as we talk about about Calgary and how he wound up in Stu Harts Dungeon. The stories are endless in this shoot and will make you die laughing as Jim is one of the funniest guys we have ever sat down with. You will hear how he first met all of the Harts including Bret and Owen. The road stories from Canada and the ribbing that went on are just some of the major topics discussed. In fact this shoot interview has the best rib and road stories of all time!!! Jim talks about how Stu would kill him and other young green guys in the dungeon.


The good stuff is all about the WWF. You will hear about how he and Bret Hart were first teamed up in the WWF. We talk all about their famous feuds with the British Bulldogs, Strike Force, Nasty Boys, Tully and Arn, Islanders. His matches with Bad News Allen. What Randy Savage was really like. He has the best rib stories of all time with stuff about Dynamite Kid that nobody has ever told RF VIDEO before. These are some of the best rib stories and road stories of all time. There is alot of talk about how all four got along outside of the ring with each other. He has alot to say on Ultimate Warrior, Andre the Giant, Roddy Piper.


We talked about their feuds with the Rockers in and out of the ring. Jim talks about the entire Bret and Shawn incidents including alot of stuff leading up to the Survivor Series match. Here all about the famous Canadian Stampede match and what happened with Brian Pillman after the show. There are stories about Jake Roberts, Kerry Von Erich, Powers of Pain and so much more. What power did the clique really have. All about Owen Hart as well and his death.


He talks about why he went to WCW and all of the politics that went on there with him and Bret. There are so many stories with them and the Bulldogs and Rockers and all the behind the scenes stuff that you all love to hear about.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hr 20 mins


Jim Powers (RF 2009)


1) Shoot Interview with Jim Powers. Jim Powers wrestled a who's who list of pro wrestling greats in the WWE. Powers was an enhancement wrestler in the Hogan-era of the WWE.

Powers also talks about traveling with two of pro wrestling's most infamous personalities. What was it like to travel with Roddy Piper and the Ultimate Warrior? Powers talks about it and has some great road stories to boot. You will think much differently about the Warrior after you hear Jim's stories.


Jim goes into great detail about his one run in the WWE. How did the Young Stallions come about? What was the original intent of the gimmick? Did he like Paul Roma?
Jim Powers also talks about making the career decision to jump to WCW. Why did he leave the WWE? How was WCW different than the WWE? How was Eric Bischoff different than Vince McMahon? Had Hulk Hogan changed? What happened to his push? Was it bad luck, bad timing, or politics

Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hr 11 mins


Jimmy 'The Mouth of the South' Hart (RF 2001)


1) Shoot Interview with Jimmy Hart. Jimmy Hart talks traveling the roads with Hulk Hogan to booking, Hart has earned his place in wrestling history as one of the all-time great managers. Hart talked all about right here in this RF Video shoot interview. From Memphis and Andy Kaufman to WWF to WCW, Hart became an open book as he talks about

 -Lots of talk about going to WWF.

-Hart discusses his first impressions and how the locker room treated him.

-What was Vince McMahon like?

-The differences between WWF and Memphis.

-Working with Honky Tonk Man.

-How did he feel about Honky Tonk Man refusing to job for Randy Savage.

-Hart goes into detail about working with all the big names from the 80s like The Funks, Hart Foundation, Wendy Richter, Junkyard Dog, Rougeau Brothers, British Bulldogs, Greg Valentine, Jake Roberts and others.

-How did he become friends with Hulk Hogan and Brutus Beefcake?

-Hart talks a lot about Hogan.

-Working on the first Wrestlemania.

-Memories of Roddy Piper.

-What happened when Nailz attacked Vince McMahon?

-How did he get along with Bobby Heenan?

-Hart talks more about the top WWF stars at the time like the Steiner Brothers, Ted Dibiase and Andre The Giant.

-Why did he comeback to manage Hulk Hogan?

-What was the deal with Hogan refusing to job to Bret Hart?

-Hart talks about writing theme music.

-How did Vince change over the years?

-Hart talks about his favorite angles.

-Hart gives the scoop on what things were like in the WWF locker room when the sex scandal broke.

-He talks about Thunder In Paradise.

-Hart discusses Hogan going to WCW.

-What was working with Hogan in New Japan like?

-Hart gives the scoop on how he ended up in WCW.

-Memories of Eric Bischoff.

-What are the biggest misconceptions of Hogan?

-Hart talks all about the Dungeon of Doom.

-The differences between WWF and WCW.

-Hart discusses his behind the scenes roles.

-The politics in WCW.

-How things changed when Kevin Nash and Scott Hall came in.

-Why everything with the Ultimate Warrior failed.

-Lots of behind the scenes stuff on the hows and whys of everything Hogan did.

-Hart talks about Goldberg, The Giant and many more of the top stars.

-Hart really goes into detail on all the behind the scenes business in WCW.

-His relationship with Randy Savage.

-What was it like when Eric Bischoff was demoted and Vince Russo came into power?

-Thoughts on when Bill Busch took over.

-His view on the Radicalz jumping to WWF.

-How did Hogan and Bret Hart get along when Hart came to WCW?

-His responsibilities in WCW at the end.

-The sale of WCW and what he thinks of Brad Siegel.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 50 mins


Jimmy 'Superfly' Snuka (RF 5-1-2001)


1) Shoot Interview with Jimmy Snuka. The Superfly revolutionized wrestling and changed it forever with his high-flying ability. Everyone from the most hardcore fan to people who dont even follow wrestling know the name Jimmy Snuka. This legend discusses his entire career -His start in the business.

-His body building career.

-The scoop on the territories he worked early in his career.

-Details on working Mid-Atlantic.

-What was it like working with Roddy Piper, Ric Flair & Ricky Steamboat in Mid-Atlantic?

-Snuka takes you on his tours of All Japan.

-He gives all the details on the famous 1981 match with Bruiser Brody vs. The Funks where Stan Hansen made his surprise debut.

-Did he like working in Japan.

-His run in WWF.

-Memories of the cage match vs. Bob Backlund.

-Memories of the steel cage match vs. Don Muraco and the famous dive off the top of the cage.

-Of course he talks about coconut angle and feud with Roddy Piper.

-Thoughts on Vince McMahon.

-Thoughts on Hulk Hogan.

-Comments on the George Washington Motor Lodge incident.

-Why was he the only corner man at Wrestlemania 1?

-Why did he leave WWF?

-Was there heat with Vince McMahon?

-Opinion of the AWA and going back to Japan.

-Life on the independent scene.

-Opinion of WCW match vs. Chris Benoit

-Reasons why he is still able to make a living in wrestling


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 35 mins


JJ Dillion (RF 10-12-2002)


1) Shoot Interview with JJ Dillion. JJ Dillon has done it all in the ring and behind the scenes from working early territories to the Four Horsemen to becoming VP of Talent Relations for WWF to working in the WCW office during that company's demise. The result was a five hour shoot interview that covered it all from what its like to work with Vince McMahon to road stories to early angles to the glory days of NWA to what caused the demise of WCW. Here is what Dillon talked about

-His start in the business.

-How he broke in without really being trained.

-His first matches.

-What some of the old timers were like to him.

-How did Bruno Sammartino treat him?

-His early days working in Canada and the development of his character.

-Working for the Original Sheik and what he was like.

-How the territory system worked.

-Classic angles early in his career.

-Going from being a wrestler to manager.

-What is Abdullah The Butcher like?

-Going to Japan.

-What Jim Barnett and Ole Anderson were like.

-How the Four Horsemen were formed.

-The angle where the Horsemen jumped Dusty in the parking lot.

-Why that angle was groundbreaking.

-The first War Games.

-How he got injured in that War Games.

-How the Horsemen put together those legendary promos. .

-Thoughts on Ric Flair

-When Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson jumped to WWF.

-Why NWA went out of business.

-Going to WWF in an office job right after NWA.

-How he got his job in WWF.

-What is was like to work in Vince McMahon's inner circle.

-Dillon holds nothing back in talking about McMahon and working so closely with him.

-How hard did Vince demand his employees to work.

-What was Pat Patterson like.

-Why WWF hired Jerry Jarrett and working with Jarrett.

-Rising to VP of Talent Relations.

-His opinion on how good of a job Jim Ross does now with that job.

-Giving inside info to Dave Meltzer.

-Working in the WWF office when the steroid trial happened.

-Being in charge of giving drug tests.

-Working on the creative team in WWF.

-What wrestlers were easy and hard to work with.

-Why did he quit WWF on no notice?

-How wrestling affected his family life.

-How Eric Bischoff hired him for WCW when there was a hiring freeze.

-What his role was in WCW.

-Dillon has a lot to say and talks very freely about working with Bischoff, Vince Russo and the rest of the WCW office and what went wrong.

-Why everything went wrong.

-Dillion takes you inside the WCW office.

-Why the WCW creative department had no clue.

-How he was in the middle of the situation that saw Chris Benoit, Eddy Guerrero, Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko leave WCW for WWF.

-Why they put the WCW title on Benoit.

-Why Benoit was the only one they really wanted to keep.

-Kevin Sullivan's role in all this and why they had no choice but to let them walk.

-Dillon takes you through the complete demise of WCW.

-Going back to being talent in WCW.

-The angle where Kevin Nash and the NWO stripped and spray painted him. 

-Can NWA TNA make it?

-Will he ever work for NWA TNA


Discs: 2                  Quality: 10             Duration: 3 hr 24 mins


JJ Dillion - Behind Closed Doors (RF 2005)


1) Shoot Interview with JJ Dillion. the legendary manager of the Four Horsemen, JJ Dillon. JJ talks about 70's territorial wrestling including the ins and outs of the Funk's Amarillo territory and Eddie Graham's Florida territory. JJ talks about the booking philosophy of the greatest finish guy in the business, Eddie Graham, and how Eddie and his booker, Dusty Rhodes, knocked heads on many occasions. JJ talks about the heat between Dusty and Terry Funk, and the pros and cons of Dusty's big show mentality. JJ goes in depth about the whole behind the scenes issues involving the 70's NWA World Champion. How the champion was booked, determined, and even if Dory Funk faked a car accident so he didn't have to drop it to someone he thought wasn't worthy of wrestling's greatest trophy. It was all covered. JJ also talks about how Eddie Graham got JJ booked on a WWF Madison Square Garden show in 1984, and how JJ was the last outside talent to ever appear on a WWF MSG show, as Vince Sr. passed away just weeks after this show.

JJ then goes in depth on the psychology of the 4 Horsemen. From the angles, to the promos, to the outside excessive lifestyle, JJ talks about the ride of a lifetime from 1985-1988. JJ talks about why it worked, how it worked, and what was even went wrong. Find out why Ole as a Horsemen, really from a psychology standpoint was wrong, and who he thought was the best babyfaces that fueled the Horsemen's big business runs.

From thoughts about all the talent he managed, the psychology of the 1 hour match, to why WWF didn't use him to manage Tully and Arn, it is all covered here. Also find out his opinions of Jimmy Hart, Bobby Heenan, Gary Hart, The Grand Wizard, and who he thought was the best manager he has ever seen. It is all here in this video textbook of wrestling psychology, Behind Closed Door's with JJ Dillon


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 25 mins


JJ Dillion - Guest Booker (Kayfabe 2008)


1) The most crucial aspect of pro wrestling's salability, its television, is explored here.  The man who wrote WWE television beside Vince McMahon and Pat Patterson for years, JJ Dillon, joins us to explore the art and science of doing just that - writing wrestling television.

When should a run-in be employed? How to use promos and packages? How does one choose a TV arena?

What does it mean politically if Wrestler A makes the save for Wrestler B on TV?

We gave JJ a fictional pay-per-view supercard from the early 90s era and gave him one month of TV with which to advance the angles.  See how JJ uses the weekly A and B shows, as well as a Saturday Night Network Special to build up to the pay-per-view at month's end.  He then books the results of that big card.

JJ shows us how to use just the right amount of exposure for select angles for a most effective build-up.  The booker's job doesn't end there, as we hear about the very delicate practice of employing diplomacy in dealing with the "big egos/TV time" equation


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 25 mins


John Nord (RF 2008)


1) Nord the Barbarian, AKA the Berzerker, one of wrestling's most well remembered gimmick wrestlers. RF Video was able to talk to the man behind the Viking helmet, John Nord, in a brand new exclusive shoot DVD! Fans of wrestling in the '80s are going to love this interview as Nord was around all the major territories and every single big name in the business. Verne Gagne's AWA. Fritz Von Erich's World Class Championship Wrestling. Vince McMahon's World Wrestling Federation. World Championship Wrestling. Touring Japan. Nord crisscrossed the wrestling world and has lived to tell about the amazing world of entertainment mixed with excess, instant gratification, and debauchery.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 35 mins

Juventud Guerrera (RF 2001)


1) Shoot Interview with Juventud Guerrera. Juvi has accomplished international status throughout the world with incredible matches in Mexico, Japan and the United States. This high-flying Luchador talks about his upbringing in Mexico, and his introduction in the wrestling business by his famous and also talented wrestling Rudos father Fuerza Guerrera. The Juice also talks about his tenure in AAA Mexico and his unbelievable and revolutionary matches with his counterparts, Rey Misterio Jr. & Psicosis. Relive Juvi's memories of first traveling to the United States, and thoughts of his famous ECW Arena match with Rey Jr. Find out how Konnan helped Juvi, and how Konnan started the Lucha Libre inception in WCW. Find out all of the problems of being a cruiserweight and a young foreigner, in a company ruled by gigantic veteran wrestlers. Was Juvi ok with losing his mask to Chris Jericho, or was he insulted or scared to be the first Luchador to unmask for a major United States promotion? Get the scoops about all of the the WCW talent from Konnan, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Eric Bischoff, Vince Russo and more. Tons of other topics are discussed including when he met the Rock in the airport after Juvi used his catch phrases, and the current state of WCW with all of their internal turmoil. And in closing, Juvi Juice tells his side of the story about his termination from WCW and what really happened in Australia. This is a dynamic and honest shoot about one of the most talked about wrestlers this year.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 38 mins


Kamala (RF 2003)


1) Shoot Interview with Kamala. Never before has someone been so open about pay days and his views on racism in pro wrestling. Kamala talked about his start in Memphis through his entire career from Texas, Midsouth, Japan and of course the WWF. Kamala also discusses his entire WWF run and we talk about all of his major feuds from start to finish.


Discs: 2                  Quality: 10             Duration: 3 hrs 46 mins


Ken Kennedy (RF 2009)


1) Shoot Interview with Mr Kennedy. Ken talks in length about his close friendship with St eve Austin. How close was a match with Austin to happening? How did that change his standing in the locker room? Ken gives insight like you won't hear anywhere else about the current political structure of the WWE locker room. Some people aren't going to be happy about this one.


Ken also talks about problems with specific wrestlers in the WWE locker room. Why does Ken feel that Shawn Michaels hated him? How did Triple H react to Ken's success as a babyface? What were the politics like going Raw to SmackDown? What happened when Paul London injured him overseas? What was it like to work with the Undertaker? Ken also talks about the different aspects of his relationship with Randy Orton over the years.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 24 mins


Ken Patera (RF 2009)


1) Ken Patera talked about starting his career in weightlifting and how it got him into the Olympics. The conversation moved over into wrestling, and Ken talked about breaking into the business through Verne Gagne's AWA and just gave us a ton of stories centering on Verne Gagne's much loved promotion. How did Patera meet Ric Flair and exactly why did Flair want to quit the business during a time when the two shared an apartment together? You'll get the answer to that along with a lot more AWA stuff.


We know what you want, WWF dirt and Patera held nothing back as he talked about leaving Minnesota for New York and working for the biggest circus in wrestling. Every big name of the era is talked about including: Bob Backlund, Superstar Billy Graham, Bruno Sammartino, Dusty Rhodes, Big John Studd, Andre the Giant, Hulk Hogan, Ivan Putski and so many more that all long time wrestling fans are going to be completely marking out. Even we couldn't believe what Patera said about Bobby Heenan and Hulk Hogan!


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs


Ken Shamrock (RF 2004)


1) Ken Shamrock opens up with an entertaining, informative and honest look at the world of shootfighting. The MMA legend tells in depth his stories from the world of MMA & WWF. This shoot is a must for Shamrocks fans.


Discs: 2                  Quality: 10             Duration: 3 hrs 25 mins

Kevin Kelly (DOI 2005)


1) Shoot Interview with Kevin Kelly. Kevin Kelly is a 15 year veteran of the wrestling business and spent 7 years in the WWF/E. In this shoot, Kevin talks all about the WWF/E from an office point of view. Find out who played politics against who. Find out who was sleeping with who. Find out his thoughts about the booking at the time. Find out everything you always wanted to know about the WWF. Find out about the drug abuse in the WWF and who Kevin worried about. Find out all this and so much more. This shoot explores all the inner workings of the WWF and about everyone who walked through the company's doors at the time. This shoot also talks about some of the current events in wrestling today, from the Philadelphia wars to Hardy/Edge/Lita to Hogan..


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 38 mins


Kevin Nash (Wrestle Reunion, January 2005)


1) Shoot Interview with Kevin Nash.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 48 mins


Kevin Nash (RF 2007)


1) Shoot Interview with the legendary WWF & WCW World Champion, known as Diesel the founding member of the NWO and one half the legendary tag team The Outsiders 'Big Sexy' Kevin Nash. Kevin's talks about being very green and getting a push early on in WCW. You'll hear how Shawn Michaels wanted Big Sexy in the WWE months before Kevin came there and how Nash ended up getting out of his WCW contract. In a perfect Nash story, Big Sexy actually used the WCW office fax machine to fax the WWE!

Kevin discussed what it was like to work side by side with HBK as his bodyguard and how he learned from that experience along with how Nash became friends with Shawn and Scott Hall.  We talk about how Nash broke away from Shawn to get his first singles push and what it was like for him to win the title from Bob Backland in the fabled Madison Square Garden. We know you want to hear about how the party scene was back then on the road and Kevin was not scared to tell us all about it.  His road stories are some of the funniest we have ever captured on video, including a van ride with X-pac, Hall, HHH (who was sober), Nash, and HBK that almost landed them all in jail. Nash tells the story of all of them washing down somas with alcohol and then going into a diner as the drugs were kicking into effect. A diner with 20 cops in it!


Nash talked about all of his major programs in the WWE and, of course, his matches Hall, Backlund, HBK, Bret Hart and Jeff Jarrett. Who could forget about all of the locker room antics of the Kliq?  Well, Kevin talked about everything that was rumored to have went down in the locker room when he was there. Did they really tell Vince they were going on strike? Why did the Kliq have heat with Shane Douglas?  Did they hate Chris Candido?  What happened backstage when Pierre Ouelette refused to job to Nash in Canada?  What about the curtain call in MSG, how did that all come about?  Did Nash see tension with HBK and Bret Hart, and what were his thoughts on Survivor Series?


Kevin went into great detail on why he quit the WWE and went to WCW as one half of the Outsiders with Scott Hall.  Nash took us step by step of why he had a break down with WWE and how he landed his role in WCW as a key player in the New World Order gimmick.  You will hear first hand about the meeting with Eric Bischoff at his house. Everything about the NWO was talked about including all of the backstage politics that went on with Hogan. We talk about the locker room fights with Roddy Piper, the in ring shoot with the Nasty Boys, and much more!  Was there heat between Hall, Nash and Hogan?  Nash talk about all the key members of the NWO and of course the even crazier drug stories.  How out of control was Scott Hall? Kevin painted a clear picture of how out of hand the backstage environment got while Nitro was winning the ratings war.


Kevin talks about all his feuds he had in WCW, including his match with Bill Goldberg and what went wrong.  Who can forget the infamous one finger pin with Hogan and we found out why that was booked the way it was.  How frustrating was it to work with Hogan who had creative control of his own character? Nash talked about his friendship with DDP and the storyline that followed which helped to elevate Page. What did Kevin think of the way Bret Hart was used and how would he have booked the Hitman? Kevin talked about Kevin Sullivan's booking of WCW and of course answers his critics complaints about his very own booking of the company.  Nash saw the Russo and Bischoff dynamic off camera feud and gave us his side of the story. Nash really went into depth on what led to the downfall of WCW. Kevin explained how and when he found out WCW was bought by McMahon and how he sat out for a year. Nash talks about how he was offered a buy out of his contract and basically told WWE to stuff it.


Nash then talks about going back to the WWE and why the NWO never worked in "New York."  He talked about what happened the day at WrestleMania and how the booking for his match, and Scott Hall's, was completely changed. What did Nash think of Vince this time around?  What was it like working with the Rock?  Which guys wanted the NWO killed off and why?  He talked about his injury that pretty much ended his WWE run and everything that happened behind the scenes during that time. Kevin talks openly talk about HHH rise to power. Nash's thoughts on the current scene in wrestling. Kevin talked about TNA and working with all the X division guys. Big Sexy gave us his opinion on the independent scene along with current crop of WWE headliners including John Cena and Batista.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 52 mins


Kevin Nash – In The Ring (RF 2012)

1) Now for the first time ever wrestling legend Kevin Nash will do his first ever seminar and be allowed to film as he gives some of the best advice to a hungry class of indy students. This includes a 1 hour Q&A with all of the students where he told tons of backstage WWE / WWF and WCW stories on how to get in the business.

Here are just a few of the topics that we talked about during his lecture

-His Pay days..

-His psychology when he worked in the ring

-How to tell stories in the ring and not doing all highspots

-How to sell

-Lots of great lessons he learned from Terry Taylor when he first broke in

-How to work the people in the camera and how to play to cameras

-Taking care of each other in the ring

-How he worked in the ring with stingers and injuries

-Talks about deaths in wrestling

-When you should take care of yourself when your hurt

-How you make money in the business and how to become a draw

-How to market yourself to big companies

-Puts over guys like Sami Callihan and Somoa Joe

-Talkes about why he never worked CM Punk on that PPV and what the real story was

-How to get noticed and stick out

-Talks about going to Japan


Kevin also had all of the students get in the ring and wrestle in front of him and than he critiques everyone’s matches. If your a Kevin Nash fan your going to want to purchase this DVD just for the stories alone, but if your a worker looking to make a impact who better than Kevin Nash to give you some of wrestling’s most valuable lessons.
Discs: 2                  Quality: 10             Duration: 3 hrs 32 mins


Kevin Nash - YouTube Shoot (Kayfabe 2012)


1) Shoot Interview with the legendary WWF & WCW World Champion Kevin Nash. Big Sexy on the latest edition of the show that changed the shoot genre forever! And we're headed all over the place with Nash... from the bar to the vineyard to the locker room, Kevin Nash opens up and fires like the straight shooter he is. Whether we're talking about the boys, the girls, or John Travolta's wandering hands, Kevin is answering everything you got and more... on the one, the only...YOUSHOOT!

Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hr 33 mins

Kevin Sullivan (RF 29-8-2001)


1) Shoot Interview with Kevin Sullivan. You name an old school territory and Kevin Sullivan was probably there. From ECW to SMW to NWA to Florida to being WCW's booker during a controversial time, Sullivan opens up and talks about everything. You will learn about the business end of wrestling in this shoot. This is almost like a college course in booking philosophies. Here are some of the things Sullivan talked about:

-His start in the business.

-Start of his infamous Florida gimmick.

-Stories about the Windhams, Mark Lewin, Ron Bass and more.

-Talks about Eddie & Mike Graham.

-Relationship with Dusty Rhodes.

-How all the famous angles, interviews and skits in Florida were developed.

-Why did he go to the NWA?

-The complete story on the downfall of Florida Championship Wrestling.

-Details on the downfall of the NWA.

-Sullivan takes you into WCW.

-Why did he leave?

-Info on ECW, Japan, Smoky Mountain Wrestling and W*ING.

-The scoop on the brutal angles with Kanemura and Brian Lee.

-Eddie Gilbert/Paul Heyman problems.

-Lots of details about when he was WCW booker.

-Sullivan explains his role in ECW talent raids.

-Shoot mic comments during Konnan match towards ECW.

-The rise and fall of WCW.

-The series of matches when he teamed with Cactus Jack vs. The Nasty Boys.

-His opinions of Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo.

-How did Sullivan talk Hogan into turning heel?

-The series of matches vs. Chris Benoit.

-Sullivan explains how he feels he helped Benoit.

-Did their personal problems over Nancy Sullivan interfere?

-All the turmoil of WCW.

-Why didn't he ever go to WWF?


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs


Kevin Sullivan - Behind Closed Doors (RF 2000)

1) Shoot Interview with The taskmaster of the Dungeon of Doom. The leader of the Varsity Club, Army of Darkness, and Sullivan's Slaughter House. The bookerman of WCW. Thru the years Kevin Sullivan has worn many hats and become one of the most controversial men in the modern era of professional wrestling. We all know Sullivan is the ex-husband of Woman, brother of Evad and the innovator of the tree of woe, but now, for the very first time, go inside the devilish wrestling mind of one of the booking greats. A place where no man has ever gone before and come out the other side. Kevin Sullivan, a 27 year professional and the man who put Mike Davis under a spell to act like Dusty Rhodes along with Jimmy Garvins leg while trying to steal Garvins precious wife in angles no one can forget in Florida. A feud with Chris Benoit that is legendary, both inside and outside the ring. Manager of such greats as One Man Gang, Oz, Black Blood, Nightstalker, the Yeti, and the Angel of death. He ran Cactus Jack out of WCW, but couldnt stop Hulkamania, even with an Alliance to end it. Kevin Sullivan takes us through the inner workings of the wrestling business as he describes, in detail, the art of promos, heels, babyfaces, near falls, hot tags and so much more. You will be learning from a crafty ECW & SMW veteran and Florida legend who was adept at combining both wrestling and brawling in an entertaining package. That's right, the madman who carved Abdulah and Dusty Rhodes with a fork carves thru the psychology of pro wrestling. A twisted a crazy character inside the ring, but outside the ring, an incredible mind for the business. WCW in the 1990s would have been completely different if Sullivan was not part of it as guys such as Kevin Nash have always credited Sullivan for making sure the heat was kept on the NWO to start that epic era. Sullivan worked in all aspects of WCW, and now he is all over the landscape of pro wrestling in this engaging shoot


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs


Kevin Sullivan - The End of WCW (RF 2008)


1) Shoot Interview with Kevin Sullivan. This spell-binding DVD takes you inside the last months of the legendary WCW with the man who was given the steering wheel to the out-of-control company.  You'll hear about all the booking decisions, you'll go inside the meetings, and you'll go week-by-week with Sullivan as he tries to breathe life into the fading mega power.


You will get a never before seen look inside Turner and Time Warner's power structure and how it crumbled the federation.  You'll experience the endless barricades thrown up by talent and executives alike, and the determination of this head booker who refused to be a 'fall guy.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 50 mins


Kimberly Page (RF 2007)

1) Shoot Interview with Kimberly Page. Kim talked openly about meeting DDP at his club in Florida after she got out of college and frankly described in great detail what their relationship was like outside of the ring and how tough it was to maintain it. Kimberly gave the scoop on her rapid rise in the business, starting from just going to shows with DDP, to becoming a part time Diamond Doll, to more full time role once things picked up for DDP. Kimberly described what it was like to train with Medusa in WCW's Power Plant and what the other female veterans, such as Sherri Martel, taught her about the business.

Kimberly went into great detail on all her early programs with DDP and told us what it was like to work with wrestlers such as Brutus Beefcake, Marc Mero, Kevin Sullivan, and of course Randy Savage. We all know Kim and DDP lived a few doors down from Eric Bischoff, but only in this exclusive shoot will you discover their relationship outside the ring with Eric and how it affected the business in WCW that they all conducted together.  How did the Nitro Girls come about and were there any problems with the girls? Kimberly fills us in on a bunch of Nitro Girl stories you never heard before including exactly who she had to fire and why.

Kimberly talked about her infamous run in with Scott Steiner which led to the DDP and Steiner backstage brawl. This is one exclusive shoot you will definitely want to get your hands on! We also talked to Kimberly about the death of Miss Elizabeth and her thoughts on Lex Luger at the time.  Did Kim like wrestling David Flair?  Kimberly talks openly about Tammy Sytch's claim that Kim got Tammy fired for Nubain in the locker room.  How did Sable treat Kim backstage and what was it like to work with Stacy Keibler? How it was different it was to work for Vince Russo when he came into WCW and why she never went into the WWE. Kim explained why she left wrestling and she is doing in Hollywood. We get the skinny on the politics of WCW and what it was like working with her husband throughout all of the backstage power struggles within WCW.


Discs: 2                  Quality: 10             Duration: 4 hrs


King Kong Bundy (Pro Wrestling Dairy 2010)

1) Shoot Interview with King Kong Bundy. King Kong Bundy chronicles his runs throughout the territories of Texas, Mid South, the Carolinas and WCCW. The shoot gets interesting when talk shift to Bundy’s run in the World Wrestling Federation. All his angles, stories and memories of the WWF are talked about including WrestleMania 1 and the fastest match in Mania history. Bobby Heenan, Andre the Giant and others legends in the WWF locker room. Plus his most memorable match main eventing WrestleMania 2 against Hulk Hogan in a steel cage match for the WWF Championship


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs


Koko B Ware (RF 2004)


1) Koko talks about how he met Vince McMahon for the first time. The best part about this story is who else was on the same plane to meet with the WWF. He talks about how he got started in the WWF. How did the bird gimmick come about. He talks about all his great WWF feuds and what it was like working WrestleMania 3. He talks about his tag team with Owen Hart and so much more.

You will hear why Koko was fired from the WWF after he had a incident over seas as he was protecting Shawn Michaels. He talks in length about going back to Memphis and what he is doing these days. This shoot is a must for any fan of the old WWF days as its loaded with great stories. The last few minutes of the interview become very emotional as Koko was very touched by this interview and he breaks down.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hr 2 mins

Konnan (RF 2000)


1) Shoot Interview with Konnan. Konnan was the one man responsible for the revolutionary change of Lucha Libre as we know it now in Mexico. Konnan was instrumental along with Antonio Pena to the creation & success of AAA Mexico, which in turn changed the face of pro wrestling throughout the world. Listen to fascinating stories about his days in Mexico from all of the AAA days when he was the biggest star in Mexico. From wrestling to booking he has done it all and he doesn't hold back at all on this interview. Find his views on Pena, and what led to the falling out. Also find out his views on other powerful people in the Mexican Wresting scene such as Paco Alonso, Perro Aguayo, Mil Mascaras and others. Hear how Konnan started his own promotion, Promo Azteca, and his view on his fellow wrestlers Rey Misterio Jr., Psicosis, Juvi, Damian, Halloween & many others. Hear about the well known heat between him & Vampiro, and does it still exist? Konnan also elaborates on his days in ECW with Rey & Psycho and his short-lived in ring feud with The Sandman. Konnan also addresses the talked about problems with himself & Paul E, which he believes are non-existent.

Konnan then shoots about his current working status in WCW. He address all the problems, from the locker room to the front office, including Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, and Vince Russo. Does he believe he is treated well there? Does he believe his fellow Luchadores are treated as well as they should be? From Kevin Nash to Kevin Sullivan, from Jake Roberts to Negro Casas, this shoot which was conducted from his home in San Diego.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 1 hr 7 mins


Kristi Myst (RF 2000)


1) Shoot Interview with Kristi Myst. Kristi does this shoot naked!!! This former adult film star and XPW valet that gives all the dirt on both her porn and wrestling careers. If you want to know all the inside happenings of the porn industry check this shoot out. This is also the first shoot to really talk about XPW.


Discs: 1                  Quality: 10             Duration: 2 hrs 55 mins


Kurt Angle (RF 2008)


1) Shoot interview with Kurt Angle. Kurt discusses his entire wrestling career; from his Olympic background all the way to his controversial leaving of WWE and current TNA stardom. Courted by the pro-wrestling world, Kurt describes why he initially avoided the industry and for the first time anywhere gives a detailed account of the infamous night in October, 2006 at the ECW Arena. We've all heard the stories of Angle witnessing the controversial crucifixion of Sandman at the hands of Raven, but now we'll get Kurt's first hand accounts of the events of that night. You'll hear exactly what Kurt said to Paul Heyman that very night. Later, Angle would find himself taking part of the legendary WWE Funkin' Dojo camp, run by Dory Funk Jr. In an all star class that included Edge, Christian and the Hardy Brothers, Angle gives story after story about being trained in developmental. What was it like to train with Teddy Hart? Which superstar tried to take advantage of Kurt in his debut match?


Kurt walked us through his meeting with Vince McMahon and what directed WWE wanted the "Kurt Angle" character to go. WWE fans are going to love how Angle talked about his exciting first year in wrestling and working with the stars we all know and love. Tazz breaking his winning streak, working the famous three-way angle with Stephanie and Triple H, all the details of his jaw dropping match against Shane McMahon it's all covered! You name the star, and we got Kurt to talk about them. HBK, Hulk Hogan, Brock Lesnar, Team Lesnar, Steve Austin, the Rock, Undertaker, Ric Flair, John Cena, Chris Benoit, Randy Orton, RVD and more are covered. Did you know about the locker room fist fight between Kurt and Eddy Guerrero? Angle describes his final meeting with Vince McMahon and responds to Heyman's comments of Kurt "crying for help." No viewer will be able to tear themselves away from the screen during this emotional, gripping segment. Kurt even talked about his recent DUI arrest and gives his side of the events that transpired that day. Kurt's decision to join TNA, along with a ton of fantastic TNA stories.